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Star Ledger Endorses Obama

The inspired choice:

After eight years of a flat-footed administration that booted just about every foreign and domestic issue, the nation needs a sure-footed president who can repair the considerable damage wreaked at home and abroad. America — and the world — are thirsting for someone who can be a true leader.

We firmly believe this is a moment in the nation’s history unlike any other, one that re quires a president who is not just competent but who can in spire. That is why we endorse Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for president. […]

To parse their policy differences is to smack into the mountain while stumbling over molehills. Democratic voters face a decision between a more known commodity, a careful pragmatist, and a less seasoned politician who has sounded a call to change unlike any heard in decades, one that has the ability to echo among young and old, black and white.

A Clinton presidency would not be a disaster. Far from it. But it would be a lot more of what we’ve had in the past.

An Obama presidency has the potential of restoring the world’s faith in America. Some say faith is the problem, that voting for Obama requires a leap of faith that he indeed can deliver. We believe a vote for Obama is an affirmation of one’s faith in an America that brings out the best in all of its people.

Other editorial board endorsements:

  • The Record: Obama

  • Trenton Times: Obama

  • Jersey Journal: Clinton
  • Edwards Picks up Endorsements

    The following Democrats endorsed John Edwards’ presidential campaign today:

      State Senator Joe Vitale – Deputy Majority Leader, District 19

      State Senator Stephen M. Sweeney – District 3

      State Senator Nick Scutari – District 22

      Assemblymember John McKeon – District 27

      Assemblymember Michael Panter – District 12

      Pat Gillespie – Old Bridge Council President

      Byron Arnao – Council Member, Glen Rock

      Bob Davison – Council Member, Caldwell

      Daniel J. Carluccio – former Ocean City Prosecutor, Ocean County activist

      Peter Eagler – former Assemblymember and Clifton Councilman

      A.J. Sabath – former Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development; currently State Senate President Codey’s Chief of Staff

      Tim Carden – former Cabinet Secretary to the Governor and Commissioner of Human Services

      Amy Rosen – Chief Operating Officer, New Visions for Public Schools

      Michael Beson – former Chief of Staff to Congressman Pallone, Jr; Ocean Twp Board of Education member; former Mayor of Neptune; Chair of Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign in New Jersey

      Gene Mulroy – Principal at Mulroy, LiCausi & Gibbs, LLC; original member of New Jersey Kerry for President Campaign and long-time democratic strategist

      Rick Wright – former Chief of Staff to Governor James Florio Deputy State Treasurer; New Jersey Assistant Secretary of Energy under President Carter; National Finance Chair for Bradley for President 

      Chris Placitella – Cohen, Placitella & Roth; Past President, New Jersey Trial Lawyers

      Blair MacInnes – Founding trustee and Honorary Chair of NJ SEEDS, former trustee, Drew University, political activist

      Ed Farmer – former Chief of Staff to Congressman Pascrell

      Nathan Rudy – former Councilman of North Plainfield; Blue 7th PAC; Somerset County Activist

      Jeff Gardner – Democracy for America Organizer; LGBT leader and political activist

    Courier News Endorses Stender

    The Courier News today endorsed Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D) in New Jersey’s 7th District over incumbent Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-NJ7).  If it seemed that the NY Times endorsement of Stender was harsh – calling Ferguson a “back bencher” – then the Courier release can be called nothing but brutal.

    Ferguson is called a whole collection of disparaging terms including “ultra-conservative on certain social issues,” “a Bush administration apologist on .. the Iraq war,” “not the representative we need,” “shameless,” and “extremist.”  His campaign is “grossly oversimplified” and “uses questionable data.”

    Stender meanwhile “has an impressive background … far more impressive than Ferguson’s” when he ran in 2000.  Her support for withdrawal from Iraq within 12 months is “an improvement over Ferguson’s stay-the-course parroting of Bush.”

    Here’s the final endorsement from a long editorial:

    But control of Congress is on the line. Years of ineptitude and failure in Iraq policy have cost thousands of lives (both U.S. and Iraqi), hurt the U.S. in the eyes of the world and further destabilized the Mideast. Even the rights of U.S. citizens are less secure.

    The need to send representatives to Washington to help counteract the mistakes and abuses of the Bush Administration sways our final recommendation.

    Linda Stender’s long history of public service qualifies her for the job, and she wins our endorsement in the 7th Congressional District.

    Linda now has endorsements from the NY Times, the Star Ledger and the Courier News.  The only daily paper left that covers the district is the Home News Tribune from New Brunswick.  She also has the endorsements of weeklies The Hunterdon County Democrat, The Princeton Packet, The Bernardsville News, The Echoes-Sentinel, and the Hunterdon Review.

    Ferguson has no newspaper endorsements.