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Rally tonight 6:30pm to celebrate: Marriage equality is now the law of the land

Tonight, we party. There’s a victory rally, anticipated for days, tonight in Maplewood:

Victory Rally

When: TONIGHT 6:30pm

Where: Maplewood Town Hall Steps

574 Valley Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040.

Hosts: Garden State Equality & North Jersey Pride

RAIN LOCATION: Burgdorff Center, 10 Durand Rd, Maplewood

From GSE’s executive director Andy Bowen:

“There are hardly words to describe how excited we are. Marriage equality is a constitutional right. We’re honored that New Jersey was a leader in the marriage equality movement, and we’re simply elated to see the rest of the country join us in celebrating love and justice.”

CNN screenshot - Marriage Equality

CNN screenshot outside U.S. Supreme Court from this morning.


#DecisionDay Rally! (to follow the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark marriage decision)

Over the weekend, our niece and her beloved talked to us about their wedding plans. There’s a date, a dress, a place. But it’s all on hold. And that’s because they’re among young straight couples who vow not to marry until gay couples can, with that right respected in every state in the land.

Five years ago, as 7,000 equality advocates flooded the State House when the NJ Senate failed to pass marriage equality, I went around talking to people about why they were there. A woman I’ve known for years – straight, married and a mother – said the very best thing I heard that day: “I’m married, so I have a stake in the institution of marriage; it’s mine. And I believe that marriage will be better, stronger and more of what it should be when it includes all the couples in love.” Yeah, THAT.

Pretty easy to figure out why most gay people anxiously await the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision (which will come in June, and could blanket marriage equality across all states). But the fact is, it’s a key issue of justice and equality for so many people outside of the demographic whose rights it may immediately recognize. The haters come out in force of course, but the arc of winning favors our side. I was at the U.S. Supreme Court the day of the DOMA decision, and I’ve never seen such joy. I want to see that again.

Rally 6:30pm on the night of #DecisionDay

Garden State Equality & North Jersey Pride call for a rally 6:30pm of whatever night the U.S. Supreme Court announces their decision

Good weather location: Maplewood Town Hall front steps, 574 Valley St.

Bad weather location: Inside “The Woodland”, 60 Woodland Rd, Maplewood

Rally is on: WIN or lose. Check Facebook.