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Did Rutgers Bet Push Mel Martinez Out At RNC?

Two pieces of news today:

  • Senator Mel Martines (R-FL) resigned today from the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. 
  • Senator Mel Martines (R-FL) posted a Rutgers pennant on his office door after losing a bet on last night’s Rutgers/South Florida football game to Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ and  Rutgers Law ’79) .

Maybe the RNC decided that was just one loss too many for the embattled party, and Martinez had to go.

Quote of the Day

The Miami Herald‘s political blog, Naked Politics, notes that Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), the second Cuban American to serve in the Senate, is again following in the footsteps of Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL), the first Cuban American in Senate, highlighting this quote from a Menendez press release:

Our office is moving on Monday. We will be relocating to Hart 317 – Senator Martinez’s old office. Please – no jokes.

Will the NJ GOP Attack Chairman Martinez for Amnesty and Social Security for Illegal Aliens?

Today, U.S. Senator Mel Martinez was named the new general chairman of the Republican National Committee. Like Senator Menendez, Senator Martinez is a Cuban-American.

And also like Senator Menendez, Senator Martinez voted to table this amendment:

S.Amdt. 3985  to S. 2611 (Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006)
To reduce document fraud, prevent identity theft, and preserve the integrity of the Social Security system, by ensuring that persons who receive an adjustment of status under this bill are not able to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity.

If you’ve already forgotten, this vote spawned numerous attacks on Senator Menendez. My home received two mailers, funded by the NJ Republican State Committee, entirely devoted to that vote. And who can forget the ads?

So the question is, ‘Will the NJ GOP attack Chairman Martinez for giving Amnesty and Social Security benefits to illegal aliens?’

A list of the other GOP Senators who voted to table the amendment after the jump.