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Movin On Up

Senate President Dick Codey has introduced legislation to move New Jersey’s primary up to early February. Last year legislation was passed to move our primary up to February 28th, but with recent changes in the primary schedule by the DNC, Codey wants it moved up to February 5th, the first date allowed by the new rules.

“Too often during presidential primaries, candidates come here to seek our money and not our votes because it’s too late. New Jersey, with its diverse social, economic and ethnic background, should be a part of the early primary activity that plays a crucial role in determining who will become the next President of the United States,” said Sen. Codey. “Moving our primary up to early February will give New Jersey voters more bite at the ballot and help ensure that our votes remain relevant in guiding the course of our country for the next four years.”

Looks like Assembly Speaker Roberts is on board:

“Anything that can enhance New Jersey’s influence in selecting presidential nominees and reverse our reputation as merely an ATM for candidates is worth considering.

“Last year, we took a solid step toward ensuring that our primary election votes will matter — we cannot now let other states return us to the back of the class.”

NJ Democratic Chairman Joe Cryan agrees, too:

“I support Senate President Codey’s initiative, and believe New Jersey should play a deserved, more pivotal role in selecting our nominee.”

Rigging the Assembly

A few days ago, Blue Jersey’s Juan Melli was taken to task for saying Assembly Dems were acting childish.  Today, the Jersey Journal provides further proof that Mr. Melli was right:

On Wednesday, Assemblywoman Joan Quigley of Jersey City was asked to stay away from the Assembly budget panel by Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts, mainly because she supported Gov. Corzine’s state budget proposal, and she was replaced by Assemblyman Albio Sires of West New York. And it was a good thing.

During the budget committee’s tense session, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, D-Camden, who backs Roberts’ position on the budget, and Assemblyman Joseph Cryan of Union, the chairman of the state Democratic Party, who supports Corzine’s plan, got into an extremely heated exchange. Sires used his entire 6-foot-5 body to get between the two men to avoid an ugly situation. Somehow, it is hard to imagine Quigley managing to keep them separated, but then again, who knows.

More below the fold.

Turmoil in Trenton

It was the interview that threw a budget already on life support into turmoil ending in an almost confrontation at the State house.  On a Radio show Tuesday night, Governor Corzine threatened to VETO any budget that didnt have a increase in the state sales tax.

Yesterday, things took a rather interesting turn. You had the Democratic Chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee reportedly having to be separated from the Chairman of the Democratic State Committee by the former Democratic Speaker of the house…

The scene inside the building had all the makings of a low-budget movie. To hear the witnesses tell it, the only thing that stopped Cryan from clocking Greenwald was the imposing presence of Sires. “Cryan was as close to Greenwald as I am to you,” Assemblyman Kevin O’Toole told me as we discussed the morning’s events in the hall, standing about a foot apart.

O’Toole, an Essex County Republican, had a ringside seat for the Democratic donnybrook. Cryan lunged at Greenwald, O’Toole said, after the South Jersey representative called for state Treasurer Bradley Abelow to be summoned to the session.

So now the Senate has a legislative session with no budget bills scheduled for tomorrow. The Assembly budget committee has scheduled a meeting with the State Treasurer(not like the didnt have a couple months to talk or anything)so that the Assembly Budget Chair can get answers as to why the Governor has said he will Veto any budget without a sales tax increase. 

As for the Governor, he’s making plans to shut down the government so get your lottery tickets now. And all us taxpayers are left wondering what the hell is going on while the papers call this a Budget on the Brink.  Obviously they’ll pass a budget, I just wonder when and what it will look like.

Cinco De Mayo News Roundup

  • In response to Linda Stender’s amazing buzz, Congressional Quarterly did an interview with her and found out what it is going to take to finally send a woman to congress from NJ.
  • Bad news for our state’s revenue. We’re not bringing in enough money to cover our debt.
  • Premature babies in NJ have a better chance of survival as a result of the March of Dimes campaign’s efforts.
  • Both Menendez and Kean jr are turning Darfur into the campaign issue de jour Both sides are committing funds and manpower to stop the genocide while saying the other isn’t doing enough. Maybe if they spent half the time they do arguing about who is doing more to stop the atrocity to actually working towards a solution, we would have one by now.
  • Karen Golding, disgraced lobbyist and Assemblyman Joe Cryan’s stalker, doesn’t have to go to jail, but has to seek therapy and stay away from Cryan.
  • Sour Grapes and a Glass of Insanity on the Side

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted the news that Assemblyman Joe Cryan was accused of taking a bribe.  The Star-Ledger reports today:

    Attorney General Zulima Farber yesterday cleared Assemblyman Joseph Cryan of allegations he was given a $2,000 cash donation that never appeared on his campaign finance reports, paving the way for him to become the new chairman of the Democratic State Committee.

    Farber’s spokesman said a two- week investigation found that the accusations by Carol Segal, a would-be developer in Union Township who claimed he gave the cash to Cryan, were not credible.

    First Step?

    Apparently, political footing isn’t quite as sure as it used to be.  Joe Cryan lost his shot at being the next chair of the Democratic State Committee.  Why?

    Cryan was accused of pocketing an envelope stuffed with $100 bills during a fund-raiser five years ago