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Press of Atlantic City is put up for sale

First its online content went behind a paywall – the first NJ newspaper to implement a digital paywall – in late 2011. And now the parent company of Press of Atlantic City, fourth-largest daily newspaper in New Jersey, has just  put the paper up for sale.

Among the papers Press of Atlantic City has had to compete with for South Jersey readership are Philadelphia Inquirer (owned by a group led by South Jersey powerbroker George Norcross), the Asbury Park Press,Courier-Post and the Vineland Daily Journal.

This may represent great change in the work lives of many good journalists and other employees. And it’s impossible not to grieve as yet another daily newspaper is in jeopardy.

In June, 2012, Press of Atlantic City put out a release with audit bureau figures showing the paper’s circulation was the only one of 16 dailies in New Jersey to show positive circulation growth over the two reporting periods covering October 2011 to March 2012, and more than 4 million page views of its on line editions, with half a million unique visitors.

The paper, which lists a daily circulation of just 70,000 (85,000 for Sunday edition) has published since 1895 under several names and owners. Current owner is a Pittsburgh-based holding company, ABARTA, Inc.. In an announcement posted on line at its site, the company’s president & CEO John F. Bitaer III said, “ABARTA’s investment priorities have always emphasized growth.” Family members have owned the paper for 60 years, Bitzer said, with four generations working in the business over that time. The company also has holdings in beverages, frozen food, energy, and technology. ABARTA owns The Press Media Group.  

LD2 GOP Candidates at odds over Campaign Strategy

With less than a month until election day, is trouble brewing within the Republican ranks in one of NJ’s most closely watched races?

Apparently Vince Polistina’s nasty campaign style is too much for even his running mates to handle. So they ditiched him according to the Press of AC they ditiched him:

Republican Assemblyman John Amodeo said that…he and his Assembly running mate, Chris Brown, separated their campaign from that of their state Senate running mate, Assemblyman Vince Polistina, because of a disagreement over the negative tone.

Seeing Red

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Acting New Jersey Governor Kim Guadagno’s executive order establishing a bi-partisan commission to reduce red tape is a feel-good exercise in futility.  While the commission will certainly meet the GOP’s goal of eliminating some of those pesky regulations which help consumers and the non-wealthy, it will be ineffective in making a significant dent in the burgeoning state budget.

The nine-member commission, to be headed by no other than the same Kim Guadagno, will review “administrative rules and regulations, which the administration says can have an impact on job creation, investment and economic growth” according to the Press of Atlantic City.  That would be a great approach if we were living in the 1950s.  

Over the past half-century, better techniques for elimination of bureaucratic waste have been proven more effective and efficient.  

Why won’t it work? more below the fold

Covering New Jersey Politics

Matt Stoller quoted Josh Zeitz on the Philly Inquirer:

the Philadelphia Inquirer never covered my race once. Never interviewed me. Never sent a candidate questionnaire. Never responded to any of dozens of press releases. Purports to oppose the Bush tax cuts, the war, the bankrupcy bill, homophobia, and the Christian Right. But endorsed Chris Smith. This is the state of journalism today. They endorsed someone without even interviewing by paper or in person his opponent.”

Having our news dominated by Philadelphia and New York media organizations that don’t care about us is one of the many structural problems of New Jersey politics.  Reading the quote above reminded me, though, that I’ve been meaning to thank the Press of Atlantic City for actually covering the NJ2 Congressional Race year.  Besides commissioning a poll of the 2nd district race, here’s a selection of articles in which the Press (mainly the reporter Daniel Wash) actually covers the candidates regularly:

Kurkowski claims LoBiondo broke ‘Contract with America’ (Oct 11)

LoBiondo votes against revised bailout bill (Oct 4)

Kurkowski says LoBiondo failed to oversee Coast Guard project (Oct 3)

LoBiondo’s surprise: He’ll debate (Sept 20)

Kurkowski challenges LoBiondo’s long record (Sept 20)

Kurkowski challenges LoBiondo’s effectiveness (Sept 11)

Now in my local paper, there is usually only a couple of articles covering the incumbent and the challengers. Here we see regular press coverage, which is essential to an informed citizenry.  

When Reporting Isn’t Reporting

Press of Atlantic City reporter Richard Degener wrote an article titled “They say I do in Cape May, but the license fee goes to Trenton” today that grabbed my attention. The issue is that marriage licenses (and soon civil union licenses) cost $28, of which $25 goes to the state. Towns such as Cape May, with the “largest beach wedding business” in the state say the $3 that remains isn’t enough to cover the expenses.

This issue has been around for a while but it’s been revived now apparently because civil unions will soon go into effect. There doesn’t appear to be any indication in the article that this is specifically about civil unions, except for this one peculiar line (emphasis mine):

As of Monday, when civil unions are set to be allowed, those taxpayers will be subsidizing same-sex unions whether they like it or not.

Considering this isn’t a quote or a sentiment attributed to anyone, it seems like a pretty aggressive statement by the reporter. It may not have been intentional, but this is the only instance in the article where the “blame” is placed on same-sex unions instead of on the licensing fee distribution. I emailed Degener this morning to ask for clarification, but I haven’t heard back yet.

Cape May mayor Jerry Inderwies today confirmed he will perform civil unions if asked to do so.

Call-to-Action: Kean Jr. Newspaper Endorsements

The good news this morning is that Menendez has a 6% lead in the senate race over Kean Jr., according to a Research 2000 Poll.  The bad news this morning is that three New Jersey newspapers, The Courier Post, The Press of Atlantic City, and Asbury Park Press, have all endorsed the unqualified Republican over Menendez.

We need to work the media, both traditional (e.g., print) and nontraditional (e.g., internets, blogs), to ensure that Menendez defeats Kean Jr. in 9 days.  If you live in any of the areas served by these three newspapers, please take a moment to write a letter to the editor and let them know your displeasure with their endorsements, emphasizing the positives of the Menendez campaign. I’ve already written the Courier Post, who, despite serving a heavily-Democratic readership, have once again supported a Republican for state or nation-wide office.

1). Asbury Park Press:

Letters to the Editor: yourviews@app.com

2). Courier Post:

Letters to the Editor: (scroll down on same page; fill in form)

3). Press of Atlantic City:

Letters to the Editor:
“We will not accept letters without your name, full address, daytime and evening phone numbers. Please remember: letters are subject to editing. The shorter the letter, the more likely it will be published. For full details of The Press letters policy, call (609) 272-7279. You can send your letter to:
The Press Editorial Page
11 Devins Lane
Pleasantville, NJ 08232
For more information, call (609) 272-7266 or 272-7267