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New Round of Steve Rothman Endorsements

In the one-upsmanship of key player endorsements in the tense primary contest between Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman, a new round of supporters came today from Rothman, followed by a new list from the Pascrell camp. We’ll post the newest Pascrell list later this afternoon.

A few days ago the decision by key Latino leaders in Paterson to stay neutral in the Pascrell v. Rothman primary was seen as a setback for Pascrell. Paterson, where Pascrell was born, won his first election (Student Council President) and served as mayor, now has a large, active Latino population. It’s been the district’s home base. Leaders like City Council members Julio Tavarez and Rigo Rodriguez, Board of Education VP Alex Mendez and Commissioners Wendy Guzman and Pedro Rodriguez cited both incumbent Dems support of the DREAM Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform, healthcare for all, and protecting New Jersey from terrorism, policies common to both men and appreciated by those Paterson leaders.

Steve Rothman today responded to this with a fairly well-timed list of endorsements to add to his list, not from Passaic where some key Latinos electeds are still neutral, but from Bergen and Hudson counties.

Rothman’s newest endorsements, after the fold.

Endorsements for Bill Pascrell: Firefighters & Police

In the increasingly tense post-redistricting primary contest between Rep. Bill Pascrell and Rep. Steve Rothman, Pascrell has rolled out another series of endorsements, this time of first responder and public safety organizations:

•  N.J. State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, Anthony Wieners, President

•  Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey, Dominick

Marino, President

•  N.J. Firefighters’ Mutual Benevolent Association, William J.

Lavin, President

•  N.J. State Fraternal Order of Police, Edward R. Brannigan, President

•  Port Authority Police Benevolent Association, Paul Nunziato, President

•  International Association of Firefighters, Harold Schaitberger, President

•  Paterson Local Firefighters’ Mutual Benevolent Association,

Carlos Pagan, President

•  Clifton Local Firefighters’ Mutual Benevolent Association,

Robert DeLuca, President

We don’t generally post press releases in the form they come to us. But the balance of this release was pull-out quotes from the leadership of the organizations. I thought some of you might want to read those quotes. Below the fold, the quotes.

Bill Pascrell Releases Endorsement List

UPDATE: After this was posted I heard from Philip Swibinski of Team Rothman saying his candidate’s endorse list has grown since we published it , and that Team Pascrell’s claim of Bergen Freeholder David L. Ganz’ endorsement is not correct.

Congressman Bill Pascrell today released a list of Democrats endorsing him in the primary in the reconfigured 9th congressional district, which will pit two incumbent Democrats, Pascrell and Steve Rothman, against each other.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Endorsement List is after the fold.

It’s a long list, longer than Steve Rothman’s endorsement list, which was released almost immediately after he announced formally that he’s challenging Pascrell.

Jim Florio is on this list. And if current members of the NJ congressional delegation are staying officially neutral, former congressman Herb Klein is not. Klein’s home base, like Pascrell’s, is Passaic. He was elected to Congress from the 8th congressional district in 1992, and spent 4 years (1977-81) as Executive Director of the Passaic County Democratic Committee.

Pascrell’s list – which includes Passaic Chair (and strong Pascrell advocate) John Currie and his vice-chair Barbara Tanis, 7 legislators (including Sheila Oliver), Passaic Sheriff Richard Berdnik, 9 Freeholders (from Passaic, Bergen & Hudson), and 3 mayors (including Haledon’s Dominick Stampone, who posts here). Municipal leaders for Pascrell – there are 7 – include Hawthorne’s Jeff Gardner. The man he replaced as Hawthorne’s Democratic municipal chair, outgoing Senator John Girgenti, is one of the legislators listed

Pascrell’s list also dips into Council members, which Rothman’s did not – 28 are listed. Another category not represented on the list Rothman released Dec. 28 is Board of Education members; Pascrell lists 11 Dems among them supporting him.

A group of Latino elected leaders from Paterson declined to endorse either Democrat, citing the “respect and admiration” held for both men. That would have to be a disappointment to Pascrell; the city has a large Latino population. Paterson is the 9th’s base; Pascrell was born there, once served on the city’s Board of Education and the Board of Trustees of Passaic County Community College (main campus is in Paterson). He was mayor of Paterson for 7 years.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Endorsement List is after the fold.

NJEA To Christiecrats: B’Bye!

Hear that? It’s the other shoe dropping:

The 125-member political action committee of the 200,000 member New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) today voted to endorse 68 candidates for election to the New Jersey Legislature this November.

The NJEA PAC Operating Committee (NJEA PAC) endorsed 48 Assembly candidates and 20 Senate candidates in 28 of the state’s 40 Legislative Districts. They include two Republicans and 66 Democrats.

“We are excited to support these candidates,” NJEA President Barbara Keshishian said. “The incumbents we endorsed are proven supporters of public education and working families. The challengers show a real determination to return this state to its progressive, pro-education roots.”

Keshishian acknowledged that NJEA is endorsing fewer candidates this year, and that some previously-endorsed legislators are not on this year’s list.

“While the screening committees took many issues into account in making their decisions, as a result of the recent pension and benefit legislation, our members will be facing significant financial consequences,” said Keshishian. “NJEA members make these endorsement decisions and they have made it clear that they will not endorse legislators who have impaired their right to collectively bargain and who have imposed thousands of dollars of additional costs on public employees.

Our members refuse to give precious resources and their own time to campaign for legislators who hurt them and their families,” Keshishian said. “But make no mistake, fewer endorsements do not mean NJEA will be less involved in the upcoming elections. If anything, we will be more committed and will work harder to support pro-public education candidates who have shown they care about public school employees, our families, and the students we educate.”

What? You didn’t think they’d really endorse Sweeney and Oliver and all the other Christiecrats after the passage of the pen/ben bill, did you?

Christie’s Maneuvering

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Chris Christie's endorsement this week of Mike Castle in Delaware's Republican senatorial primary says a lot about the governor's carefully-navigated foray into national prominence.

Castle, perhaps representing the epitome of nonideological, pragmatist Repubilcan politics, is facing a lively primary challenge from the Tea Party-backed Christine O'Donnell. Though her campaign has been undisciplined and she comes off as rather dishonest, it's not hard to grok why even sane conservatives might prefer O'Donnell over Castle. From supporting cap-and-trade and TARP, to opposing the surge in Iraq, Castle could have done little more to enrage party purists over the course of his 18-year tenure in the House. 

To give you an idea of the unkind sentiments Castle has evoked recently from conservatives, here's what RedState's Erick Erickson said this week: “I would rather be slowly run over by a road roller while listening to Janeane Garofalo dialogue from The Truth About Cats and Dogs than see Mike Castle in the Senate.”

In an election year that is looking increasingly like a rare opportunity for Republicans to purge moderates from their ranks — and nevertheless retake the House and Senate — conservative activists have been handed a prime opportunity to send Castle home packing while still turning Delaware red.

Endorsement Recap in the race for Governor

Here’s a recap of some of the Newspaper endorsements in the race for Governor:

Jon Corzine

  • Trenton Times

  • Philadelphia Inquirer

  • The Record of Bergen County

  • The NY Times

    Chris Christie

  • Asbury Park Press

  • Atlantic City Press

  • Courier Post

  • Courier News

  • The Home News Tribune

    Chris Daggett

  • Star Ledger

  • Vineland Daily Journal

  • Recorder Newspapers

    We’re still waiting on endorsements from at least the Daily Record, Jersey Journal, Gloucester County Times, the Express-times and the Trentonian. The NY papers of the Post, Daily News and WSJ may still weigh in as well. I linked to all the endorsements so you can see why they say they made the selection. Let us know if other newspapers in your area have endorsed one of the candidates.

    Did any endorsements surprise you? And another question, do endorsements even matter?

  • Does Bloomberg want to play in NJ’s Gubernatorial sandbox?

    From Politico:

    Even as he’s running in his own re-election contest, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being urged by members of both parties to get involved in the New Jersey governor’s race, according to a source in position to know.

    Supporters of both Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, and Chris Christie, a Republican, have reached out to Bloomberg in hopes of picking up his endorsement and some of his money.  

    A Bloomberg adviser said the two-term mayor — who is close to a sure bet to be elected to a third term next month — has not ruled anything in or out.

    But it’s not the major party candidates that would receive the biggest boost from the Republican-turned-independent — it’s Chris Daggett, the independent candidate in New Jersey who is now polling in the low double-digits and who has helped turn the campaign into a dead heat.

    Asked if it was possible for Bloomberg to come out for Daggett, the mayor’s adviser repeated: “Nothing ruled in or out.”

    I wonder how a Bloomberg endorsement would factor in the race. For Daggett it could potentially be a bigger deal than Christie or Corzine. There has been no love loss between Corzine and Bloomberg dating back to the congestion pricing plan a few years ago. Corzine supporter Cory Booker and Christie backer Rudy Giuliani were both with Mayor Bloomberg today, so I wonder if the endorsement issue came up? It’ll be interesting to see what he does, if anything and what it means to the race.

    Inky endorses Corzine

    Saying he was still the best choice to lead New Jersey, the Philadelphia Inquirer today endorsed the re-election campaign of Governor Corzine:

    the Democrat’s record shows a capacity to go against the state’s traditional politics and improve its government. Given that record and the weak alternatives, The Inquirer endorses JON CORZINE.

    They took a good look at some accomplishments of the Governor over the last four years:

    Corzine has taken some of the sternest steps in memory to push school and municipal consolidation, while capping property levies. But he has managed only to significantly slow the growth of property taxes, not reduce them.

    The governor has also pushed for the nation’s strongest campaign-finance laws. But he has been stymied by an unrepentant Legislature and tarnished by his own generous underwriting of party bosses.

    And they had this to say about some successes that were less than hoped for, but more than has been done:

    Some of Corzine’s imperfect victories are nevertheless remarkable for a New Jersey governor – and hard to imagine under the state’s usual government by insiders.

    The dual-officeholding ban he championed, for instance, is often criticized for excepting current offenders, but it will put an end to a backward practice that was thoroughly entrenched. The governor hasn’t fully realized his school funding formula, but it replaces an unsustainable system of heavily subsidizing a few poor school districts – and undoes bad policies long protected by his fellow liberals.

    They said the other candidates haven’t made the case for being a better replacement to the Governor and coupled with his accomplishments, Corzine should lead the state for four more years. We’ll see which way other papers go in the coming days.

    The Proof is in Perth Amboy

    I wondered aloud last week whether the much-heralded newspaper and political endorsements being thrown about by the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate really mattered. And, I posited that if there was one place that might provide the answer, it was in Perth Amboy, where Rob Andrews had scored a series of what looked to be valuable endorsements.

    Andrews not only had the endorsement of the much-read Star Ledger, but also of Perth Amboy’s State Senator Joe Vitale, one of its Assemblyman John Wisniewski, Middlesex County’s other powerful State Senators Bob Smith and Barbara Buono, and most importantly, incoming Mayor-elect Wilda Diaz, who was hot off her 61%-39% thumping of current Mayor (and Assemblyman) Joe Vas.

    Lautenberg’s biggest local endorsement was Vas. But, he did have a different sort of advantage – the official Middlesex County line.

    So, did all those endorsements for Andrews matter? Well, it looks like they might have.

    Middlesex County results:

    Lautenberg – 62% (17,087)

    Andrews – 29% (7,902)

    Cresitello – 9% (2,567)

    Perth Amboy results:

    Lautenberg – 52% (672)

    Andrews – 39% (503)

    Cresitello – 8% (106)

    Sure, Lautenberg won, handily. But, take away the endorsements, and there is no obvious reason why Andrews would do a full 10 percentage points better in Perth Amboy than he did in the rest of Middlesex County. And considering that Middlesex County was already more fertile ground for Andrews than any of its neighbors, that’s pretty significant.  

    So, while it’s fairly plain that no factor has a greater impact on election outcomes than having the official party line, as Perth Amboy shows – the right endorsements, when they come in bunches, just may matter after all.

    Who Says the County Dems Endorsed?

    I’ve been sitting on an email I received this weekend because I haven’t known quite what to make of it. The email gleefully announces what appears to be good news for the Dennis Shulman for Congress campaign:

    The Shulman campaign is proud to announce that it has received the endorsement of the Passaic County Democratic Organization.

    “The endorsement of the Passaic County Democrats is another sign that people across Northern New Jersey are responding to our message of change,” said Shulman.

    There’s only one problem. There was no vote.

    I know, because I’m a Passaic County Committeeman, and I attended the most recent of our extremely rare County Committee meetings on Thursday, March 27th, where neither of the 5th congressional candidates were in attendance, no one from either campaign appeared to speak, and no endorsement vote took place.

    Apart from a call to say “aye” to all in favor of the new Freeholder candidate that the “screening committee” (aka “the Executive Committee”) had chosen for us, there were no other endorsement discussions – not in the U.S. Senate race, and not in any of the four Congressional races – at least two of them contested – with a piece of Passaic County in them. So, there was no occasion for “people across Northern New Jersey” to respond to anyone’s message of change.

    Now, with the Senate race the talk of the state – especially the respective “county support” that Lautenberg and Andrews are relying on, and what it means – it seems like a really great time for us to understand what constitutes “county support.”

    In Passaic County, county support means a decision made away from the eyes of the County Committee by an Executive Committee made up of Municipal Leaders (with weighted voting), the County Chair (who gets extra votes), and rumor has it, the Pascrell family (no one seems to know why). That sounds like democracy, right?

    This diary is not intended to attack the Shulman campaign’s nabbing the so-called “endorsement of the Passaic County Democratic Organization.” The campaign went after, and apparently won, the only “endorsement” available to it. I only mean to question the meaning of a term that’s getting thrown around a lot right now – county support.

    What does it mean to have earned “county support” where you live?