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NJ GOP is not stronger than Superstorm Christie

Next Thursday June 12th the legislature plans to try a veto override of Christie’s CV of the ‘Sandy Bill of Rights.’ Here’s why it matters. And what you can do – right now. Cross-posted at Marie Corfield. Promoted by Rosi.

DropDead (new Chris Christie version)For those readers old enough to remember, this image is a parody of the fierce reaction to President Gerald Ford’s infamous but false response to NY City’s 1970’s financial crisis. Even though he never said those words, he might as well have because his reaction to the city’s request for financial help was part of his political undoing.

My point is not to rehash what happened 40 years ago so, gentle readers, please limit your comments to current events. If you want the back story, read this NY Times piece. In a nutshell it was a classic case of liberal vs. conservative values locked in a game of Chicken. The only difference is that unlike many of today’s elected officials, both sides blinked: they came together and worked it out.  

NJ-07: Ferguson Cowardice Watch: Day 26

It’s not easy coming up with cultural references to adequately describe the cowardice of Mike Ferguson (R-stop-whining-you’re-embarrassing-yourself), the NJ-07 Congressman who, for nearly a month, has REFUSED to debate his challenger, Linda Stender.

But today, it hit me:

Mike is Ichabod Crane!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mike says: I’d rather face a Headless Horseman than Linda Stender!

Did you hear the one about the chicken and the egg?

Ok, a chicken and an egg are lying in bed somewhere in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district.  The chicken is laying there smoking contentedly on a marlboro lite and flicking through the chanels when the egg dejectedly turned to the chicken and said “I guess that answers that question.”

Ok, now let’s get serious.  The election is like three weeks away now. And most importantly it’s $5 Friday.  Sorry for the dirty joke-to-campaign pitch bait-n-switch, but I wanted you to be in a good mood before asking in hopes it would increase the likelihood you’ll give a five or ten spot to the New Jersey campaign of your choice. 

Here’s the deal, if you’re not out there donating your time and sweat equity to a progressive candidate, then you  need to bust out the checkbook.  I hate to lay it on thick like this, but it’s serious crunchtime.

When you donate money on Bluejersey’s ActBlue site, you ensure that the money goes to the candidate of your choice.  The fact is, if you’re giving money to the national committee or MoveOn or the Human Rights Campaign fund (or whatever) you may be helping the team, but you’re not helping yourself.  In otherwords, like with the federal treasury, New Jersey residents tend to contribute more than they get back.  I don’t wanna harsh on any other progressive outfit and tell you they don’t deserve your money, but you contribute on a national level (or to a 527) the money is going elsewhere and not here.  Think globally, act locally and donate with Actblue and keep it in the family.

And if you can’t help with some cash, then get out there and phonebank. (and thanks!)