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Thank You! – Statement from the Grewal Family of Hardwick, NJ

The following is a statement to supporters of the Grewal Family, who signed up at the Hardwick Township Unity Rally on November 15th, which was held in response to the cross burning incident on their lawn on November 6th.

The cross was wrapped in a bed sheet that their daughter had made to celebrate Barack Obama’s victory earlier that week.

Arianna, Alina and Gary would like to thank you for participating in the Hardwick ?Unity March,? physically or in spirit.   Thanks for caring!!!  The ?Yes we care chant? still rings in our ears.  Your support by being here goes a long way in restoring our faith and belief in our community and our wonderful country.

The rally was a powerful message, especially to Arianna, that we are not alone as she starts to live her normal life again.

The hundreds of people who were here sent a very strong signal that such bias and racist crimes are not accepted in the world we live in now.  We are all Americans and as Americans we are free to choose our beliefs, our values, our religion, where we live and whom we vote for.  No citizen has the right to dictate to others how they should live. If these cowards thought we were going to roll over and play dead they had another thing coming.  They WILL catch them and bring them to justice.

Again, thank you for your sincere support and have a wonderful holiday season!!

The Grewals

The link below is a moving video of the Hardwick Unity March put together beautifully by Robert Daniel II, LEPOCO Peace Center


“We are choosing hope over fear. We’re choosing unity over division, and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America” OBAMA Jan.2008


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Cross Burnt in Hardwick: Community Sings

Unity March in Hardwick, New Jersey

In defiance of a cowardly act of ignorance and intimidation a community comes together to march for peace and form a circle of hope.


On the evening of the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections, an eight-year-old girl created a banner which read “President Obama – Victory ’08!” With a little help from her parents the banner was hung in their front yard. The next night the banner was stolen. Later it was returned, wrapped around a cross and on fire. On Saturday November 15th, a march and rally, organized by a group of concerned citizens and supported by the Warren/Sussex County branch of the NAACP, took place.

Speakers included Elaine Koplow, Gary Grewal, Kevin Duffy, Talia Young, and Melvin Warren.

The song “Heal the World With Me” was written by Andy Rajeckas and sung by Gwynne Michaels.

Watch the Video Over the Jump

Tomorrow: Obama-Biden Rally

Barack Obama inspires me, just as I’m sure he inspires you.  And after 8 devastating years of the Bush Administration it’s hard to believe Election Day is only 5 days away.

As Co-Chair of Barack Obama’s statewide campaign, I want to invite you to an exciting rally this Saturday in Jersey City.  New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, New York Governor David Paterson and U.S Senator Bob Menendez will be attending, as well.

Tomorrow: Saturday, November 1st

1:30 PM

New Jersey City University

Student Center  

2039 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City

Barack Obama is the leader our nation needs at this important moment in time.  And by voting for Obama and the entire Democratic Team next Tuesday, you can help bring the change our nation needs.  You can help restore America to its rightful place as the respected moral leader of the free world.

As Mayor of Jersey City, I look forward to finally having a partner in the White House who understands our struggles and the needs of America’s cities. Particularly, I look forward to working with an administration that will help combat the plague of illegal guns on our streets and can get our economy back on track.  

But none of this will be possible if you don’t come go out and vote.  Let’s not squander this precious opportunity to bring the change our families and our cities so desperately need.

I hope to see you this Saturday at the Obama-Biden rally at New Jersey City University.  And please be sure to vote next Tuesday, November 4th.

June 21 – Rally for 4,000 Casino Workers, Buses Available from Bergen County Area

In 2007, more than 4,000 casino dealers and slot technicians at four Atlantic City casinos put there jobs on the line to form a union with the United Auto Workers, and were victorious in gaining a Voice At Work. One year later, these workers are still without a contract.

On June 21, please join the Bergen County Central Trades and Labor Council, AFL-CIO, New Jersey State AFL-CIO,  AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, and our union brothers and sisters from throughout the Northeast region of the U.S., as we march through Atlantic City to remind the casino owners that Atlantic City is, and will always be, a union city!  

The Bergen and Hudson County Central Labor Councils will be providing free transportation to the rally. We will be departing from the Meadowlands Sports Complex Parking Lot Y (Located Northwest of the Race Track) at 9:00 am.

McRally to welcome more of McSame

Following up on his unpatriotic stopover in Jersey City last month, John McSame as Bush is headed back to the Garden State for an encore performance – this time in South Jersey. And, once again, New Jersey will be there to welcome him this Friday, June 13th:

Place: Burlington County Community College

Student Lot 1 on College Dr

Pemberton, NJ 08068

Time: 9:00 AM

These things can be really hard to get to on a weekday. But, remember – it’s not nearly as hard as YouTube has been on him:

Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy & Bill Bradley in NJ on Monday for rally

Barack Obama will be in North Jersey on Monday for a major rally at the Izod Center in the Meadowlands (formerly known as the Continental Arena). Seating capacity is about 20,000.

The all star lineup for the event includes Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Bill Bradley, NJ Senate President Dick Codey and Robert DeNiro.

The rally begins at noon and is free and open to the public, but an RSVP is strongly recommended. Doors open at 10:00am, and if today’s 15,000 person turnout in Boise or 20,000 in Minneapolis is any indication, you may want to show up early. Admission is on a first come, first served basis.

And if you’re working or can’t make it to the rally, we’ll carry a live video stream right here on Blue Jersey.

As polls indicate, the campaign clearly thinks it has the momentum going into Super Tuesday, and they’re going into Clinton’s back yard to compete for votes.

Three Terms, Four Supporters. Pathetic.

UPDATE II: Apparently Ferguson is getting a little gun shy on his little tour of the district, and was too scared to show up at the Scotchwood Diner as scheduled today.  He was supposed to show up at the diner around the corner from Linda Stender’s office, but after we’ve been posting these pics of his pathetic rallies all day and the Stender people were there he sped right on by. 

UPDATE: Ferguson’s visit to Cranford was the same — few people other than the staffers.  And we’ve got the Cranford pics!

Last week in NJ7 there was a debate between incumbent Mike Ferguson (R) and Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D), and the crowd was manifestly pro-Stender by the end of the debate.  Ferguson’s people tried to play this off as Stender’s campaign “coaching” the crowd, but the fact was that it was an open room and Stender got her supporters out.  Mike didn’t, and we suggested at the time that it was because he didn’t have that many serious supporters to come out and back him.

Now we have more evidence.  Earlier today we got ahold of Ferguson’s weekend schedule for his “bus tour” and sent it out to our list and put it on Dump Mike, Daily Kos and Blue Jersey.  We asked folks to go out to these “rallies” and get us photographic evidence of the incredible support Ferguson enjoys in the district.

Blue 7th member Steve J. went to what was billed as a “Rally in Roselle Park” at 11 a.m. this morning and got some great pics.  They are after the jump, but essentially they show that all of four Ferguson supporters were waiting to greet his bus, and about a dozen staff from the campaign rolled off the bus.  The paid employees of the campaign far outnumbers the grassroots supporters for Ferguson.  Anyway, here are the pics, which you can click to see the larger images in all their glory.

Mike Ferguson's Fizzled Roselle Park Rally
Here is the crowd of four supporters waiting for Mike Ferguson’s bus to arrive.  Steve J. wrote, “I had a hard time hiding in the huge crowd.”