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Wielding Power with Authority

I kid you not, I received the following “notification” of Congressional action today:


Yes, boys and girls, our fearless Republicans in the House are defending the right of Atlantic City’s boardwalk to be the highest priced property on the boardgame “Monopoly”.

Then I started thinking…maybe the Congressional Dems signed on so that LoBiondo would be encouraged to “go public” with his assinine quest.

Here’s what that might look like on CSPAN:

Every NJ Congressional District Will Be Challenged

Update 3 (A big one, so I’m posting it up top): There WILL be two Democratic challengers to Frank LoBiondo in NJ-2. Fairfield Township councilwoman Viola Thomas-Hughes and Henry David Marcus will compete in the primary. This now means that every Republican House member in New Jersey will face a challenger in November.

According to the Division of Elections, Gary Schiavone has filed to challenge Chris Smith in the 4th Congressional district. With about two hours left until the filing deadline, no Democrat has filed in the 2nd yet to challenge LoBiondo.

The GOP has failed to file challenges to Rob Andrews (NJ-1) and Donald Payne (NJ-10).

Update 1: Donald Payne (NJ-10) will have a challenger in the primary, and Michael Cino has just filed to challenge Garrett in the primary. Assemblywoman Oadline Truitt (D) from the 28th legislative district will face a primary challenge.

Update 2: (via politicsnj)

Joe Vas filed petitions to run for the full 2-year term in the 13th district, but not for the Special Election.

John Ginty filed petitions to seek the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate today.  Ginty filed with 1,742 signatures.

James Kelly, a resident of a group home for the mentally disabled , filed as a U.S. Senate candidate in the primary against Bob Menendez.

Van Drew Not Running in NJ-2

As Scott in NJ points out, Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew, considered by many to be the best candidate to challenge Rep. LoBiondo, says he’s not running:

“It was an honor to be asked by folks in Washington and I did have some congressmen call me…and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called me as well…Certainly, while I was honored by that and I think it’s good to have a spirited race where we have real competitors and discuss the issues and debate the issues, I am just very involved with the issues of the state of New Jersey right now at this point in time and I am not going to be running (for Congress).”

The filing deadline is this Monday, April 10th. Cumberland County Democratic chair Lou Magazzu, who had previously considered running for Congress, but declined, may be about to reconsider:

Magazzu, also considered a potential challenger to LoBiondo’s 12-year reign, will have to get together with the county Democratic Party chairmen from throughout the Second Congressional District over the next few days, as candidates must file for the June 6 primary election by Monday.

Assuming NJ-4 is covered, this is the last district that we need to find a challenger for. There are only four days left to do it.

Frank LoBiondo needs a challenger

Another day passes and we are closer to the filing deadline on April 10th and we still do not have a challenger for Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02).  Why?  The 2nd congressional district voted for Democrats for president since 1992.  Democrats control a majority of the assembly seats that overlap the congressional district.  Only one person could run a credible campaign this year.  Assistant Majority Leader Jeff Van Drew of Cape May County has the best shot of taking down LoBiondo.  He was just elected with a landslide and helped pick up a seat in Assembly for Nelson Albano.  I want everyone to flood his phone with calls urging him to run.

Jeff Van Drew’s Cape May Courthouse office (609) 465-0700

Let’s Get Some Candidates!

The Republicans are filling in their Congressional races:

Vincent Micco, a 34-year-old Army veteran who served in Iraq, will formally announce today that he will seek the Republican nomination for Congress against Steven Rothman in the ninth district. Micco, a banker and the father of four, served in Iraq in 2003 and 2003. Rothman, a five-term Democrat, supports a rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

We still have to find someone to run against Rep. Frank Lobiondo (NJ2) and Rep. Chris Smith (NJ4) before April 10.  That’s just two weeks away, folks!

If no one has filed and you live in one of these districts, please consider gathering signatures of registered Democrats on candidate forms so that a late-comer has your help.  Or, if all else fails, you can put your own name down and hold the spot in case someone shows up later.

NJ-2: Weinstein Won’t Challenge LoBiondo

Robin Weinstein formed an exploratory committee last summer to consider challenging Congressman LoBiondo in the 2nd district. Tonight, he emailed supporters to say that he will not run in 2006:

My intention from the start of this exploratory phase was to mount an effective opposition against Congressman LoBiondo. Time and time again, Mr. LoBiondo has let down our district by not standing up to the President on important issues such as assistance for senior citizens, farm subsidies, and financial aid for students seeking a college education. Additionally, he is breaking his promise by seeking a seventh term. While I would welcome the chance to mount a case against Mr. LoBiondo, I do not feel that the time is right for me to effectively do so.

This is unfortunate because now there are two districts without a challenger: NJ-2 and NJ-4. We have until April 10th to find challengers for both districts. Any ideas?

(Robin’s full email is below)

Labor backing LoBiondo’s run

A handful of protestors showed up outside the meeting.  From the Press of Atlantic City

It was warm and comfortable in the upstairs room at Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern here Monday night.

It got even more cozy as labor leaders, politicians, casino representatives and business organizations from throughout southern New Jersey gave U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, what amounted to an endorsement of his re-election bid.

Across the street, about 15 protesters bundled in coats, hats and gloves to hold off the cold tried to turn up the heat on LoBiondo: Members of Citizens for Progressive Representation, or CPR, held up signs and called out to those entering the restaurant that LoBiondo’s congressional voting record is the opposite of what his supporters inside were celebrating.

“The Bush administration has been one of the most anti-worker, anti-union administrations on record, yet LoBiondo has voted with Bush almost all of the time on labor matters,” said CPR Chairwoman Janet Fayter.

Those inside took note of the protest, but not the way CPR would have wanted: Labor officials said LoBiondo has always been there to strengthen the city’s gaming industry, fight for more jobs and stand up for the working man.

“The people who are outside, that’s where they’re going to stay,” said state AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. “Outside.”

LoBiondo told supporters the protest was an example of a political climate in which people “choose to ignore reality and real facts.”

We’ve had previous diaries on whether there will be a Dem challenger, but some from labor were discouraging that.

Another reality that was clear from Monday night’s event was that organized labor, traditionally considered a supporter of Democrats, was sending a message to any Democrat considering a challenge to LoBiondo: Don’t do it.

Roy Foster, president of the Atlantic-Cape May Central Labor Council, said there “won’t be no money” from labor for any Democratic congressional candidate in the 2nd District. Democrats in the district may think they’re automatically entitled to labor’s support, but they are “guests in our house,” he said.

LoBiondo said the event sent a “very clear message” to any potential Democratic challenger.

That creates something of a bigger problem for southern New Jersey Democrats.

And surprise, surprise, LoBiondo doesn’t want to limit himself to his promised 6 terms.  What about the supposed targetting of the district by the DCCC?

LoBiondo had originally pledged to serve only six terms. That would mean LoBiondo should now be serving his last year in Congress.

LoBiondo broke the pledge, saying he gave in to pressure from supporters.

Now, Democrats who hoped to win the seat this year are again faced with the prospect of running a candidate against the popular Republican, who usually wins his elections by wide margins.

Labor officials said they held Monday’s event because of concern that the National Democratic Committee is targeting LoBiondo’s seat in this year’s election…

Outside, Fayter said CPR, a new organization with as many as 100 members, is upset that labor’s decision to back LoBiondo now will stifle something necessary for Democracy — a strong challenge by an opponent and a differing point of view for voters to consider.

CPR is also upset that LoBiondo broke his term-limit pledge, she said.

“It’s time for a change,” Fayter said.

LoBiondo’s vote: Holding him Accountable

Yesterday the GOP House of Representatives crafted a razor-thin victory that will shape all of our lives for decades.  I wasn’t alone in decrying the lack of attention this measure got.  Ihlin at dailyKos had a diary up lamenting how so little attention was paid to this vote, which basically served to ram Republican budget priorities down the throats of every American for years to come.  This was a bill for the folks who’ve been seeking to brand “entitlements” as a code word for government hand outs that people don’t deserve.

Social Security and Medicare aren’t hand outs.  They represent YOUR money.  You paid in.  Everybody does.  In fact, every penny the government spends is your money.  Branding government dollars as undeserved “entitlements” sure is a convenient way to bash senior citizens, the disabled and the poor; it’s also a great way to reward the wealthy friends of the GOP.  (If you make less than $200,000 and vote GOP, you are voting against your own economic interests.)  The only way to stop this BS is to defeat a few of the Congressional Republicans who keep this convenient “lie” going.