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Lonegan Drops His Fiscal Conservativism For Cheap Political Points

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Steve Lonegan has made a career off blasting the government for wasting money and being inefficient.  Given his previous positions he should be standing with the Democrats against Chris Christie as the Governor wastes $12 million and creates massive upheaval in local governments and county election offices for no real reason.

But instead Lonegan is giving up his “principles” to stand with his party’s governor, making cheap political points instead of standing up for what he “believes.”

New Jersey Opposes October Special Election

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Eagleton came out with a poll saying that the people of New Jersey overwhelmingly oppose Chris Christie’s money-wasting special election:

When told the $24 million cost of holding both a special primary and general election, New Jersey voters strongly oppose N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s call for a Wed., Oct. 16 election. Only 12 percent agree with Christie that the Senate election should be held separately from the Nov. 5th gubernatorial and legislative elections. Instead, more than three-quarters say the elections should have been combined.

Will that hurt Christie’s poll numbers?  Of course not, because someone went to the crossroads for him.  Here’s a different issue, but an illustrative one.

Following Christie’s appointment of Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa to fill the Senate seat temporarily, voters had a change of heart about what they wanted in an interim senator. Ahead of the announcement, 43 percent wanted the seat to be filled by a Democrat, reflecting Lautenberg’s party. Fifty-seven percent also preferred an appointed senator who would also run for the seat in the special election. But following the June 6 announcement, opinion shifted strongly in Christie’s direction, with support for a Senate placeholder doubling from 32 percent to 64 percent, along with an 11-point decrease in support for a Democratic appointment.

“The power of the Governor to set the agenda is clear in these numbers,” said Redlawsk. “In a blue state, it’s not surprising most voters initially wanted a Democrat appointed, but once Christie made the appointment, many voters took their cues from his decision.”

I feel pretty resigned to this, at this point.

Cory Booker in Willingboro

Today is the day when, to the surprise of no one, Cory Booker formally announced that he is running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the death of Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Booker’s announcement was in two parts – north and south – with a gathering in Newark this morning and Willingboro this afternoon.

Here are Booker’s remarks in their entirety. Booker is introduced by former Senator Bill Bradley (2:13), who in turn was introduced by Democratic Burlington County Freeholder candidate Reva Foster.

Booker’s remarks start at 8:51.

Dear Chris Christie: You Blew It.

Governor Christie has finally been trapped by his own bullshit. No matter how he wants people to slice this one, no one is buying the special election stunt as anything more than a corrupt, self-serving abuse of power executed solely in the political interest of Chris Christie. His wilted response to Jon Stewart is especially laughable:

“It was funny, I laughed [and] it was really good, but it has absolutely no relationship to the truth of my position”

Can’t you just picture Christie’s reaction as he watched Jon Stewart’s downright embarrassing call-out of this sad affair? Oh yeah, he was definitely loving it. Definitely.

Christie names Lautenberg successor: NJ Attorney General Jeff Chiesa

NJ-AG-Jeffrey-S-Chiesa-1Gov. Chris Christie has just announced who will succeed the late Senator Frank Lautenberg: NJ Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa.

Chiesa will serve until after the election to fill the seat, currently set by the Christie timetable as Wednesday, October 16, after a primary currently set for a date in August. Chiesa has pledged not to seek to retain the office in the upcoming Senate election.

In appointing Chiesa, one day after Frank Lautenberg’s funeral and as his body lies in repose in the well of the Senate, Christie ignores the chance to do something more noble and more in keeping with the sensibilities of his constituents, choosing instead to pick someone high on the Christie food chain. Before Chiesa was New Jersey’s Attorney General, he was Chief Counsel to Christie. He met Christie in the law firm that once bore Christie advisor Bill Palatucci’s name (Dughi, Hewit & Palatucci, now known as Dughi & Hewit). Chiesa followed Christie to the US Attorney’s office when Christie had that title; the Christie administration has several former employees from there in high positions. Chiesa headed up Christie’s transition team before the governor was sworn in in January of 2010.

Last year Bill Orr covered the still-ongoing public safety story of New Jersey’s privatized halfway house system, most of which were run by Community Education Centers (CEC). That’s the company run (till recently) by Bill Palatucci , former law colleague of both Chiesa and Christie and still in Christie’s inner orbit .(Palatucci extricated himself from the company even as the sister of a woman murdered by an escaped inmate at one of his facilities  filed suit against CEC). There were serious questions about how the law firm all three worked for had set up Education and Health Centers of America as a “non-profit” allowed to contract with the NJ Department of Corrections and then pass the revenue on to CEC.

That same month last year the_promised_land wrote in Blue Jersey about a manuever by AG Chiesa that looked suspiciously political in the 2011 legal challenge to Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera’s election. His noted Chiesa may have been serving his political patron, Christie, in a way entirely inappropriate for the chief lawyer for the state’s interests – and not it’s governor’s political interests. He wrote Chiesa’s maneuvers looked like an effort to try to take out a Democratic Assemblywomen by manipulating legal arguments.

You’ll want to see the other side; what the Chris Christie administration wants you to know about Chiesa. So, below the fold, Christie’s release to press in its entirety.

Give Us 5

As we mourn Senator Frank Lautenberg, we can all demand that the Democrats in the United States Senate stand up for a cause Senator Frank supported – democracy and workers rights!

Right now, the United States Government is completely dysfunctional because the Republicans use the filibuster to stand in the way of appointments to the court, and to the Boards and Commissions that oversee Government.

In one of the worst abuses of them all, the Republicans will not approve any Obama appointment to the National Labor Relations Board.  Without a quorum, there is no NLRB.  The NLRB has all oversignt over union elections, unfair labor practices, and private sector labor rights.  Without a National Labor Relations Board – workers have NO LEGAL UNION RIGHTS.

The Democrats in the Senate MUST reform the rules that allow the minority Republicans to effectively shut down government.

Please sign here,  http://action.cwa-union.org/c/… to tell the Democratic Senate to give us 5 members of the NLRB and stop the Republican attack on democracy in America.  

Chris Christie Can Show True Bi-Partisan Chops with Senate Appointment

Gov. Christie has called a 1:30pm press conference with speculation heavy he’ll use it to name a successor to Lautenberg. Promoted by Rosi

Senator Frank Lautenberg’s passing gives New Jersey Governor Chris Christie an opportunity to burnish the “bipartisan” credibility he has so carefully built. Or he can show himself to be a partisan more interested in helping his party than respecting the people’s will.

Every analysis I’ve seen up ’til now has named Republicans Christie could appoint, but for 40 years the voters of New Jersey have repeatedly sent Democrats to the United States Senate.  That means roughly every voter 58 an under has been part of elections that sent only Democrats and no Republicans to the US Senate.

If there were occasional Republicans in there, then replacing an individual Senator named Lautenberg with a Republican named Kyrillos or Kean might make sense.  But there are none, and the will of the people is clearly to send Democrats to the Senate, regardless of the individual.  The electorate has clearly spoken in saying that they do not want Republicans representing them since Clifford Case won reelection in 1972.

Pretty Sure Nancy Ward Is Not A State Senator

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Former Union County Freeholder Nancy Ward is running in a primary against Senator Nick Scutari in the 22nd district, and this is the mailing piece that just hit in the district.  I’m pretty sure Ms. Ward is not a State Senator.
Nancy Ward is not a State Senator