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Rachel at Rutgers

When asked to compare the state of broadcast journalism today with that of decades ago, television commentator Rachel Maddow remarked that there are no Walter Cronkites today, and she did not expect one to arise in the foreseeable future.

Cronkite established his reputation as “the most trusted man in America.” He was a conventional hard news reporter and Maddow is an opinionated commentator. Yet despite these differences, one could legitimately argue that Maddow is filling Cronkite’s shoes. When fact-based broadcast news is a rare commodity, Maddow’s nightly program on MSNBC is one of the few that I trust.

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Jersey Jeopardy

Which Democratic presidential hopeful lost the primary after making a disparaging remark about New Jersey? Can you name the first governor of New Jersey who was not only called a bastard, but actually was a bastard?

These and other questions were on tap during the recent game of Political Jeopardy staged by the Eagleton Institute of Politics during the celebration of its 15oth anniversary. Apparently, state Senator Leonard Lance (a Hunterdon County Republican) owned the game.

Demonstrating, I guess, that there is one political game Garden State Republicans actually know how to play straight.

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