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News Roundup and Open Thread for Saturday, August 22, 2015

Labor Data through July 31

NJ Unemployment: 5.9% (NY: 5.4%, PA: 5.4% DE: 4.7%).

NJ Employment: While employment increased in 34 states, it decreased in NJ by 13,600.

Roll Call says about Republican Rep. Scott Garrett: NJ Democratic strategists believe he is uniquely vulnerable … We’re moving the race out of Safe Republican to Favored Republican.

A&P tells over 5,000 workers: They may face Thanksgiving layoffs.

Dangerous drones over NJ airports: In August alone there were two incidents near Teterboro airport, one with a drone flying about 15 feet above a plane near Newark Airport, and another in Sewell in which the plane reported turning to avoid a black drone.

In Camden in the summer only about 1,500 children receive free or reduced-cost school lunch. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12th Dist.) says, “We are confronted with a lot of reauthorization needs here, but none are as important as feeding our kids.”

A London-based betting parlor lists the odds of Trump becoming the Republican standardbearer as 7 to 2. Gov. Chris Christie, who slipped out of the top 10 in the latest opinion polls, had the 11th lowest odds at 25 to 1.

Three citizen groups sued Chris Christie and Chris Christie for President, Inc.: alleging that the Christie campaign has inappropriately forced New Jersey taxpayers to cover the cost of the Governor’s security and other key expenses while pursuing the presidency.

Deal or no deal? So far in the NJ House delegation regarding Iran, six Republicans are opposed, as are Democrats Donald Norcross, who visited with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for two hours, and Albio Sires. In the Senate Robert Menendez is opposed and Cory Booker, who recently held a conference call with the JCRC and Jewish Federation of Southern NJ, is in the wind.

The missing link in new US AIDS strategy: It lacks one crucial element: “the criminal justice system’s role in fueling HIV and AIDS.”

Ever wonder about those planes flying over the beach? Read on.

News Roundup and Open Thread for Monday, August 17, 2015

A tunnel powwow: The Record’s Mike Kelly reports, “Gov. Christie, Sen. Booker, and U. S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx will meet in Newark tomorrow to discuss how to fix the growing problems with the rail tunnel under the Hudson River.” Don’t expect a lot, but it’s a beginning.    

Julian Bond, civil rights leader and campaigner against the Vietnam war, passed away Saturday. In 2010 he came to Trenton to speak on behalf of marriage equality, saying, “My gay brothers and sisters came South and marched alongside me in the struggle for my civil rights. I came North today to support the struggle for their civil rights.”

Two snakes in the Pinelands: The decision of Christie appointee Pinelands Commission Executive Director Nancy Wittenberg that the Pinelands Commissioners no longer need to approve the gas pipeline, only the state Board of Public Utilities, sparks outrage and a potential legal battle. (See below the fold what Jeff Tittel has to say.)

Out on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, the presidential race can feel rather personal. The town’s been intimately dependent on both Donald Trump and Gov. Christie, not to mention Trump’s cabinet choice, Carl Icahn, owner of Tropicana.

Seaside Heights Casino Pier gets OK to rebuild, and will move the iconic Sky Ride 160 feet away.

Christie sinks to 11th. With the second national post-Fox debate poll, Christie and John Kasich are at 3.8% in Real Clear Politics average of the four most recent polls. Like the Fox show, the CNN Sept. 16, debate  will be divided into two parts. One grouping will feature the top 10 candidates according to public polling.

Christie is Toast

How ironic is it that NJ’s bonafide “angry man” who “tells it like it is” has been swept under the rug in the current battle for the presidency? As the Washington Post notes, “The surging candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are fueled by people’s anger with the status quo and desire for authenticity in political leaders.” Christie might seem ideal for that audience, but apparently his loud, angry, “in your face” persona is no longer accepted, nor is he viewed as authentic.

Trump, who calls politicians “stupid” and “losers,” will soon enough have more people applying the same adjectives to him. Bernie Sanders is genuinely authentic, resolute and consistent in his credo, and bases his anger on actual issues that matter to people.

Christie’s anger is directed at individuals who challenge him and appears as bullying and mean-spirited. Christie loses authenticity because his positions on issues change so frequently, he incorrectly states facts, and his past actions belie what he currently says.

Maybe four years ago Christie would have been a strong candidate. Today the past has caught with him. He will not succeed in his current quest and his active return to the governorship of New Jersey will not go well with a disenchanted electorate.  

News Roundup and Open Thread for Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Eyewitness news: Heading toward but not into the Lincoln Tunnel this morning, there were 100’s of busses stalled trying to get into the single bus lane leading toward the tunnel. On the way back 2 miles from the GW Bridge a sign indicated 34 minutes to cross the bridge. Yes, rain was a problem, but our system can’t handle rain or much of anything out of the ordinary.

Amtrak exec to Legislative Oversight Committee: Train delays in the tunnel may become more common. A new tunnel is needed like yesterday and might have been completed by 2018 had Christie not reneged on ARC. In the interim, there is no viable plan if one of the two tubes in the tunnel has to be taken out of service, Amtrak’s VP told the legislators – a virtual doomsday scenario.

After Labor Day: about a third of commuters rushing to the Port Authority Bus Terminal after work will have to get used to racing toward different bus gates. An improvement or just more chaos and unpleasantness?

CHRISTIEOLOGY – a weird science

Christie finds time to act on some of the 116 bills awaiting his action. Yesterday he vetoed S3107 which would have appropriated $300,000 for prepayment of a portion of FY 2016 employer contributions to the State Pension Plan, and S3100 which would have required the state to pay its pension contributions on quarterly basis. The latter bill would have not allowed Christie to hold all pension payments until the last moment and then claim he lacked sufficient funds. Both bills would have provided earlier payment which would help increase investment earnings of the plan. He also vetoed a transgender and a gun bill. In total he vetoed 13 bills. He signed 27 bills including ones to help those impacted by drug abuse and addiction. See a listing of each bill here.

Christie can tell a Boy Scout at a Town Hall about his security detail, but “Christie’s safety would be jeopardized if the state released a breakdown of more than $1 million in expenses his security guards have billed to state taxpayers,” Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled yesterday. She reached her decision after reviewing evidence presented in private by the head of Christie’s Executive Protection Unit. It’s hard to contest a decision reached in secrecy.

Lumping with Trump: Here’s how the DNC is dogging Chris Christie today

Rule #1 of the GOP clown car – though individual candidates flail about in early primary states, trying mightily to distinguish themselves from each other (and failing) – is this: As long as they stay a clown car, when one of them says something moronic, the sticky gets all over all of them.

Donald Trump’s bombast seems pitched to generate the most scorn and ridicule beyond his own limited audience among the angry, aging, caucasian right. He’s a buffoon, and the rest of them wish he’d STFU. (He doesn’t care). Lucky NJ gets blamed for both the worst, Trump the Buffoon and Christie the Bombastic. Embarrassing.

So back to the sticky. We come to Trump’s latest offense, that Mexico is actively sending us criminals:  

DNC screen shot Donald Trump & immigration

Bullshittery, clearly. But are his opponents far off? Nope. And the Dems are happy to take the opportunity to connect the dots, since the GOP makes that so easy. Ted Cruz? Nope. Marco Rubio? Nope. Scott Walker? Nope. Chris Christie?

Trump flounders, seniors worry

Donald Trump’s economy is not basically strong and it’s been a bad week in New Jersey for him.  First, the Jersey City Council voted down a plan to rename a street Trump Plaza for a project that has already been scaled back to half the original plan by the economy.  Now there are more difficulties at the opposite end of the state for Trump:

In another sign of Atlantic City’s casino slump, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. said Friday it will delay making a $53.1 million bond interest payment as it looks to conserve cash.

The company plans to use a 30-day grace period for making the payment, which is due Monday. It will now have extra  time to negotiate with lenders on ways to restructure its finances.

967-casinorevenuefund.standalone.prod_affiliate.101And what happens if they don’t reach an agreement on re-structuring:

The bond interest payment is part of nearly $1.25 billion of Trump debt.

If the company fails to make the interest payment within the grace period, holders of 25 percent of the outstanding principal of the bond will be able to accelerate the maturity of the notes. Further, the lenders for a $490 million Trump loan would be able to accelerate payment of the debt, the statement said.

Trump’s non-payment follows that of Resorts earlier this month who is also attempting to re-negotiate. Unfortunately however, the casinos struggling will have ripple effects in many areas as funding from the Casino Revenue Fund for programs and services will also take a hit:

Moneys in the Casino Revenue Fund shall be appropriated exclusively for reductions in property taxes, rentals, telephone, gas, electric, and municipal utilities charges of eligible senior citizens and disabled residents of the State, and for additional or expanded health services or benefits or transportation services or benefits to eligible senior citizens and disabled residents, as shall be provided by law.

The Casino revenue fund, which helps in all of these areas, totaled $413 billion in funding for 2008. People were already trying to get more of the casino revenue pie before this latest news. In 2007 alone, the Casino revenue fund generated $400 million for the PAAD program alone. The economy is reshaping the landscape of just about everything and not even Donal Trump or the casinos are immune. Unfortunately, they could be taking many other innocent people with them on the bumpy ride

Sorry Donald, no street for you

I guess a few buildings doesn’t qualify you for a street anymore in Jersey City:

The City Council last night voted down an ordinance to change the name of Morgan Street between Washington Boulevard and Greene Street to Trump Plaza.

They were going to rename the street for the two towers that were going up, but plans have changed as the economy headed south:

Since condos went on sale at the first 55-story, 444-unit Trump Plaza tower in late 2006, 375 sales contracts have been signed and 207 of those sales have closed, according to Trump spokesman George Cahn.

He said construction of the second tower has been delayed indefinitely because of the credit crunch.

So for those of you looking forward to riding down Trump Plaza, you’re gonna have to wait on that, indefinitely.

You Don’t Mess With Vera

I love Vera Coking like she was my grandma.

I say that even though I’ve never even been formally introduced, and the closest I’ve come to speaking with her was a brief, shouted exchange through a thick pane of bulletproof plastic at her old boarding house on South Columbia Place, directly across from the port cochere of the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

It was the early 1990s, and The Donald and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority were trying to use eminent domain to swipe the property out from under her and turn it into a parking lot for stretch limos. I wanted to talk to her about the court fight, and she told me — very faintly, ’cause that plastic slab was thick enough to stop a Howitzer shell – to call her lawyer in Haddonfield.

News Roundup, Friday, October 27, 2006

  • The sounds of rifles felling black bears might not be heard this fall if Governor Corzine has his way.  The Governor is expected to not sign a law that regulates hunting and fishing in New Jersey and, by so doing, deny hunters their six days of bear season.  Hunting organizations have sued in the past to keep the hunts alive and will probably sue again if the Governor doesn’t sign the law.  Oh good.  More work for the lawyers.
  • Half of the state’s forty Senators told the Star-Ledger they would not support a bill granting full marriage equality to gay couples.  Doing so would make the state the second state in the country to do so.  There’s nothing funny I can say about that.  It’s a shame that the state has so many Senators who oppose equality for all of our residents and who don’t understand the concept of equal rights.
  • The housing market has cooled off significantly over the boom of the past few years.  The price of new homes had its biggest decline in thirty-five years last month.  For those of you whose property taxes depend on tax assessments, that could be good news.  The price of existing homes fell significantly as well.
  • The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia voted on Thursday to authorize a strike against Philadelphia’s two largest newspapers, which could begin next week.  The papers and the unions have not been able to reach an agreement on a new contract.  You folks in Philly can always come here for the news roundup.
  • Everyone please remember to get up at 2 A.M. on Sunday and turn your clocks back one hour.  And it doesn’t count if you turn them back and then go to bed before 2 A.M.
  • Long Branch, New Jersey is seeking to prevent a Virginia law firm from representing homeowners in an eminent domain case.  The firm, the Institute for Justice, is extremely experienced in eminent domain cases.
  • In another eminent domain matter, Vera Coking of Atlantic City beat Donald Trump in the eminent domain lawsuit in the 1990s.  Now Trump and Steve Wynn are negotiating with Coking, who seems to be show up frequently in would-be casino developers’ nightmares, for the same property to build a new casino.  Her’s is the last property they need to acquire, but the negotiations have stalled.  Trump and Wynn are said to be offering around $250,000 dollars for Coking’s home of 46 years, which seems awfully stingy when you consider they plan to spend around $3 billion to build the casino.