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The Real Leonard Lance Is Really Anti-Woman and Anti-Birth Control

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On the campaign trail, Leonard Lance claims to be pro-choice ? but the Real Leonard Lance?s record in Trenton proves he doesn?t even believe in a woman?s right to birth control.

Here in New Jersey, a bill was proposed in the Assembly to establish a pharmacy?s duty to provide in-store drugs and prescriptions without delay, regardless of the sincerely held moral or religious beliefs of pharmacists. The bill passed and was signed into law in 2007. Leonard Lance is one of only six State Senators that voted against this law. That?s right ? The Real Leonard Lance voted to restrict a woman?s right to access basic health care needs like birth control. When confronted with his vote against the basic health care needs of women, he said women should be forced to drive from pharmacy to pharmacy in order to get their prescriptions.

The truth is that you can?t be pro-choice and vote for a bill that will allow a pharmacy to refuse to fill a prescription for birth control. That?s the essence of what this is all about. Once again, the Real Leonard Lance’s record is at odds with his poll-tested persona.

Over the past eight years, President Bush and Republicans in Washington have launched an assault on women’s health care. A key component of their campaign against choice was a proposal to force health care providers to certify that none of its employees would be required to assist with medical services they find objectionable. One of these medical services is birth control. You see, Leonard Lance’s record in Trenton is in lockstep with Bush and his right-wing cronies in Washington. It’s clear that the Real Leonard Lance would go to Congress and be right at home among anti-women zealots.

We need leaders in Washington who will fight to ensure we may all make our own choices in life. The Real Leonard Lance would continue to hinder women and families from making their own informed choices about their health. We can’t afford The Real Leonard Lance in Washington. He would simply give the Bush Administration a third term.