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The first rule of New Jersey’s gay mafia – there is no gay mafia.
(Or is there….?)

Find out tomorrow this morning (Saturday) at 10:30 when Blue Jersey Radio gets down and dirty with Trenton’s latest buzz and best-kept secrets. Oh, and as always, we’ll take your calls.

This week: Senatorial Courtesy, eminent domain, and NJ’s gay mafia!

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Blue Jersey Radio Talks Civil Unions

It’s that time of the week again!

Live radio with your calls.

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This week, we’ll recap our (shockingly accurate) predictions about this past week’s primaries, and we’ll be discussing New Jersey’s Civil Unions.

Here’s the New York Times this week on Civil Unions:

Saying a civil union is the same as marriage does not make it so. Civil unions are a newly invented category, neither universally recognized nor understood. No one should confuse it with equality.

Sound familiar? It should. Here’s noweeman on Civil Unions last week:

Ignoring the differences between civil unions and marriage doesn’t make them go away. Pretending that civil unions are the same as marriage doesn’t make it true.

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Blue Jersey Talk Radio. Clean elections edition

If you missed the live edition of Blue Jersey radio this week, with our special guest, Tom Wyka, Click here for the podcastable dish!

The subject of publicly-funded campaigns – a.k.a. “Clean Elections” – is one that is dear to many progressive hearts. But, how well do you really understand this year's New Jersey Clean Election Pilot Program 2.0?

Loyal Blue Jersey readers already know that there are three legislative districts eligible to participate in the Program – the 14th, 24th and 37th Districts. And, our readers ought to know how these districts were chosen (the 24th because of its strong Republican leaning, the 37th because of its strong Democratic leaning, and the 14th because it is a “split” district).

But, do you know how much public funding qualifying candidates are eligible to receive? What obligations come with accepting public funds? And, how exactly candidates go about qualifying for the money?

For example, did you know that candidates have until September 28th to file their Declaration of Intent to seek certification. If you did, you would know that misleading stories like this one can be ignored.

And, could you explain to New Jersey's tax-weary non-political-junkies why publicly funded campaigns are good for democracy? You might need to.

You can slog through all the gritty details about the Clean Elections Program on ELEC's website, or better yet, TUNE IN EVERY SATURDAY MORNING at 10:30 a.m. to Blue Jersey Radio, when we'll be joined by 2006 (and future?) 11th District Congressional Candidate Tom Wyka talking about the Clean Elections Program, and taking your questions.

We'll also be previewing next week's primary races, and as always, dishing the latest Trenton news, buzz and gossip. Join us live this week and every Saturday at 10:30 a.m., or listen to the podcast anytime.

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Blue Jersey Blog Talk Radio. Today!

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Blue Jersey Talk Radio. This morning!

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Blue Jersey Talk Radio

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Blue Jersey Radio Debut – Listen Live

BlogTalkRadio is a new platform that allows almost anyone to develop and produce a “radio” show – even Blue Jersey! So, we did.

This morning from 10:30a to 11:00a, Blue Jersey Radio debuts with yours truly as host, and my first guest, BJ Trenton correspondent, Jay Lassiter. Call it “The Jersey Gays” if you will. We’ll be dishing the dirt on Trenton, taking your calls, and most importantly, figuring out how this thing works.

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Here goes…. Wish us luck!

Update [Juan]: The show is over, but you can listen to the archived version here:

Blue Jersey Bloggers at the DNC Winter Meeting

Jay and Jack at the DNC Winter Meeting (From Getty Images):

WASHINGTON – FEBRUARY 3: As a sign of support to their growing popularity and influence, bloggers, like Jay Lassiter (L) and Jack Bohrer of BlueJersey.com, were given specific areas and network support to cover the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Winter Meeting at the Capitol Hilton on February 3, 2007 in Washington, D.C. DNC Chairman Howard Dean led the meeting which took place over the last two days. (Photo by Jamie Rose/Getty Images)

If I had a million and a half dollars

Sung to the tune of the Barenaked Ladies’ “If I Had A Million Dollars.”  J/K.

From Forty Districts and Twenty-One Counties:

If we could help raise $100,000 in each of the fourteen districts, that would be enough to have a real campaign:  headquarters, literature, signs, some TV and mailings.  Many of these legislators haven’t seen a real campaign in years and may well be vulnerable to a vigorous challenge.  However, this would mean raising $1,500,000 between now and November.  However, if we could get 14,000 people across the state to simply give $10 a month, we could do it.  On the other side, if 1,500 people gave $100.  It might be an interesting project for New Jersey for Democracy or Blue Jersey or someone to explore.
The same is true for county politics.  There are eight counties that have no Democratic freeholders (Burlington, Cape May, Hunterdon, Morris, Ocean, Somerste, Sussex and Warren).  Most of these counties have very weak or fragmented Democratic organizations where they even exist.  Again, putting $100,000 into a county campaign means that there is a real campaign.  Hopefully, this is considered a productive endeavor that stands a chance of actually advancing liberal objectives.

If progressives were able to raise $1.5 million (not probable, but not impossible), why spread it equally amongst 14 legislative districts or 8 counties without taking into consideration how progressive the candidates that we would be supporting would be or whether the candidates in question had a chance in hell of winning?

Why not identify those Democratic candidates who were both the most progressive and had the best chance to win and focus whatever resources we have on their races?  Why not also support primary challenges against those Democrats who have ceased to be or have never been advocates for progressive values?