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First Clean Elections Debate in LD37

The first of two ELEC sanctioned Clean Elections Debates is tonite at 6:30 pm.  The Democratic Legislative candidates square off against the Republicans. 

Where – at the Civic Center in Hackensack, located behind the Hackensack Municipal Complex.  This debate will be moderated by Citizen Action and NJN and will feature all six legislative candidates for LD37.

Come show your support for Clean Elections!

Shadow Governments and Pay-to-Play: the LD37 Connection

DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Wisler, the firm where Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle’s spouse is a partner, has recieved $1,148,621.58 from the Shadow Government agency known as the Union County Improvement Authority, $1,908,807 in legal services for the NJ Turnpike Authority, $160,086.10 from the Township of Teaneck (the town where Assemblywoman Huttle’s employee Jackie Kates is on the council and voted to award Mr. Huttle’s firm these contracts while she was employed by the Assemblywoman)  I detect some conflicts of interest…… hypocrisy anyone?

Shouldn’t we expect more from our District 37 Team? 

Those who live in glass houses……

Reform Begins At Home

“The Teaneck-based law firm DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Wisler received $12 million from government agencies in 2006 while the firm or its officers gave a total of $190,486 in political contributions.”
The Record, Thursday, October 11, 2007

Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle has got a lot to say about ethics.  Her husband is a partner at DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Wisler.  Perhaps, while Assemblywoman Huttle is throwing stones at  contributors and contractors in her own party, she should look at her own glass house.

I enjoyed reading the Lorettacrats’ “Clean Up New Jersey”  proposal: especially this part “The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Government: 2. Part-time Legislature – A fulltime legislature to eliminate dual job holding and any outside employment.”

Assemblyman-Councilman-Mr. Pension Padder Himself- Gordon Johnson wants to eliminate dual office holding.  He thinks that a part time legislature makes for idle hands.  If he had had more to do in the Assembly, perhaps he wouldn’t have taken on the hobby of running a primary campaign against an incumbent Democratic Councilman.  Does Assemblyman/Councilman Johnson have enough to do now that he has sought lower office?
(NOTE:  Mr. Johnson’s wife receives a check from the Township of Teaneck)

As for 37th District Boss Loretta “Pay-to-play” Weinberg??.
“It not the trip, it’s the association with somebody who’s under investigation,” said state Sen. Gerald Cardinale , a Republican from Bergen County. “I have the same concerns that Loretta Weinberg has. I did not know about that before I signed off on him, but it is very troubling because he should be the first line of defense.”

Her decision to join forces with Senator Cardinale 4 weeks before Election Day has got me puzzled.  Is right now really the time to attack other Democrats?  Does she want to have Democratic colleagues in the 39th District or is she comfortable with Bushies like Cardinale?  I don’t get it. 

Allen Gailes Jr.: You are our only hope.

“Y’all know my steelo” -> Nas

I am not sure how long this entry will be, so this is my essay topic:

Re-elect Charlotte Bennett Schoen for 2nd Ward Councilwoman in Englewood. Say no to Michael Wildes? puppets.

Vote Lieutenant Allen Gailes Jr., for Bergen County Sheriff. Say yes to diverse and independent government.

This is my conclusion:

Vote for the Real Bergen Democrats, Column 1. Vote for the Weinberg/Johnson/Huttle team.

Englewood Report Interviews Lt. Allen Gailes Jr.

Englewood Report Endorses Charlotte Bennett Schoen for Reelection

Bergen Grassroots Endorsements

Exhibit D: From noon to 8pm this day, you can support the Real Bergen Democrats candidates who are opposed by Boss Ferriero’s hand-picked candidates in the June 5 primary. They are Englewood Council President Charlotte Bennett Schoen; Bergenfield Council incumbent Bruce Carlson, Timothy Driscoll for Mayor and Barry Doll for Council, and County Sheriff candidate Allen Gailes, Jr. All have the endorsement of Bergen Grassroots.

The polls open soon, so I have not had the time to write this in Spanish. I will add this post to my “to translate” list. And I should have probably written this post last night or maybe a couple nights ago, but I tend to procrastinate. But for the record, my two centavos.

Real Democrats. Real Enthusiasm. Real Results.

The outpouring of support from hundreds of well wishers at our campaign kick-off barely two weeks ago at the Real Bergen Democrats headquarters in Englewood was an emotional jump-start for a team readily prepared to take our case for re-election straight to the voters in the upcoming June 5th primary.

It was an amazing cross-section of Real Democrats. We had new faces and old friends joining us. From the Bergen grassroots to the national netroots with Jim Dean from DFA stopping by to start things off. Environmentalists, progressives, Garden State Equality, elected officials, our brothers and sisters in labor… the list could go on and on. And the overriding thing binding us together is that we are all Real Democrats committed to fighting for our democratic principles in the 37th District.

Many of you here from Blue Jersey came out to support our kick-off, as well. And I just want to say thank you so very much – not just to those of you who attended our campaign kick-off, but also to all those who have supported us here on this online forum over the past several months. The spark in your hearts, the fire in your words and the passion in your posts have truly ignited the Real Democrat Team in the 37th District.

How They Voted…On Everything

If you want to know how our legislators voted on a particular bill, you can’t find that information online. You can call the Assembly clerk or Senate secretary’s office. They’ll ask for a number where they can FAX you the information. And if you don’t have a FAX machine? “You can drop by the office to pick it up.”  Convenient, if you live on West State Street. Not so convenient for everyone else.

Those days may soon be behind us. Tomorrow the Assembly is set to consider a very important bill that should be welcomed by all regardless of political affiliation. (though that’s not the case in practice – there are some afraid of giving the public this kind of “access”):

Assemblywoman Vainieri Huttle and Assemblymen Jack Conners (D-Camden), Mims Hackett (D-Essex) and Bob Gordon (D-Bergen) are sponsoring the measure (S-1662/A-3252) to require the Office of Legislative Services to make the complete voting records of legislators available on the Legislature’s Web site.

This shouldn’t be controversial – it’s a simple vote. Either you’re for a more open government or against it. Check back tomorrow – we will let you know how every legislator voted on this, even if that means finding a damned FAX machine.

There’s a New Sheriff in Bergen County. (Meet Allen J. Gailes, Jr.)

Over two Saturday mornings in Englewood, I have had the honor to meet a man that bluejersey must support. Loretta Weinberg, Gordon M. Johnson and Valerie Vainieri Huttle are taking on Team Ferriero for the legislature. Allen J. Gailes, Jr. is taking on Sheriff Joe, I mean Sheriff Leo McGuire.
In case you are curious about Leo McGuire’s ties to Ferriero, I will give you two quick examples. Leo McGuire signed on to support Ferriero’s bylaws amendments. He also donates money from time to time, like when
he gave $14,000 to the BCDO.

They’re also big on preparing early. About  a year ago, Ferriero and McGuire held hands in victory.

Like Ferriero did Tuesday night. A drink in his hand, the victory party still raging at the Hasbrouck Heights Hilton, he grabbed Sherriff Leo McGuire by the arm and reminded him of his upcoming 2007 election race.
“Three hundred sixty-four days,” he said told McGuire. “We started three hours ago.”

Good thing they’ve been campaigning (while focusing on law enforcement, of course) ever since, because believe it or not Leo, you’ve got yourself a primary.

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office must be free and independent of Joe Ferriero’s lackeys. A stint as a councilman and police sergeant does not qualify you to be sheriff. And dressing up like a five star generalissimo feathered with an ever growing ensemble of glittery badges and medals from head to toe for every single camera in the county is not my definition of a man hard at work in law enforcement.

Twenty four years in the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department are a testament to Allen Gailes’ qualifications, experience, knowledge and dedication to our community. Lieutenant Allen Gailes, Jr. is the Sheriff that Bergen County deserves.

NO Joe, NO!

Man oh man, talk about the proverbial morning after. It turns out that words are indeed like arrows. They cannot be recalled and boy do they go astray. I woke up the morning of my last post knowing that I was going to hear about it sooner rather than later. Didn’t know from whom or when, but I knew it was coming. But like all good students I am open to constructive criticism. I sat tensely at my desk as I watched a colleague read my diary. Lesson numero uno: you can’t curse to all of NJ. The rest of the work day went by with nary a comment. That evening I attended Englewood’s Planning Board Meeting. The Planning Board that Michael Wildes, as Mayor of our fine city, appoints to his liking. That is another diary in of itself. Before walking past me, Michael stopped by and said my post was “cute.” So I don’t know what that means. Wikipedia defines ‘cuteness’ as “a delicate and attractive kind of beauty commonly associated with youth, innocence, and helplessness.” So that is my defense! Thanks Michael. I am young, innocent and helpless. Inevitably, people were offended. Lesson numero dos: Don’t take anything personally. Reckless anger will do you no good. I swore off blogging from bluejersey time and time again. But now I’m back. I can’t help it and I won’t rephrase.

This week will shake Bergen County to the very core. We are at war.

Why can’t we all just get along? That is a good question. Why can’t Boss Joe get along with Loretta, Gordon and Valerie? Why has he embarked on this crusade? A one man ego suicide trip. Weinberg, Johnson and Huttle have said NO to Joe Ferriero. In this diary I will somehow try to understand why Joey Joe is driven to self destruction against the LD37 team of Loretta Weinberg, Gordon Johnson and Valerie Vainieri Huttle.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

It appears sanity won out.  This time.  We arrived early to pass out homemade posters to our fellow CC members, and we stood in the cold till our feet and hands froze, then we went in and voted NO on the bylaws and then went back outside to implore our fellow committee members to Vote NO, and asked them not to dilute our votes. 
We chanted “Say NO to Joe” and gave detailed interviews to the press who, thankfully were present and trying to get exit interviews with the folks coming out of the building.

Inside, it was the first time I saw the Chairman not smiling broadly at an election.  His attorney Dennis Oury stepped outside later only to try to shoo us CC members away from the door with the excuse that in another hour some children would be leaving the school to be picked up by their parents. 

When the children finally left the building at 6 they seemed thoroughly thrilled by the whole affair and asked lots of questions about what was going on.  I told them we were all Democrats and that they were witnessing democracy.  One little girl of 11 told me that Hillary is her hero.  Some of them asked if they could hold up our signs for us.  Michael Wildes poked his head out the door, sensing a photo op, then quickly ducked back inside when he saw what our signs said.  It was rather funny…..

We didn’t need too many protesters there, the CC members themselves wound up taking up signs after voting and standing on the steps to plead with those entering to Vote NO.  We had big stickers that simply said NO on them.  Although the sign holding went on outside in the cold, many CC members proudly wore their NO stickers into the voting room. 

Apparently Ferriero’s friends needed to do the kind of arm-twisting the Republican Congress used to do when they would hold a vote open for hours while pressuring the last few fence sitters that it would in their best interest to vote with the party.

The next bylaws vote will probably try to change the notice to about an hour, because giving us a week was clearly enough time to rally the grassroots. 

So, thank you for helping us spread the word.  An informed electorate is the only way to go.

Statement on Chairman Ferriero’s Endorsement

(My good friend Steven posted this for me earlier, but I decided it was time that I join the Blue Jersey community myself. I appreciate all of the kind words and support the netroots have always shown me.)

I hope Chairman Ferriero’s endorsement is a sincere acceptance of all that my running mates and I have worked so hard for – open, ethical politics; a progressive political agenda; and reforming government to put people ahead of special interests and insiders.

If genuine unity is the goal that Chairman Ferriero seeks, all the Chairman has to do is endorse Gordon and Valerie as well.  After all, we share the same priorities and vision.  If Joe is endorsing me for all I have fought for and achieved, then it is only logical that he also endorse Gordon and Valerie.

I honestly wish that his endorsement is an acknowledgement of the reality of the strength and depth of the support my running mates and I have earned from grassroots Democrats, organized labor and progressive groups that include environmental, consumer, human rights, women’s rights and other advocates.

I’m proud to have played a major role in attempting to open the party.  The sad facts of the last few contested conventions and the special election for Senate last year, betray the very core of our Democratic ideals and traditions.

Chairman Ferriero is changing the rules daily.  He is going to have to do far more than flip-flop on changing the rules at the last minute to restore the credibility and legitimacy of our county convention.