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Cory Booker ad: “True”

Familiar Booker themes of common ground, bi-partisanship and “it’s not about right or left” here. Though I guarantee some folks in Newark are going to take issue with his claim of supporting public schools …

As usual with Sen. Booker, a mix, delivered with such ease that it looks smooth, effortless and sincere. Decide for yourself. This is a 7-figure ad buy, across cable systems statewide. Unlike most campaign ads, it’s sourced; you can see that below the fold. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

On the jump page, backup to the script as provided by the campaign.

Right Wing Media Outlet Used by Communist Country to Smear Menendez

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Imagine if we saw this come across the wires:

The bombshell report in The American Prospect that Senator Ted Cruz had visited prostitutes while on vacation in central America turns out to have been planted by Cuban propagandists to discredit the Texan.  

A CIA report indicates that the liberal magazine was used by the communist regime to discredit the one-term Republican Senator during his reelection campaign.

Here are the Democratic Legislators’ Twitter Handles

Here’s a list of the Democratic NJ legislators on Twitter (on the jump page).

TwitterThere are a lot of reasons you might want to follow some of these folks. Follow your own reps. Follow people who are advocating (or working against) bills you care about. Follow committee chairs. Follow Wiz and Loretta, the co-chairs of the SCI investigating the GWB scandal. Follow Steve Sweeney. That guy wants to be your governor. And every Thursday, he answers a handful of questions people tweet him with hashtag #AskSenPres. Gun advocates and right-wingers have dominated those questions since he started that. You might have other things to engage him on. Some of these folks – Norcross, Watson Coleman, Greenstein, Chivukula – are running for Congress. That’s a reason to watch what they say.

Personally, I find it fun to speculate who’s maintaining their own Twitter feed and who might be passing that on to a staffer (tipoff might be more formal, distant language, staff-like language, but maybe not).

There’s a lot of variety in how robust these accounts are. You’ll see. Maybe if you tweet at some of these folks they’ll perk up and realize somebody’s reading them. I noticed some of these accounts need profiles, and some others could benefit with a website link.

Next up, soon as I can do it, will be the GOP legislators. Below – whose Twitter feeds do you think are the most interesting?

Here are the Democratic Legislators’ Twitter Handles

Steve Sweeney answers a few questions via Twitter every Thursday. Use hashtag #AskSenPres anytime during the week; he answers a handful of issues on Thursdays. Gun advocates and right wingers have dominated those questions since he started that; you might have other things to ask him.

Some of them are not kept very current, and some legislators really need to add profiles and website links to those profiles

Who doesn’t tweet, speculate whose social media staff is written & posted by staff (the tipoff might be more formal, distant language, but maybe not). You can follow your own legislators (yes, I’m working on a list of GOP legislators next). But you might also want to follow or tweet to somebody advocating (or working against) legislation you care about. And there are non-legislative reasons to follow some people. SSome of these folks are running for Congress – Don Norcross, Linda Greenstein, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Upendra Chivukula.

Menendez & Booker vote to extend unemployment benefits

Both our senators voted Yes this morning behind a Democratic initiative to extend unemployment benefits that have expired. The vote was 60-37. That gives a big win on a procedural voteto President Obama and the Democrats, to extend long-term unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans, including more than 200,000 military vets. Six Senate Republicans voted with the Democrats.

But once the bill clears the upper house, it goes to the House and to Speaker John Boehner. And he’s under pressure from tea partiers and the right-wing of his own party to kill it there. Or, amounting to the same thing, to require offsets to pay for it.

Senator Menendez is tweeting this to his more than 10,000 Twitter followers:

NJ’s senior senator also sent a link to the petition to supporters today. @Cory Booker has been using Twitter to talk particularly about unemployment among young adults in NJ today.

If you’re on Twitter, you can tweet your thanks to @SenatorMenendez or @Menendez4NJ and @CoryBooker. Hashtag #RenewUI.

Investigation of GWB lane closures may extend to U.S. Congress

Pulling this back up top for a while, since I posted it at nearly 3am and people might not have seen it. In addition to the new possibility that Congress may get involved, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation may enter this investigation. Below, video recap: Sen. Weinberg on @Maddow – Rosi

On Rachel Maddow tonight last night, Sen. Loretta Weinberg said she will ask the U.S. Congress – which passed the legislation that created the Port Authority itself – to investigate whether the sudden GWB lane closures were politically-motivated. Port Authority was already under the microscope of the federal General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress. In August the GAO submitted a report to the U.S. Senate with a  stinging criticism of PA’s 2011 process in jacking up tolls, recommending both better transparency and more oversight of its workings.

Ironically, that report was released to the public on September 13, the same day PA ED Patrick Foye learned of the lane closures and ordered the Christie appointees to reopen them immediately (see NJ.com’s timeline). Failures of transparency, and inadequate oversight. Add that it’s also a highly politicized agency. It isn’t hard to see how it might have been possible for political hacks answerable to a governor or his consiglieri might assume they could get away with ordering career professionals around, telling them they had to reverse years of safety procedure and eff up Fort Lee for the better part of a week. And keep their traps shut about it, or risk their jobs. Not hard to see how big-salaried dirty tricksters with more political loyalty than brains might have every reason to think they’d get away with it. Be insulated. Be rewarded. Run roughshod over the sober and responsible people who also work at the Authority.

Weinberg will introduce a resolution Thursday that asks Congress to investigate the Port Authority. My own thinking all along is that this should be in the province of investigations on any and every level that is productive – legislative, journalistic, and legal if warranted. And if there’s nothing politically rotten here that goes higher than it already has, and the only guys playing shenanigans with the 300,000 people who use that bridge every day are the disgraced David Wildstein and Bill Baroni, well then the governor should have no reason to oppose congressional inquiry.

Short ad. Then Maddow.

Joe Biden to swear in Cory Booker to the U.S. Senate – Noon on Halloween

Cory BookerWhat a month of firsts October has been for Cory Booker. Election to the U.S. Senate, his first federal office and a significant jump from Newark mayor. The loss of the first of his parents, just days before, a heartbreak. On Monday morning, seconds after midnight, presiding over the first marriage ceremony he ever performed, and the first in Newark of a same-sex couple.

And Senator-Elect Booker will close out his October of firsts on the very last day of the month, when he will be sworn in to the United States Senate by Joe Biden, one of the most popular politicians in his neighboring state of New Jersey, Vice President of the United States and President of the Senate.

The ceremony will be noon, on October 31 – Halloween – in the Senate Chambers of the U.S. Congress.

And from the moment of his swearing in, another first for all of us. New Jersey will become the only state represented in Congress’ upper house by two elected leaders from minority groups. A black senator, and a Latino senator will lead New Jersey’s congressional delegation, which beyond the senators and congressmen Albio Sires and Donald Payne, Jr. is all white.

And, so far, diversity in NJ’s congressional delegation does not extend to women. Maybe we can do something about that.  

Tables Turned?

Pelosi apparently has a surprisingly cohesive group of Ds in the House. Reid said uncharacteristically blunt things about the Republican offers and actually shot it down. Obama spoke with Boehner and afterward Boehner snuck out a back door.  McCain is begging – please dont humiliate his party.

Uh, being an Eagle fan I am afraid to jinx an developing win … but, have the tables turned?  Are the Ds finally ready to spike the ball?  

Maybe I have been watching too much House Of Cards, but lets tell Boehner that if he puts our clean bill on the floor, with all the Sequester OUT… our people will vote for him as speaker when the Tea Party tries to oust him.