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Any candidates to run against LoBiondo?

There’s a currently Recommended Diary over at DailyKos that lists all the 2006 Congressional Races which are presently uncontested by Democrats.

NJ-2 (DowntheShore, essentially) is listed as one of the uncontested races. It’s a seat presently held by Frank LoBiondo. Frank LoBiondo got swept into office in 1994 as part of the “Contract On America” Crew.

From his website:
Representing the resort city of Atlantic City, Frank has been a powerful voice in Washington on gaming issues, serving as founder of the Congressional Gaming Caucus.

Congressional Gaming Caucus? Don’t tell me that a Republican at the head of the Gaming Caucus, which oversees gambling and casinos, hasn’t gotten a “donation” from Abramoff.

I’m from Central NJ, and not familiar with the strange and what look obviously corrupt politics of Southern NJ/AC, but I cannot believe that we can’t find a Democrat to run against this guy. LoBiondo is a sitting duck.

Who is considering a run against this guy? If no one is, who might be a potential candidate? Any Paul Hacketts out there?