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Attn: NJ Republican Congressmen, Hastert Knew in ’03

In a story published in today’s Washington Post, Kirk Fordam, former chief of staff to disgraced pedophile Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), said he approached the office of Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) in 2003 with information about Foley’s inappropriate conduct toward underage male pages.


That’s three years ago, if you’re doing the math with me.

The account by Kirk Fordham, who resigned yesterday from his job with another senior lawmaker, pushed back to 2003 or earlier the time when Hastert’s staff reportedly became aware of Foley’s questionable behavior concerning teenagers working on Capitol Hill.

It raised new questions about Hastert’s assertions that senior GOP leaders were aware only of “over-friendly” e-mails from 2005 that they say did not raise alarm bells when they came to light this year.

“The fact is, even prior to the existence of the Foley e-mail exchanges, I had more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest levels of the House of Representatives, asking them to intervene when I was informed of Mr. Foley’s inappropriate behavior,” said Fordham, who was Foley’s chief of staff for 10 years…

Fordham says his warnings to Hastert’s office dealt with a different matter: reports of Foley’s troubling interest in male pages working in the Capitol Hill complex. He says he implored the highest ranks of the GOP leadership to intervene to thwart behavior that he had been unable to stop after multiple confrontations with his boss. Sources close to the matter say a meeting took place between a senior Hastert aide and Foley before Fordham’s January 2004 departure, probably in 2003, in a small conference room on the third floor of the Capitol.

But the matter appears to have been dropped.

The response from the office of Speaker Hastert?

Hastert’s chief of staff, Scott Palmer, said in a statement, “What Kirk Fordham said did not happen.” The speaker’s office also said that the entire matter has been referred to the House ethics committee, “and we fully expect that the bipartisan panel will do what it needs to do to investigate this matter and protect the integrity of the House.”

So let’s get this straight.

Fordam, who just resigned his congressional staff position, who was a longtime friend and aide to Foley, and who has really got nothing official to lose– is just making things up. And Hastert, who has everything to lose, is entirely blameless for the whole situation, even in face of the fact that as the Speaker, he’s ultimately responsible for everything that transpires in the House.

This is not a partisan issue; it’s a trust issue. It’s an issue of protecting our children, making sure they are safe from child preadators everywhere from the streets even to in the halls of Congress. Hastert clearly can’t recognize this– hence the obfuscation and spin and denial of clearly established fact.

How do NJ’s Republican Congressmen feel about him continuing to lead their Caucus and the US House of Representatives? Use this as an open thread…let’s get them on record:

Frank A. LoBiondo (R-02):

Jim Saxton (R-03): As of 10/3, office unprepared to comment

Chris Smith (R-04):

Scott Garrett (R-05):

Michael Ferguson (R-07):

Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11):

Is the NJ-11 race tightening? Is the Wyka field effort paying off?

Tom Wyka

Incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ11) has agreed to debate Tom Wyka the Democratic challenger, on October 27th. The League of Woman Voters will announce the details soon.

Rodney Felinghuysen

Tom is DFA & PDA. Tom says the reason he is running is “this needs doing”. Is Rodney a bit scared that Tom is getting some traction in what has been thought of as an “R” district? Either Rodney is being nice, and agreeing to a debate. Or he thinks he needs to debate.

Rodney, Rodney, Rodney

Rodney Frelinghuysen sent out an e-mail today with a section (full text after jump) applauding the unemployment claims numbers for July:

Frelinghuysen Hails July Jobs Numbers; July Marks 35th Straight Month of Job Gains

Rep. Frelinghuysen welcomed Friday’s announcement that the economy gained 113,000 jobs in July as more evidence of the growth of the American economy.

That’s great, Rodney, except that no one else seems to agree with you that these numbers are such a great thing.

The NY Times:

Employers added a surprisingly low number of jobs in the United States in July, offering another sign that economic growth is slowing and providing encouragement for investors and economists who hope interest rates will remain at current levels.

Associated Press:

U.S. hiring slowed in July as employers added just 113,000 new jobs, propelling the unemployment rate to a five-month high of 4.8 per cent and providing fresh evidence that companies are growing cautious amid high energy prices.


Employers in the U.S. added fewer jobs than expected in July and the unemployment rate rose for the first time since November, showing the labor market is losing strength as the economy slows.


Employers added a smaller-than-expected 113,000 jobs in July and the unemployment rate jumped unexpectedly to 4.8%, Labor Department data showed Friday, igniting hopes for a pause in the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate-raising campaign.

The other thing to note is that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (a New Jersey boy!) told the Senate on July 19 that about 130,000 new jobs a month are needed just to keep the unemployment rate steady and account for people entering the workforce.  That means that there are 27,000 more Americans out of work than there were last month, something Rodney appears to think is a good thing.

In June, the labor market grew by 124,000 — which means 33,000 more people looking for work in just the past two months.

NJ-11: Hartford Out, Wyka In, Frelinghuysen and Kean Out of Touch

The Daily Record has a good rundown today of the goings-on in the eleventh congressional district, currently occupied by Rubber-Stamp Rodney Frelinghuysen.

Chatham Township Committeeman William “Jack” Hartford, who was poised for a Democratic primary battle against Tom Wyka, the congressional candidate from Parsippany, will instead join a saturated pool of contenders seeking a seat on the Morris County freeholder board.

“I am no longer in the race for congressman,” Hartford said at his home on Sunday evening.

“That’s where my heart was, but I think there is a greater need here (in the county).”

In my mind, though I’m certainly not opposed to open primaries, this is a good thing. A strong Democratic team of Jack Hartford and Dana Wefer running for two open Freeholder seats in Morris County is great news. And with such an entrenched incumbent as Rodney Frelinghuysen, Tom Wyka will benefit from being able to focus all of his attention on the general election.

As I said, incumbents don’t come any more entrenched than Frelinghuysen. But judging by his recent sloppy rhetoric, it seems that he thinks this race is going to be the typical cakewalk against a token challenger. Tom can chime in on this point, but I think Rubber-Stamp Rodney’s sorely mistaken. Here’s a sampling from Frelinghuysen:

Frelinghuysen told the crowd that he wants to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.

“I don’t apologize for cutting taxes,” he said. “I’m a firm believer in making those taxes permanent. What we really need to do is control spending.”

Kean, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, said he too supports making the tax cuts permanent.

A standing ovation erupted after Frelinghuysen said staying the course in Iraq and Afghanistan is “truly essential” for freedom and for the troops. …

“In every sinew of my body, I believe what we’re doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is truly essential and is for freedom,” said Frelinghuysen, a Vietnam War veteran himself. He then added that backing out of the fight against the “global jihad” would negatively affect the troops overseas.

…[M]ore people are growing dissatisfied with the president.

Frelinghuysen made it clear that he is not one of them.

“I am proud of our president,” Frelinghuysen said at the rally.

After his talk, Frelinghuysen, who had signed on to the Contract with America 12 years ago that had a provision suggesting that state representatives not run more than six terms or 12 years in office — an issue raised when it was known that he would seek re-election — said he had not supported that particular stipulation.

For the record, Frelinghuysen thinks tax cuts are great, the War in Iraq is awesome, and that he gets to retroactively pick and choose which parts of agreements he signed that he should live up to. And his nonsense about supporting tax cuts and spending cuts is little more than empty rhetoric.

News Roundup

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Are they useful?

  • 60% of New Jerseyans give Bush two thumbs down. 37% haven’t been paying attention. Among women, his numbers get even worse: 28%-68%.
  • Dick Cheney was in Newark today for a fundraiser for Tom Kean, Jr. No word yet on whether Kean Jr survived. “This gives new meaning to a campaign shooting itself in the foot” – Brad Lawrence, Menendez consultant.
  • Why does NJ support a $1.6 billion plan to deepen the NY-NJ harbor but oppose a $500 million plan to do the same in the Delaware River? The official answer is environmental concerns. Hmmmm….
  • A memorial mass for Laurel Hester will be held at noon March 4 at St. Mary’s By the Sea Episcopal Church in Point Pleasant. (NY Times obituary)
  • Corzine won’t be raising the gasoline tax. “You can’t even say it’s on life support,” said one legislative official. Instead, he’ll borrow billions to refinance the debt. A short term fix, for sure.
  • You’ve got mail! And if you’re Corzine, you’ve got 13 people to read the 7,000 letters you’ve gotten in the past month.
  • Jersey City’s got a serious chromium problem: “On a field trip earlier this month to a known chromium waste site on Garfield Avenue – that was supposed to be covered with a protective liner – the researchers found chunks of chromium sitting on top of the liner, a block from homes.”
  • Check out our mini-podcast with Sen Menendez. Then, subscribe to the podcast.
  • Links of the day: Tom Wyka for Congress, running in the 11th district. Learn more about his opponent Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen at MeetRodney.com. NJ-11 and Blue 11th are keeping an eye on Frelinghuysen, too.
  • Frelinghuysen Will Definitely Not Go Unchallenged

    After some speculation as to whether anyone would step up to run against Rodney Frelinghuysen for NJ’s 11th District Congressional seat, the question has been answered:


    Tossing his hat into the ring is Tom Wyka, a Morris DFA activist from Parsippany with a mission:

    “Taking back our vision of America – one district at a time.”  [Amen!]

    Tom is a husband and father of 2, and graduate of  Bucknell University. He was born and raised in NJ, and also holds an M.B.A. from Seton Hall.

    Bless Tom and democrats everywhere answering the call to Show Up in every part of the country! (even Red Jersey)

    And Tom’s not even the only potential challenger in the 11th. Also said to be considering a run – councilman Jack Hartford of Chatham.

    Morris County – the next Bergen County?

    A Candidate for NJ 11?

    Vij Pawar, the 2002 Democratic nominee, appears likely in for another race against Rodney Frelinghuysen in NJ 11.  Pawar and friends are shown having kicked in $2,712 in the latest Federal Election Commission report.  He had spent $100.

    In 2002, Pawar raised $15,000 and spent $19,000 while getting 26% of the vote against Frelinghuysen.  There is a sizeable Indian community in Morris County including Parsippany, the county’s largest town.

    Amy Vasquez is getting her toes wet in NJ 4, showing a $250 election kitty.

    Maybe both openings will be filled. 

    Rep Frelinghuysen smears a vet

    Last Thursday, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), who served in the Marines for 37 years, called for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Rather than face the reality of a failed occupation and mounting death toll, Republicans chose to attack Murtha by questioning his patriotism. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R-OH) called him a coward, but our very own Rep Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) didn’t want to miss out on the smear fest. He implied that that Murtha was helping the terrorists:

    “Frankly, I am concerned that such talk will only embolden the terrorists and demoralize our war fighters.”

    But Frelinghuysen wasn’t just calling Murtha a traitor. He’s called everyone who supports a withdrawal a traitor. That includes: General George Casey (the top U.S. commander in Iraq), Iraqi leaders, 82% of Iraqis and 63% of Americans. In fact, it seems like the only people who don’t support a withdrawal are a decreasing, out of touch majority of Congressmembers.

    Supposedly, we went into Iraq to eliminate the threat from WMD’s. There are no WMD’s. Mission Accomplished, right? Bring them home.