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Koch Conspirators

There’s an old Middle Eastern saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I don’t buy into this philosophy, but it does provide a starting point for evaluating that enemy of my enemy.

Today, the Koch Brothers’ organization, Americans for Prosperity, released a 2014 scorecard of New Jersey legislators. AFP has a simplistic philosophy – government and taxes are bad. However, the real world is more nuanced than that, but it’s interesting to see how AFP rated some of our New Jersey legislators.

Does Bonnie Watson Coleman in CD12 Help CD7 and CD3?

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Aimee Belgard has a shot at turning a red seat blue in CD3, though it is likely an outside shot. Janice Kovach has a much smaller chance at CD7 given the district’s demographics, a late start and the seeming radio silence since jumping in.

But Bonnie Watson Coleman appears to be consolidating support for herself in CD12 in an effort to replace Rush Holt, and the district looks to be a fairly solid Democratic one assuming no major missteps.

That gives us three Democratic women running for Congress, and at least two opportunities for electoral success.

Given a chance to take an all-male delegation of 12 New Jersey Representatives and make it 25% female, what are the odds that national money and support will flow to the Garden State?  It would be a huge shift, and a great chance to show that Democrats really do support women and to contrast it to the GOP’s spotty record.

So what do you think?  Does Watson Coleman’s surge mean good things for our delegation, and possibly a shift of two GOP seats into the Democratic caucus?

Buono Campaign Concerned that Irregularities in Yesterday’s Election will Impact the one in Nov.

In a conference call this morning, Buono campaign chair Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman revealed that some absentee ballots for the November election would not be counted. She said her assertion is based on an advisory issued by the Attorney General’s office.

Apparently, some voters included their November absentee ballot in the return envelopes that were specifically for the October election. According to Watson-Coleman, those ballots will not be counted. She mentioned the possibility of a court action to get this decision reversed.

Women’s Equality Day Highlights

As I reported yesterday, a group of elected officials, activists, and ordinary citizens converged on Trenton to heighten awareness of the plight of minimum wage workers and urge passage of a state-wide referendum in November to raise that wage from $7.25 to $8.25. There were about 25 speakers over the course of the hour and a quarter news conference. Here’s the highlight reel, with comments from most of the speakers, edited for time.

Questions for the Acting Education Commissioner

Yesterday, I posted the opening remarks delivered by Acting Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf at the Assembly Budget Committee.

Following his remarks, there were several hours of questions and answers. The videos posted here are in two parts – the morning session below, and the afternoon session below the fold.

I don’t expect anyone except the most fervent edunerds (thanks for the term, Rosi) to watch the whole thing, but below the fold is an index of the initial appearance of your favorite assemblycritters.

The discussion falls into three categories:

  • Political posturing

  • Kowtowing to special interests

  • Dealing with local constituent issues

There was no real discussion on the merits (or otherwise) of charter schools, funding religious schools, or the education-industrial complex. To be fair, this was a budget hearing, not a hearing of the Education Committee. But things like sending taxpayer dollars to unaccountable for-profit entities and religious institutions do have an impact on the budget, especially when the outcomes are so nebulous.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Legislation Kills People


Well, at least that’s what Governor Christie wants you to think.

Here is PolitickerNJ’s coverage of the topic today.

Gov. Chris Christie took aim at Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, (D-15), Wednesday over a bill the assemblywoman sponsored two years ago that allowed for the early prison release of certain convicted criminals.

On March 5, Rondell Jones allegedly murdered Newark resident Eric Thomas in Jersey City, just six weeks after Jones was released under the program. Jones was paroled from Garden State Youth Correctional Facility on Jan. 24, just a year after his conviction on Jan. 22  for the unlawful possession of a handgun and conspiracy for drug dealing, according to the state Department of Corrections website.

Christie put the blame for Thomas’ death squarely at the feet of Watson Coleman, saying Thomas’ death was on her conscience.

Asw. Watson-Coleman sponsored (and Gov. Corzine signed) legislation that allowed certain prisoners to be released from prison under certain circumstances.  Because a person that was released early under this program murdered someone upon their release, somehow Governor Christie thinks it is logical and appropriate to lay 100 percent of the blame on Asw. Watson-Coleman.

Here is vakerr’s diary entry written on July 13, 2010 about the legislation.

Follow me below the fold to read some of my outrage.

New Jersey’s First Lieutenant Governor: A Democratic Short List

Governor Jon Corzine is set to undertake the historic task of selecting an individual to run as the Democratic candidate to become the first Lieutenant Governor in New Jersey history.  

On Monday, we looked at the potential Republican picks for Lieutenant Governor.  Today, below the fold is a diverse list of ten possible Democratic contenders.  It is subjective and, more than anything, written to solicit the opinions of Blue Jersey readers on the strengths and weaknesses of each potential pick.  

Please click the headline, read on, comment away.

Corzine should line up his Lieutenant Governor now

Like many people, I think the recent Senate Primary said a lot about next year’s race for Governor, but for entirely different reasons. While the conventional wisdom was that Rob Andrews was taking a test-run at a real statewide campaign next year, the tone and substance of the campaign belied that as a motive (and I think the outcome of the campaign pretty much eliminates that as a possibililty). Turns out, Andrews was running for Senate because he wanted to be in the Senate – just like he said.

But, what was happening on the sidelines spoke volumes, and Governor Corzine would be wise to have listened. When powerful figures from around the state came out for Andrews – from Joe Ferriero’s aborted effort to back Andrews in Bergen, to the array of powerful state senators and other influential leaders in democratic-vote-rich Middlesex, Union and Essex counties – they were also saying, “we’re not afraid of a primary, and we’re ready to take sides.”

So, when speculation inevitably turns to choosing New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor next year, I think the good Governor would do well to identify his potential running mate early, and possibly ward off a primary, rather than wait until after next year’s primary to name someone.

And the person he should pick is…

Marriage equality whip count

Where does your delegation stand?

Bernard Kenny (D-33) (Majority Leader) (Star Ledger 10/27/06)
Loretta Weinberg (D-37) (Star Ledger 10/27/06)
Barbara Buono (D-18) (Asbury Park Press 10/27/06)
Reed Gusciora (D-15) * (Garden State Equality PR 10/25/06)
Brian Stack (D-33) * (Garden State Equality PR 10/25/06)
Wilfred Caraballo (D-29) * (Speaker Pro Tem) ( ”  ” )
Mims Hackett (D-27) * (Blue Jersey 10/26/06)
Jerry Green (D-22) (Blue Jersey 10/26/06)
Joe Roberts (D-05) (Assembly Speaker) (Trenton Times 10/27/06)

* indicates the legislator will sponsor the Caraballo/Gusciora/Stack marriage equality legislation

The rest below the fold.