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Impressive Resources Launching for NJ Dem Women

For finding, training, and supporting great progressive women candidates, and more sharply informing and organizing around Gov. Christie’s dismal record on women, impressive resources are launching all at once. All good stuff:

Jersey Girls Caucus:

Blue Jerseyan and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, who convened the Jersey Girls Caucus in one rollicking session with the sea of intelligent, tough women who were in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention is now expanding it. The goal? To keep the heat on Gov. Christie re: his failed record on women, to organize, to make sure we let other women know what’s going on. Here’s how to latch on:

  • @JerseyGrlCaucus – Follow Jersey Girls Caucus on Twitter.

  • Jersey Girls Caucus on Facebook. (Hit LIKE)

  • JerseyGirlsCaucus@gmail.com is how you can let Sen. Weinberg & the Caucus know what’s on your mind.

    Emerge NJ: Thursday night’s the big launch for NJ to be the 12th state to open a group devoted to helping get more Democratic women elected. Women don’t have parity when it comes to holding elected seats – we’re 17% of seats in Congress, 23% of statewide offices nationally, 24% of state legislative seats. In NJ, of the 120 in the legislature, only 35 (29%) are women. For federal, it’s worse: NJ last elected a female federal lawmaker almost 10 years ago. Only 5 women in NJ’s history have been sent to Congress from here. Only 89 women are mayors of the State’s 566 townships – that’s 15.7%.

    Thursday night’s kickoff is a fundraiser in Morristown. Senate Majority Leader (and Blue Jerseyan) Loretta Weinberg and Speaker Sheila Oliver will both speak. I’ll be there with my candidate Marie Corfield, running hard to defeat the Republican installed in the LD-16 Assembly seat following the death of incumbent Pete Biondi 48 hours after November’s election.

    There’s still time to attend Emerge NJ’s launch.There are some fabulous New Jersey women behind it. Check out the list after the jump …

  • Emerge New Jersey Launching Thursday

    WHAT: Emerge New Jersey Launch Event

    Emerge provides in-depth candidate training for Democratic women and is now opening in NJ. Launch event will introduce Emerge to the community and raise funds to open the new program

    WHEN: Thursday, September 27, 2012, 6:00pm – 8:00pm in Morristown

    WHO: Honorary Chairwomen Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg & Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver

    Last winter, shortly after she became Senate Majority Leader, Loretta Weinberg convened a meeting of women leaders from many walks of community life for a frank discussion of conditions in New Jersey – and how to call on ourselves, on the Senator, and on each other to improve them. An exciting meeting it was my privilege to attend. Among discussions was how to encourage, support and elect women candidates – good ones, not just those meeting a gender demand – extraordinary women who may not have even considered a political future.

    It’s exciting to watch and help good women succeed in public office (one reason Loretta Weinberg, Sheila Oliver & I are all involved in Marie Corfield’s LD-16 race). We’ve seen it at CAWP (Center for American Women in Politics) at Rutgers, a clearinghouse for info on women as candidates, electeds and voters, and training ground for women emerging into the political process itself.

    At that winter meeting several attendees took the lead on how to broaden avenues to fundraise, train and power behind the women candidates. Adding to resources already supporting women’s political progress like Women’s Political Caucus – NJ, and CAWP’s groundbreaking (non-partisan) Ready to Run.

    Starting Thursday, women will have Emerge NJ, with its in-depth training program for Democratic women. More about Emerge, and Thursday’s launch in Morristown, below the fold.  

    Menendez Update: Make Olympics outfits here, plus latest fundraising #s

    First a campaign update. Some numbers:

    $10,345,365.98: Cash on hand

    $1,694,636.38: Raised during Q2 2012

    2,699: number of contributors

    $262.89: average individual contribution

    Nearly 2,000: number of contributors giving donations of $100 or less

    That last number, all the people making donations at $100 and below, that’s an important figure because it demonstrates how many ordinary people have a stake in the outcome. Menendez’ GOP challenger, Joe Kyrillos, with far less support was playing games with his reporting a few weeks ago. You know the bulk of his funding will come from big-ticket donors, with much of it wholly dependent on his BFF Chris Christie and his pals in events like this and, oh, this, where Christie brought Romney in to kick up Kyrillos’ purse with a little high-dollar Mitt-schmoozing.

    Mitt Romney, Ann Romney Outsourcing
    Totally photoshopped Mitt & Ann Romney, Outsource Couple of the Year, in Ralph Lauren Olympics outfits made in China

    Speaking of Romney, we found out this week just how big a fan of outsourcing to China this guy was at Bain Capital. Sad to see the Republicans choose somebody with questionable patriotism and a failure to even understand the American Dream.

    Also failing big-time this week is the U.S. Olympic Committee. But Menendez has a suggestion how they can clean up their act.  

    Christie by the Numbers: Bring This to His Next “Town Hall”

    This week, we saw Gov. Christie at his most self-promotional, pumping out to press a video compilation of some of the kind of behavior he likes to be known for (missing is some of his grossest name calling, apparently reserved for women and veterans). Everything for Christie these days is elaborate (often on your dime) audition schtict, for Romney’s short list (Romney’d have to be nuts) and for Christie’s national profile. Also this week, Christie’s Jersey Shore verbal assault of  a constituent, which Star-Ledger calls a tipping point which should warn away Romney (or, hello, anyone).  

    Christie wants you to focus on his style, to chat about his swagger and big mouth so you don’t notice the wrecking ball he’s swinging over his head.  

    One New Jersey has compiled a well-researched – and sourced – guide to your governor, what he’s doing, and how it’s impacting you. Christie by the Numbers. Scan through it – Jobs is up first, below the fold, find info on federal funding lost, corporate bailouts in dollars, cost increases, property taxes, poverty numbers and program cuts, and some things you may not know about Christie’s GOP fundraising.

    How Long Does It Take Governor Christie to Say “No”?

    54 minutes – Length of October 4th vanity press conference, announcing intent not to run for President of the United States

    10 seconds – Amount of time it took Governor Christie to veto the millionaires’ tax (1:34-1:44)

    Jobs Lost

    25,500 – New Jersey public sector lost since January 2010 (Capitol Quickies, 11/22/2011)

    47 – Out of 51 nationally, New Jersey’s government job growth rate since January 2010 (Capitol Quickies, 11/22/2011)

    45 – Out of 51 nationally, New Jersey’s private- and public-sector job growth rate since January 2010 (Capitol Quickies, 11/22/2011)

    45,000 – Number of permanent jobs Christie cost New Jersey by killing the Access to the Region’s Core tunnel project (The Star-Ledger, 10/28/2010)

    30,700 – Jobs lost in New Jersey from December 2009 to December 2010 (NewJerseyNewsroom.com, 1/19/2011)

    16,300 – Jobs lost in New Jersey in December 2010 alone, including 13,300 private sector jobs (NewJerseyNewsroom.com, 1/19/2011)

    10,000 – Teachers and school employees laid off in 2010 due to Christie’s budget cuts (Daily Journal, 12/29/2010)

    6,000 – Number of construction jobs New Jersey lost when Christie decided to end the Access to the Region’s Core tunnel project (The Star-Ledger, 10/28/2010)

    2,200 – Police officers laid off in New Jersey in 2010 due to Christie’s cuts to municipal aid (The Star-Ledger, 1/16/2011)

    Kyrillos fundraising numbers: What to know

    When Joe Kyrillos’ campaign released his fundraising numbers last week – a whopping $1.75 million – it raised eyebrows, including ours. Kyrillos for Senate is a big uphill climb against a very well-funded blue state Democrat in Bob Menendez.

    But a few days ago Julie Soros at Hotline posted a piece that puts Kyrillos’ figures in a context that makes more sense. And all credit goes to her, and Hotline.

    Seems that figure blasted out in Kyrillos press releases includes every penny raised since Kyrillos formed an exploratory committee last June. Kyrillos has $1.4M in the bank but didn’t break down how much of that was raised in the first quarter of this year.

    What Kyrillos actually raised in Q1? $917,000. And most of that – $600k of it – was from one event, headlined by Chris Christie.

    And Christie’s not going to be doing that every quarter, I assure you. What Kyrillos raised on his own? Just $317k, which isn’t chump change but isn’t enough if he continues like this to fund a winning campaign against Menendez. I hope the race is more than a money contest, and more than a horse race. But it’s useful to see the money support behind Kyrillos, so far, more realistically for what it is.  

    DGA plays the Christie card

    DGA logoAnd who can blame them?

    Democratic Governors Association sent out an fundraising email web ad today designed to tap into outrage at the distance between Chris Christie’s position on marriage equality and where the Jersey constituency stands:

    Stop Governor Christie’s Attack on Marriage Equality!

    Despite overwhelming support for marriage equality, Republican Governor Chris Christie has vetoed the bill that would legalize gay marriage in New Jersey.

    It’s outrageous! Governor Christie rejected a clear victory for equal rights in order to promote a divisive social agenda and score political points with the national conservative base.

    Show Governor Christie that New Jerseyans support equal rights for all couples.

    It asks you to add your name & email, then directs you to a page to donate. Go ahead and do whatever part of that floats your boat. The DGA will come in handy in next year’s election, and Christie is the big pulsating blob at the right of the radar screen already. Marriage equality issue is pretty clearly supported by New Jersey’s people.

    Of course, unremarked upon by DGA is the fact that though Chris Christie has been consistent in his lack of support, and threw up a referendum roadblock, the issue also may figure between Democrats now warily eyeing each as they stare down the 2013 gubernatorial primary. Buono, Booker, and Codey for example have good records. Sweeney? More complicated. His disgraceful 2010 abstention is still on record. But … so is his reversal 2 years later. Yes, it was widely seen as political expediency (like that’s new in the world) to win back disaffected (and pissed) progressives with zero risk of actual change under a governor everybody knew wasn’t going to sign it anyway. But it’s also true he took a strong position of support and his movement signaled broader Democratic support (for what they should have been supporting all along). And that’s on record too.

    2013. Can’t wait.  

    Who’s Walking for Equality on Saturday?

    GSE Equality Walk

    In just two days – this Saturday, September 24th at 5:00 p.m. – Team Blue Jersey is going to take a walk with a bunch of our friends to raise money for marriage equality. There’s still time to join us!

    We’re taking part in Equality Walk 2011 – Garden State Equality’s low-dollar per person fundraiser that allows everyone to participate – there’s no required minimum amount for you to raise. And, the beauty of this grassroots approach is that small contributions really add up. Take Team Blue Jersey for example – we set a modest goal of raising $500, and quickly surpassed it. Then we bumped it to $750, and passed it. Then $1,000, … check.

    In fact, thanks to the efforts of Blue Jersey readers and friends, we’re closing in on being one of GSE’s Top 5 Fundraising teams for the event! So now, we need your help to get to Team Blue Jersey‘s new goal of reaching $1,500 for Garden State Equality’s 2011 Equality Walk by the time the walk kicks off Saturday at 5pm. So we’ve got 48 Hours left. Let’s do it!

    And even if you can’t join us on Saturday, you can help by joining our team and raising money, or by just contributing directly to Team Blue Jersey. Thank you all, and hope to see you Saturday! 🙂

    Join the Blue Jersey Team for Equality!

    You might remember the exhilarating feeling earlier this year when New York passed its marriage equality law. I know I do, just as I know I am looking forward to the day when we in New Jersey get a taste of that delicious equality on this side of the Hudson.

    And that day will come – whether it happens soon after Gov. Christie is tossed from office in 2013, or sooner when we muster a veto-proof majority for marriage equality – it will come. And Blue Jersey will be there, alongside Garden State Equality, as it always has been, fighting to make that day come sooner rather than later.

    That’s why I’m so proud to announce that Blue Jersey is sponsoring a team in GSE’s September 24th Equality Walk:

    Follow This Link to visit and join our team!

    The fight for marriage equality in New Jersey has long been waged not by the LGBT community alone, but by the progressive community – LGBT and straight – seeking justice for all. Let’s show our strength in numbers, energy and dollars as we look forward to the day when the exhilaration will be ours to enjoy.

    Join us!

    Countdown: 8 Days till the Jeff Gardner Money Bomb on March 24

    Okay, bean sprouts. We’re now just 8 days out from Blue Jersey’s first-ever money bomb, and it’s for Blue Jersey’s own Jeff Gardner.

    What’s a money bomb? Think of it as a juiced-up, concentrated grassroots effort to raise $$ for a great candidate – Jeff Gardner for Senate. Here’s where Jeff’s money bomb is going:

  • LD-35: Jeff’s home district (Paterson-area).

  • Statewide: Jeff’s status as a statewide progressive priority means support from all over NJ.

  • National: Democracy for America (DFA) is all over this, and progressive & LGBT groups all over the country will likely jump in, too.

    In other words, this is a big deal. Want in? Any contribution you can make – $5, $25, 250, anything – puts power behind Jeff’s race, and makes you part of this chance to send a better class of Democrat to Trenton, where he is sorely needed.

    What we’re going to ask you to do is sign up now to RSVP that you’ll jump in with a contribution on March 24th, Money Bomb Day for Jeff. More than 55 people already have.

    RSVP now to join the Jeff Gardner for Senate Money Bomb March 24th!

    Blue Jerseyans, DFA’ers, friends, Thank you. You amaze me every day.

    Jeff Gardner, on NJN’s Reporters Roundtable