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5 Reasons I urge you to back Roy Cho – Now.

#CHOmentum Online Flash Fundraiser for Roy Cho

If you’re looking for a place to throw some GOTV jingle, I recommend you get behind Roy Cho’s surging campaign. Today’s Team Cho’s 24-hour “flash fundraiser” – Fund the #CHOmentum.

Here are my reasons why I urge you to back Cho:

(1) Do it for Hurricane Sandy victims: It’s the 2-year anniversary. Garrett is dishonest, promoting himself as helpful to victims. In reality, he’s the only member of the NJ delegation who refused to sign a letter urging House leaders to act, and he was silent when his party’s Speaker Boehner delayed a vote. (He was against Katrina funding, too.) Star-Ledger calls him out – bigtime.

(2) Garrett’s destructive: He distrusts and undermines the very federal government he wants you to re-elect him to. That’s nuts.

(3) Newspaper endorsements, a near clean-sweep: The Record endorses, citing Cho’s “fresh look at government.”. Ditto Star-Ledger, Express-Times & Jewish Standard.

(4) Rain Hell down on the Tea Party: Rep. Scott Garrett is NJ’s worst in Congress, a Tea Party guy from before that was a thing. Boom.

(5) Send a message to the DCCC: Respect grassroots work. Not for nothing, but Team Cho got to within striking distance on their own. Even when House Majority PAC pulled funds out of Aimee Belgard’s race (DCCC’s only designated NJ Red-to-Blue race), did it go to Cho, whose climb merits support? Nope. It went to Norcross, whose race is pre-ordained by his brother’s power. F*@k that shite.

Give to Cho if you can. Today. He deserves it. And we deserve another fighter in the NJ delegation. GO.

ICYMI: Audio of CD5’s only ‘debate’ & 3 huge endorsements for Roy Cho

We had all three of these in the Weekend News Roundup. But it was a gorgeous day outside, so maybe you didn’t see it. And this is a BFD. So here are 3 huge news organization endorsements for Roy Cho. And below the fold, audio of the only event Rep. Scott Garrett would agree to have with the now-surging Democrat Roy Cho. Star-Ledger excoriated Scott Garrett. The Record, go-to daily in CD5’s most populous county cites Cho’s “fresh look at government.” And The Jewish Standard, which hardly ever endorses anyone, says Garrett’s dismissal of an important invitation to meet voters “should have ramifications” on Election Day.

No matter how you feel about Scott Garrett, this is undeniable: After serving 12 monotonous years in Congress, he isn’t what you call a Tough Read.

Essentially, the Republican from New Jersey’s Fifth District was an ideologue from the rattletrap Far Right long before the Tea Party was ever conceived; he is a retrograde culture warrior who wants to eliminate a woman’s right to choose and not enforce anti-gay hate crimes; and he is a pint-sized government monomaniac who regards all cuts not merely as cost savings but as shimmering moral triumphs.

Star-Ledger: Roy Cho for Congress in the fifth district

Cho is a political novice. He does not have Garrett’s decades of government experience. What Cho does have is a fresh look at government. He speaks of the need for inclusive debate.

     – The Record: Cho in the 5th District

He did not take questions from the Jewish Community Relations Council, nor from the hundreds of people who went to Temple Israel in Ridgefield for the forum. He did not show up. Our report on the forum on page 8 accordingly is very one-sided. That’s not our choice. That’s Congressman Garrett’s.

Given the chance to come to address the Jewish community, Scott Garrett declined. Those of us who live in the 5th District will remember that on election day. We hope you do too.

– The Jewish Standard: Voting for the candidate who shows up

CD12: Bonnie Watson Coleman reports Q1 fundraising

In the CD12 Democratic primary, Bonnie Watson Coleman is the first to trumpet her fundraising totals for the Q1 period that covers Jan. 1 to March 14, 2014. She reports raising more than $120,000 in 37 days:

  • Nearly 1,000 contributions;

  • 85% of contribs at less than $100; 90% at $250 or less & 94% at $500 or less;

  • Contribs from all 4 counties in CD12; Middlesex, Somerset, Union and Mercer.

    The low-dollar contributions may be key. That’s the way Rush Holt won the CD12 Democratic primary in 1998, in a very different landscape against Carl Mayer, who put hundreds of thousands of his own money in. Holt was able to demonstrate not only a viable campaign but one that was supported by a greater number of people. He went on to win the seat that year, and will retire after 8 terms in the House. It’s a one-two punch this week for the Watson Coleman campaign, which earlier reported promising internal poll numbers that showed a surge in her name-recognition since the campaign began, and a statistical dead-heat with Senator Linda Greenstein. Greenstein, who was the first to jump into the race following Rush Holt’s surprise retirement announcement, this week picked up a couple noticeable endorsements; Mercer-Burlington Building Trades Council, whose president is Greenstein’s district-colleague Asm Wayne DeAngelo will seek Greenstein’s seat if she wins the seat, and CWA Local 1036.

    CD12 is New Jersey’s best shot to send a woman to Congress, in a field that also includes Asm Upendra Chivukula, who I believe would be the first Indian-American ever in NJ’s congressional delegation. I don’t have figures yet for Greenstein and Chivukula; the filing deadline is April 15. This race, with just 60 days to go till the primary, still feels fluid.

    The Watson Coleman campaign also listed her recent endorsements, so I’ll post those below the fold.

  • Two Endorsements – Christie for Lonegan, Obama for Booker – Are they the same?

    Barack Obama  & Cory Booker

    Just a day after Steve Lonegan picks up what unquestionably will be his biggest-name endorser (until/unless one of the Koch brothers come out of hiding) – the undoubtably squeamish Chris Christie –  Cory Booker is making news with an endorsement of his own: the Leader of the Free World.

    It’s really no shock that either Christie or Obama would publicly back their parties’ nominee. But there is a big difference in the quality of those endorsements.

    Now that Christie has done his due diligence, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see him pal around with (or even comment much) on Lonegan’s come-from-the-far-right-nobody-serious-wanted-it candidacy. He’s already gone from NJ almost 25% of the time auditioning for 2016 GOP money people. And when he’s here (but especially when he’s there), he’s having a hard enough time navigating the knife edge between the crazy the big money expects of him (cancel NJ out of RGGI, clamp down on women’s health care funding, wobble the wrong direction on climate) and you know, actually governing in the job he was elected to in New Jersey (with the occasional bones thrown toward this socially progressive, distinctly un-Tea Party populace. He doesn’t want to get any Steve Lonegan cooties on himself. To say nothing of the fact that Christie’s favorables are riding high on federal Sandy disaster cash (and his Obama bromance) and Lonegan thinks struggling Sandy families are grubby beggars. Or something.

    And then there’s Barack Obama. Obama actually likes Booker, which you can’t say about Christie and Lonegan. Booker’s relationship with the White House is both personal, through Obama himself and advisors Valerie Jarrett (and the DNC’s Executive Director, who advised him throughout the primary, despite his running against two seated U.S. congressmen) and ideologically. Booker even echoes Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to get himself and Newarkers fit.

    And imperfect as he is, a meaningful endorsement from this president for the man who will be the only African-American in the NJ congressional delegation? NJ’s first African-American senator? Way better Christopher James Christie on his best day.

    Cory Booker for Senate.  

    Senate Primary Nearing The Finish Line

    With four veteran Democratic leaders and nine days until the primary on Tuesday August 13 there has been no recent poll, no drastic change in the candidate’s spending, no obvious sign of an insurgent break-away candidate, and less than expected independent expenditures. Although the current picture points in one direction, voter turn out and progressive ardor can make a difference.

    Many Blue Jersey readers will likely vote for the more progressive Rep. Rush Holt or Rep. Frank Pallone. The fact that these two candidates are so similar on the issues has precluded unions and outside interests from intervening, has divided the progressive vote and has left Mayor Cory Booker with a stronger hand. Perhaps seeing the handwriting on the wall neither Holt nor Pallone have invested the huge sums necessary to break away from the pack. Nor have they frequently strayed far from their congressional districts. In a shortened election cycle this primary season has given them prominence but little time. A loss in the primary should not hurt their re-election to the House next year.

    In the polls Cory Booker started with a 46 point advantage and in the most recent Monmouth poll (ending July 11) he had a 37 point advantage.

    As indicated below the fold Cory Booker continues as the big spender with Rep. Frank Pallone and Rep Rush Holt considerably behind. The cash on hand for the two congressmen in their Senate campaign accounts includes the large transfer of funds from their House Campaign account. Because Booker solicited donations for the current and next year’s races the monies in Cory Booker’s account may not all be usable in the current cycle. Steve Lonegan’s cash on hand includes a $100,827 loan to himself, so he has raised very little. Nonetheless he remains prohibitively the likely winner in the Republican primary, and may yet receive independent expenditure funds for the election. Neither Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver nor Alieta Eck. M. D., have made a dent in the polls or in fundraising.

    Below the fold are the most recent financial campaign data through July 24, independent expenditures, a partial list of endorsements and key deadlines.

    LD-16: Sheila Oliver endorses Marie Corfield

    With the NJ primary just 15 days away, Marie Corfield just picked up another critical endorsement in her run for Assembly in LD-16, a seat she nearly won in November. Speaker Sheila Oliver says Corfield is the “best choice” to join the Assembly ranks, over Princeton-based Sue Nemeth. The importance of this election, and the opportunities for Dems with Corfield’s election are emphasized by Speaker Oliver:

    “Marie Corfield will give Democrats the best chance for a veto proof majority. On issues like middle-class tax relief, education funding, and job creation, Marie Corfield will be a voice for New Jersey’s families.”

    As a person actively working to help fuel this campaign (as volunteer), Oliver’s endorsement means a great deal to me. Oliver understands the opportunities for victory in the newly redistricted 16th and she chose the best and strongest candidate, one who has shown evidence she can overturn longtime Republican rule here.  

    LD-16 spans over portions of Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon and Mercer counties. In November, in her first run for the seat, Corfield finished less than 3% behind the GOP’s Jack Ciattarelli, and just over 3% behind longtime GOP incumbent Pete Biondi, who died 48 hours after election. Both Corfield’s 2011 running mates, Joe Camarota and Maureen Vella, support her in this race.

    Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg has also endorsed Corfield, who won the Democratic Party conventions in all of the counties – Somerset, Middlesex, Hunterdon – except Nemeth’s home county of Mercer, where the Princetons are the only towns in the District.

    By profession, Marie Corfield is an art teacher at Robert Hunter Elementary School in Flemington. The primary election is June 5.  

    Pascrell Endorsement Adds: Labor & Former Party Leader

    The one-upsmanship of endorsement press releases continues, a list of Latino leaders supporting Steve Rothman we posted in the diary below this, and now Labor and infrasructural Democratic endorsements for Bill Pascrell.

    At a certain point, you have to wonder whether these endorsement lists are canceling each other out, or even confusing rank & file voters. But to be honest, some of the sturm und drang between proponents of these two Democratic congressmen thrown together by redistricting is playing out at Blue Jersey. So, I trust the Blue Jersey readers will tell us whether this is helpful in their decision or just so much noise.

    Endorsing Bill Pascrell:

  • Michael J. “Jerry” Breslin, Jr., the former Chairman of the Bergen County Democratic Organization & former Treasurer of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee: I have known Bill Pascrell very well for a number of years.  He has always been a great team player. If the roles were reversed, I know that he would not back down from taking on a right wing Republican like Scott Garrett.  I am proud to endorse the re-election of Congressman Pascrell.
  • Mark Roche, president of the Passaic County Building Trades: We’re just beginning to see signs that things are getting better in our economy. That makes it critical for union members and Democrats to stand together.  Bill Pascrell has always understood that. He’s a good Democrat that’s fighting for us.
  • John T. Niccollai, president of United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 464A: Congressman Pascrell is a fighter for labor. He has always stuck by us and we’re ready to stick by him. The best bet for our members is to unite behind Congressman Pascrell because he has always fought for fairness in the workplace and the interests of the middle class. Any time we have ever called him with any kind of a problem he has been there for us immediately.

    Below the fold, a list of labor organizations supporting Pascrell, some or all of which were previously released.