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Look! There Goes Junior’s Raison d’être!

We haven’t seen Kean Jr’s first ad yet, but we know what to expect.  As a moderate Republican in a blue state that doesn’t like Bush much, the logic that Kean Jr. will likely come out with is this:

Yes, I know 60% of you don’t like George Bush.  I’m not a Bush Republican..he doesn’t speak for me.  But the Republicans are in power at the Federal level, and I can get you more as a Republican, as an inside guy, than if you keep electing people who will be on the outside.  I’m in the room.  Oh yeah, did I mention that my dad was…..

Update: 4th Quarter Senate Fundraising

I had originally listed the fundraising number for the entire year.

It’s not even close:

              4Q Raised      Cash-on-Hand
Bob Menendez  $362,000        $4,223,758
Tom Kean Jr    ????             $860,571

Kean raised $1,066,545 for all of 2005. Menenedez raised $3,774,309 in 2005 and has plans to raise much more:

Menendez spokesman Matt Miller said the campaign has “an aggressive plan” to raise $20 million, or roughly $2 million a month between now and the election.

Tom Kean Jr to be challenged from the right?

Tom Kean Jr is seen as the Republican frontrunner to challenge for Corzine’s Senate seat in 2006. A recent Zogby poll shows him beating both Congressmen Menendez and Andrews, although he would lose to Governor Codey. Now it looks like Kean might be challenged from the right.

Many New Jersey conservatives are angry that Forrester has betrayed them by tacking to the left on issues like abortion and gun control. In fact, Kean’s father – former governor Thomas H. Kean, was featured in an ad supporting Forrester and touting his support of a woman’s right to choose. These conservatives feel like they are being taken for granted by their party and might welcome a challenge from the right. From the subscription-only Hotline:

Politifax New Jersey reports: “There’s a strong rumor” that ’04 NJ-12 nominee Bill Spadea (R) will challenge state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. (R) “from the right.” Of course, Spadea “could just be setting himself up for a run” for Mercer Co. Exec. (10/26).