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I’m a teacher, not a priest.

Pulling this up top again for the evening. GOP Sen. Joe Kyrillos’ criticism that course material in Advance Placement U.S. History lacks the kind of unthinking, surface-patriotic American exceptionalism that conservatives feel most comfortable with (my description) gets a solid answer here from Helios, who actually teaches AP U.S. History. – Rosi

NJ State Senator Joe Kyrillos has introduced SR 128 – a non-binding resolution that urges the College Board to revise its framework for the Advanced Placement United States History course. Kyrillos criticizes the framework, claiming that

“…there is an inordinate emphasis on political correctness and so-called balance…”


“the AP test doesn’t properly portray our history, the beginnings of our country, its values and its unique role in the world, past and present.”

As an educator for over 25 years  (an AP US History teacher for 8 of them), I am concerned that Kyrillos’ actions and those of his ilk represent an attack on critical thinking and true learning for our nation’s young people. What has become clear to me is that the people attacking the AP curriculum do not really understand it, but even more troubling, they don’t understand what teaching is and what happens in an effective history classroom.

Christie: Donating To A Candidate A “Business Decision”

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State Senator Joe Kyrillos has been a friend to Chris Christie for a long time, well before Christie was anyone. Kyrillos was at Christie’s swearing in as a Morris County Freeholder. Kyrillos was the Republican State Chair when Christie was told by the incoming Bush administration that he wouldn’t be given a job.

Kyrillos was also the GOP State Chair who accepted about $100,000 from Christie’s brother Todd, Christie’s wife and Christie.  And Kyrillos was the GOP State Chair when Christie was surprisingly appointed the US Attorney for the state of New Jersey.  It was a surprise because Christie had spent exactly zero seconds as a prosecutor in his life before getting the gig.

And Christie backed Kyrillos in his campaign against Bob Menendez for US Senate, raising money and pushing his old friend for the big promotion.

But, now, Kyrillos has turned on his old buddy and maxed out to Jeb Bush’s nascent Presidential campaign and giving nothing to Christie.

QOTD: There are more insider Republicans that are waiting to defect…

Is New Jersey for Jeb instead of Chris? We learned recently that longtime Christie BFF and ally Joe Kyrillos is on Team Bush. Now Politicker has a story up today about a fundraiser being planned and organized by Republicans for Jeb Bush this coming June and check out this quote from the story:

“These are more insider Republicans that are waiting to defect to Jeb,” the source said. “At a potential kickoff fundraiser for Bush in June, you will see many familiar New Jersey faces stepping up to the plate and coming out to support him.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall for Team Christie these days as his past allies move on from him to make new friends.  

What’s Happening Today Wed. 08/21/2013

Gov. Christie vs. Sen. Barbara Buono: Today’s Monmouth University gubernatorial poll has Christie: 56%, Buono: 36%, Other Candidates: 3% and Undecided: 6%. – a 20 point spread. Monmouth’s earlier poll had a 30 point spread – Christie: 61%; Buono: 31%. The race is tightening. Pollster Patrick Murray says, “The trend suggests that New Jersey Democrats are coming back home.”

U. S. Senate Races: Following yesterday’s Monmouth poll on our Senate race, it appears there is an eerie similarity between this year’s and last year’s race. In the 2012 contest between U. S. Sen. Robert Menendez and State Sen. Joe Kyrillos the Real Clear Politics average of polls a month before the election had Menendez with a spread advantage of +19.5. The final results were 58.9% for Menendez and 39.4% for Kyrillos – also a 19.5 spread advantage. The Real Clear Politics average of polls for the current race between Newark Mayor Cory Booker and former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan has Booker with a similar spread advantage of 19.4 (Booker 52.7% and Lonegan 33.3%). Booker’s advantage is also apparent because in the primary contest in spite of there being four veteran Democratic candidates, Booker received over twice the votes of Lonegan (Booker 206,984; Lonegan: 99,289.)

Organizing for Action: 11am, rally in support of gun violence prevention with Rep. Frank Pallone (D-CD 6) at his office 67/69 Church St., New Brunswick.  

Public Schedule:

Governor Chris Christie: 11am, news conference, H.B. Wilson Elementary School, 2250 South 8th Street, Camden.

Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono, 10:00am, Press Conference, Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County, 1201 Monroe Ave., Asbury Park; Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono: 3:30pm, Radio Interview, WOBM 1160 AM & 1310 AM. 

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-CD 9): 1:00pm, to announce federal legislation he introduced to prevent gun violence, St. Luke Baptist Church, 139 Carroll St., Paterson.

U.S. Senate Candidate Cory Booker: 7:30pm, participates in the 23rd Annual Stu Bykofsky Candidate Comedy Night, Finnegan’s Wake, Philadelphia.

U.S. Senator Jeff Chiesa: 10:30am, endorses Republican U.S. Senate nominee Steve Lonegan, Ocean County Courthouse, Toms River.

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QOTD: Star Ledger on AshBritt and “Politicization”

Star Ledger gets all snarky on Senator Joe Kyrillos and the Republicans who can’t stand people questioning our King, Chris Christie.

Here’s what Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) said after Friday’s hearing by the joint oversight committee: “There are some who, in their relentless campaign to criticize the governor, will even politicize a natural disaster. That is perhaps the most important lesson from today’s political theater, and it is disgraceful.”

Really? Pardon our skepticism, but this is a $150 million no-bid contract with giant political fingerprints all over it. And this is New Jersey. By what strange calculus is that not worth a hearing or two?

Christie blames Kyrillos loss on Sandy and Obama

For the party of personal responsiblity, nothing ever seems to be their fault. Chris Christie has pinpointed the problem for Joe Kyrillos and (hint!) it’s not his fault he didn’t win:

Christie also said state Sen. Joseph Kyrillos, who unsuccessfully challenges U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, was a tough loss. “I feel awfully for Joe and I think talk about a guy who got a whole series of really unlucky events that happened to him that drew attention away from his race,” Christie said, referring to superstorm Sandy.

Sure, because everyone was paying close attention to Kyrillos before that hurricane hit. But Christie wasn’t done with the excuse making:

“And it’s a tough state in a presidential year. New Jersey is one of the few states where Barack Obama did better in ’12 than he did in ’08, it’s tough to run uphill against that kind of race.”

You see, it’s Sandy and Barack, not Joe’s stand on women’s health and his resistance to having millionaires pay their fair share. And of course, none of it is Christie’s fault because he cared more about traveling around the country raising his own profile than helping his friend here in NJ. Not like it would have helped, but it’s fun to watch the excuse making commence.

Political Notes (10/28/2012): WHAZZUP?

As we rapidly approach elections, SuperPac’s keep spending money in support or opposition of NJ candidates. There has been only one new local House poll this past week, and we have seen only small and not statistically significant changes in the presidential election race, with Obama continuing ahead of Romney in NJ.

We may lack the most closely contested, hottest local races in the country, but SuperPAC’s are still spending money for and against NJ candidates. Just in the last two months alone, according to Federal Election Commission data, SuperPACs have reported independent expenditures of over $2 million for Garden State office seekers. (These monies are spent directly by the SuperPacs and are separate from what individuals, corporations, party headquarters and others donate directly to candidates.) Below is the rundown as of yesterday’s data:  

  •   $833,000 in support of incumbent Senator Robert Menendez – The largest amount was from Majority PAC which calls itself “aggressive Democratic strategists with one mission: “Protect the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.” The group provides monies in support of Democrats and in opposition to Republican candidates like Mourdock and Akin who share crackpot ideas about rape, abortion and women’s heath. The average of the four most recent polls, according to Real Clear Politics indicates, Menendez is ahead by 18.5% points.

  •   $468,000 In in support of Republican Shmuley Boteach (CD 9) – entirely from Patriot Prosperity funded by Big Spender and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. This amount does not include another $500,000 that Adelson said he would contribute to Boteach’s campaign against Bill Pascrell in this solid Democratic district. Adelson’s money won’t win the race, but every dollar spent in NJ helps our economy, and turnout remains important.  

  •   $410,000 in support of Republican candidate for Senate Joe Kyrillos, also entirely from Patriot Prosperity. Kyrillos as mentioned above is 18.5 points behind Senator Menendez in the polls. Kyrillos this week launched his first negative TV ad, while Menendez remains positive.

  •   $342,000 in opposition to Democrat Shelley Adler challenger in CD 3 entirely paid for by Congressional Leadership Fund, referred to by some as House Speaker John Boehner’s Super PAC.

  •   $73,000 in support of incumbent Republican Jon Runyan (CD 3) from such groups as the NRA, National Right to Life and the Lunchpail Republicans. The only available poll is from Stockton, and statistically significant, with Runyan ahead of Adler by 10 points, but with 12% of voters undecided. Turnout and undecideds are critical.

    The one new recent poll from Stockton, statistically significant, in CD 2 has nine-term incumbent Republican Frank LoBiondo ahead 54% to 34% for underfunded Democrat challenger Cassandra Shober – leaving 12% in the Undecided or Other columns.

    For additional national and local information go beyond the fold.

  • Joe Kyrillos’ Alternate Universe

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    I know it is tough to distance one’s self from Governor Christie and Mitt Romney’s disastrous record when it comes to the economy and unemployment if you have served as the Chairman of Christie’s Gubernatorial campaign and as New Jersey Chairman of Mitt Romney’s failed 2008 presidential campaign as Joe Kyrillos did.

    It is also difficult to differentiate between your policies and Christie’s when you vote for those failing policies and have been part of the New Jersey legislature as Joe Kyrillos has – especially when New Jersey is lagging far behind the rest of the region and country in terms of unemployment and economic measures.  

    And….it is difficult to gain traction in a Senate campaign that has been flailing and tied to those failed Christie/Romney policies that are dragging New Jersey down, but as a candidate, Joe Kyrillos can’t run on this failed record and expect to win.  So instead, we go to the wayback machine and do what Republicans do best – cut a very misleading ad with doctored video and quotes blaming someone else, even though the accusation makes no sense, has no connection to the failed policies that Kyrillos supports today, and, surprise surprise, is twisted and taken out of context:

    In fact, Menendez’s three second quote came at the end of a lengthy response in which Menendez said he’s voted for middle-class tax cuts, tax credits to pay for college tuition, and spearheaded an effort to keep two million New Jersey residents from being subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax. The Kyrillos ad skips past those quotes.

    Not so ironically, this is the third time that Kyrillos has put out YouTube ads that heavily edit quotes from Menendez, and while I was going to embed the video ad that Kyrillos is running, it is so outlandish in terms of the heavy edits to mislead, I decided not to do so.  But if you really want to see the depths to which this sinking campaign will go, you can click here and see it yourself.

    But don’t come to me when you want those 16 seconds of your life back.

    Polls: Much Ado About Margins of Error

    Polls – love them or hate them – are here to stay. Polls may be statistically significant (outside the margin of error) or statistically not significant (within the margin of error).

    Often people calculate statistical significance as twice the reported margin of error of the poll. This is done following the logic that if one candidate is at 55% and the other at 45% and the poll has a ±5% margin of error, then the first candidate could be as low as 55−5 = 50% and the second could be as high as 45+5 = 50%. In this case reporters would say the race was a statistical dead heat because the gap between the candidates (55 − 45 = 10%) is not more than two times the margin of error of the poll (5%).

    There are other factors to consider: how recent was the poll, how large was the sample size, does the pollster have a reputation for bias, and are there other polls with which to compare it. If there are more than two candidates in the race or a substantial number of undecided respondents the results may be confounding. In general, however, where the results of one candidate versus the other are more than twice the margin of error, there is considerable likelihood of statistical significance.

    Polls for the Senate race in New Jersey have consistently shown Senator Bob Menendez in the lead over State Senator Joe Kyrillos. Real Clear Politics provides him with an average 18.5 point lead based on four recent polls which have Menendez up 22, 20, 18, and 14 points. Reviewing the margins of error of these particular polls suggest they are all statistically significant.  

    Polls for the Presidential race in NJ have also consistently shown President Obama in the lead over Mitt Romney. The five most recent polls have Obama up 14, 15, 7, 8, and 11 points. Real Clear Politics provides him with an average 11 point lead. All the polls are statistically significant, except for the one with Obama leading by 7 points.

    In our congressional districts there are two strongly contested races which are leaning Republican. In CD 3 I know of only one poll, the the Stockton poll of October 4, which indicates incumbent Republican Jon Runyan leads Democratic challenger Shelley Adler by a margin of 49 percent to 39 percent among likely voters. The margin of error is +/- 4% suggesting it is statistically significant. Unfortunately I know of no other poll with which to compare it. In CD7 where incumbent Republican Leonard Lance is challenged by Democrat Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula, I have seen no poll.

    Regarding the presidential tracking polls nationally, today’s Real Clear Politics (RCP) has  47.1% for President Obama and 46.9% for Mitt Romney. The most significantly outlying poll, the Gallup Poll, as of today had Obama 45% and Romney 52% – a 7 point Romney lead with a +/- 2% margin of error – rendering it statistically significant. The other eight most recent polls in the RCP computation have Romney ahead by 2, 1, and 1 points; Obama ahead by 6, 3, 3 and 1 points; and one tie. Only the Gallup Poll holds statistical significance. The Presidential Electoral College Maps, based on state polls, show considerable variance. RCP has Obama with 201 likely/leaning votes and Romney with 206 likely/leaning votes and 131 toss up votes. POLITICO apportions the toss up states and has Obama with 277 votes (enough to win) and Romney at 261. Anyway you look at it, this race is a cliffhanger filled with statistical uncertainty.

    Another pesky thing about polls is they can change. So with little more than two weeks to elections, stay tuned and check those margins of error.