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News Roundup and Open Thread

The state is suing a Hurricane Sandy relief organization:

“This organization told the state it does not pay its executives, but our investigators found a paper trail reflecting thousands of dollars being transferred into the individual defendants’ personal bank accounts,” Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa said in a prepared statement. “Meanwhile, less than one percent of the money raised, has allegedly been paid out to help the victims of Sandy.”


As you read here at Blue Jersey, 22 gun bills were passed by the Assembly. Senate President Sweeney says the Senate will consider gun bills by the end of April.

Money and Roads

Will Chris Christie allow Medicaid expansion? Even Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has folded now. We might find out on Tuesday.

Chris Christie may be flying high in the polls, but his budget isn’t doing well. The state $350 million short this year.

Meanwhile the roads are falling apart. Here’s the latest from Atlantic County.

Plans are on for a 295/76/42 interchange upgrade. It will take until 2021. There are also upcoming bridge replacements on Route 57 in Mansfield.


Bill Parscell visited Bergen Tech to highlight the Bring Jobs Home Act:

While these bright students are working hard holding up their end of the bargain, we need to do the same to make sure there are good jobs waiting for them upon completion of their studies


I’ve been writing round-ups for years and I’m getting tired of the unresolved Shieldalloy radioactive-slag-heap case.

The South Jersey Times points out Camden and Atlantic City made Forbes’ list of most miserable cities.

2013 Races

The WSJ looks at how former Obama aide Mark Alexander is challenging Nia Gill.

Republicans are trying to recruit Peter Inverso to run against Linda Greenstein.

The state higher education teachers union endorsed Barbara Buono for governor:

“Under the Christie administration New Jersey has the worst job creation numbers of any state in the country and has suffered big cuts to funding in education,” said Tim Haresign, a Stockton biology professor and President of the Council of New Jersey State College Locals (www.cnjscl.org), an American Federation of Teachers affiliate representing more than 9,000 faculty, adjunct faculty, librarians and professional staff at New Jersey’s nine state colleges and universities. “Senator Barbara Buono is dedicated to reversing these trends and fighting for a brighter future for the workers and students of the New Jersey.”

Happy Thanksgiving! Open Thread for November 22, 2012

We at Blue Jersey would like to wish everyone in the Garden State and across the U.S. a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving! We’re taking the day off from proper blogging in order to stir the gravy, watch football and spend time with friends and family.

How are you celebrating this year? Are you cooking, or just eating? Are you rooting for the Lions or the Cowboys (or the Jets)? Do you prefer the cranberry sauce that’s like jelly in the shape of a can, or the lumpy kind?

And most importantly – for what are you thankful?

Enjoy, and again – from all of us here at Blue Jersey, Happy Thanksgiving!

News Roundup and Open Thread

I’m celebrating Labor Day by posting the news roundup late. Tell us about anything you like in this open thread.

The Star-Ledger says everyone is talking about Cory Booker for Governor in 2013 at the DNC Convention. Sweeney is absent in the text but appears in the photograph.

Politico tells us Chris Christie is going to Iowa again. This time he is concerned about the state senate races there. Sure.

Despite good weather, it’s been a poor summer for shore businesses by all accounts.

Bob Braun looks at the constitutional amendment on judicial pensions.

The Times looks at Hoboken’s car sharing experiment.

The United Way says that more than a third of households struggle to make ends meet in New Jersey, much worse than the 10% poverty rate in official Federal statistics. Click through and read it.

One bright spot: It’s been a good year for trees.

Primary Predictions Open Thread

With the polls now closed, what are your predictions?

In NJ-10, will Ron C. Rice’s reputation as a hard-working, idea-filled, good government progressive with impressive endorsements be enough to counter the Essex machine’s desire to install His fellow Newark councilman Donald Payne, Jr.? Will a push from women help Nia Gill’s chances?

In NJ-9, will the shenanigans and ugly accusations in this campaign’s acrimonious member-a-member turf war between Pascrell and Rothman shift momentum? If so, which way?

In the newly-configured 16th Legislative District will teacher and progressive activist Marie Corfield prevail over the less-endorsed Sue Nemeth who is relying primarily on local loyalties in just her own hometown of the newly-combining, and Democrat-rich Princetons?

What other races are you watching?

Open Thread: Full Assembly Votes on NJ Marriage Equality

Well, this is it.

The vote count in the Assembly have never been as secure as the votes in the Senate. So, today we will see if there has been the same kind of movement in the legislature’s lower house as we saw last week in the upper house.

Two ways you can follow the discussion and vote:

  • Watch Live here.

    Note: You will need Windows Media Player, which you can download free at the bottom of the legislature’s media page. Session is scheduled to begin at noon. But frequently, they’re late. Refresh the media page often. When you see the ‘Pending’ notification go to ‘Listen’, you should be able to hear the proceedings.

  • Follow us on Twitter @bluejersey.

    The fight for civil rights has never been about granting them. It’s always been about recognizing rights. This fight is about fairness in marriage, about recognizing the rights of gay people’s families to be as supported by their communities, by their states and by the laws that govern us all.

    And, for me, it has always been about what we do for younger people. For most young adults of both parties, this is a settled question. They accept gay people marrying, they expect acceptance for their own lives and the lives of their friends. Part of life is love, part of love is hope. There are a lot of young eyes on today’s vote. They want to see what kind of New Jersey will belong to them.  

  • Open Thread – Marriage Equality Hearing in Senate Judiciary

    UPDATE: Hearing is now underway.

    UPDATE: At Bridgewater “Town Hall” Gov. Christie calls for public referendum on marriage.

    Marriage Equality hearing senate Judiciary 1/12

    This is the audience, those lucky enough – who got there early enough – to get seats for the Senate Judiciary hearing on S-1, the marriage equality bill sponsored by senators Loretta Weinberg and Ray Lesniak. The audience, some of whom will be testifying themselves, is in waiting mode – hearing is scheduled for 11am. Blue Jersey has been told by Senate President Steve Sweeney, who infamously abstained when marriage equality came up for a vote two years ago, that today he will lead off the testimony, in support of marriage equality. Sweeney joins Weinberg and Lesniak as a primary sponsor of S-1, along with Dick Codey and Nia Gill as co-sponsors.

    At 90 minutes before testimony was scheduled to begin, doors opened to a line that snaked out into the lobby. Within minutes, every seat in the hearing room was full.

    Two ways (or both) to follow:

  • Follow Blue Jersey on Twitter.

  • Listen LIVE here.

    Please note: You’ll need Windows Media Player, which takes a few moments to download. There’s a link for it on the Statehouse media page. Hearings often start late, so keep refreshing the page until it’s up.

    Loretta Weinberg tells press she hopes new NJ Supreme Court nominee Bruce Harris will gain the right to marry his partner

    Opponents of marriage equality gathered in the statehouse cafeteria hours in the early morning. Garden State Equality supporters are wearing deep blue Equality tee-shirts under their coats.

    What do you think will happen to this bill after today? Are the votes are there in the Senate? In the Assembly? Are there enough votes to overturn a Christie veto? And will movement on this issue be enough to fire up the Democratic base left disaffected after an awful 2011? This is an Open Thread.  

  • Open Thread: US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Mayor Cory Booker & Rep. Donald Payne in Newark

    US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is in Newark right now, at a “Town Hall” open only to teachers and other “education stakeholders”. He is joined there by Congressman Donald Payne, and Newark’s mayor, Cory Booker.

    Duncan will be discussing the federal TEACH Campaign to recruit teachers to “high-need” urban and rural school districts. But it’s likely other issues, like privatizing New Jersey schools and the role Acting NJ Ed Commissioner Chris Cerf has played in the direction Newark’s public schools may take.

    This is an Open Thread. Jump in anywhere.

    Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

    Note: I won’t be able to remove the ads from the ustream video streaming.  

    So Long, John Adler. A happy memory Open Thread.

    Today John Adler’s family, friends and community will come together to say “so long.’ (Details below the fold.) Congressman Adler’s untimely passing left many in shock and many many more in grief.

    So if you have an Adler-themed anecdote to share — and I know many of us do — why not do it here? A happy memory, a favorite quote, whatever.

    Consider it a “favorite Adler memory” Open-Thread.