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Dupont sued for defaulting on Electric Bill

Somehow I missed this last week, but it looks like more than an error in accounting:

DuPont Chambers Works is being sued in Superior Court here by its neighboring power supplier for apparently defaulting on a $14 million electric bill.

The Chambers Cogeneration coal fire plant, which provides steam and electricity to DuPont’s 1,455-acre Deepwater facility, is seeking the amount along with interest and attorney fees for what it claims is a breach of contract.

That’s a pretty big bill.  The electric company claims there is no reason DuPont can’t pay up:

“No condition exists that would excuse DuPont’s failure to pay Chambers in full for the amounts due and owing under the agreement,” claim attorneys from the law firm Archer and Greiner, representing the plaintiffs.

Here’s more about the agreement:

Under the terms of the contract, Chambers Cogeneration estimates prices quarterly based on the lesser of either the Atlantic City Electric system average retail rate or the Chambers Cogeneration Coal Price Index, while giving exact billings on an annual basis.

When the exact bills come in, DuPont would be reimbursed if it overpaid or owe the difference of the estimate and actual amount within 90 days if it underpaid, which attorneys infer contributed to the debt.

The lawsuit alleged that from the October notice of default, more than 30 days have passed “but DuPont has failed and refused to cure its default and to pay in full all amounts due.”

It’s pretty important hat this gets resolved, because DuPont is the second largest employer in Salem County with a full time staff of over 900.  

Salem County News Roundup (Al-Qaeda Alley Edition)

The elections are over, but there’s lots of interesting things going on.  You’ll have to read through to find out about the title.

Nuclear Reactors

The Associated Press says More cheers than protests in area that could get 4th nuke reactor.  The article says people want the jobs.  (Indeed, in the anecdotal evidence category, I was struck in the Woodstown election that so many of the candidates work at the nuclear power plants.)

The article does quote Norm Cohen of Unplug Salem:

People would rather get a good-paying job than worry about the effects of long-term radiation on their family,”

Salem County News

After a month-long break, I have some government news and a major environmental victory for the county.  We are part of ‘Fighting Third District’ — more soon on that.

Nerve Agent and Delaware River Not Perfect Together

In a statement today, Governor Corzine singled out today’s House Speaker Pro Tempore for helping convince the DuPont Corporation to cancel plans to dispose of a partially treated form of VX nerve agent – one of the world’s most deadly chemical compounds – in the Delaware River.

The members of New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation, particularly Congressman Rob Andrews, deserves [sic] high praise for their continued dedication to keep this deadly agent out of New Jersey and out of our waterways.

That Andrews fellow is having a great day – and thankfully – so is the Delaware River! Our Congressmen deserve kudos for stopping what could have been a disaster. Very nice.

Corzine also recognized the DuPont Corporation for its role:

We appreciate that DuPont has acted as a good corporate citizen recognizing that this plan needed to be reconsidered.

Dupont sure is a responsible corporate citizen for agreeing not to dump nerve agent into the Delaware river. I hear Prudential was so inspired that they’ve decided not to burn down center city Newark, and that J&J is cancelling plans to conduct medical experiments on New Brunswick schoolchildren.

That is going to be one crowded field at the corporate-citizenship awards ceremony!