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“Have you no sense of decency sir?” 

“impatient, overly aggressive, overly dramatic, acting on impulse, neglecting to do important homework, and making challengeable statements.” The title of this article and the above quote are from Roy Cohn Joseph Welch regarding Joseph McCarthy, an American megalomaniac in the 1950’s….
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A step toward a new Hudson River railroad tunnel

A new trans-Hudson train tunnel is absolutely essential, but the estimated cost, as high as $20 billion, is huge by any standard. As NJ and NY Governors Christie and Cuomo said in a letter yesterday to President Obama, “The key step is to secure federal funding and design a viable financial plan.”  The governors’ request is that the feds provide grants to pay for half of the cost ($10 billion) with NY, NJ and the Port Authority to fund the other half. While in previous conversations U. S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx had suggested he could help with federal loans, Governor Cuomo has emphatically said in the past he seeks grants from the federal government instead.

This is a positive step forward. President Obama is supportive, but he can not commit to grants of $10 billion. Getting a Republican/dysfunctional congress to agree will be difficult. Our senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez along with Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand of NY and both NY and NJ representatives will have to lead the effort. Booker is on the Senate Transportation Committee. On the House Transportation Committee there are five NY members and two NJ members – Frank LoBiondo and Albio Sires. As Amtrak needs the tunnel to enter and leave Manhattan on its Boston to Washington route, legislators throughout the northeast should be concerned.

News Roundup and Open Thread for Saturday, August 22, 2015

Labor Data through July 31

NJ Unemployment: 5.9% (NY: 5.4%, PA: 5.4% DE: 4.7%).

NJ Employment: While employment increased in 34 states, it decreased in NJ by 13,600.

Roll Call says about Republican Rep. Scott Garrett: NJ Democratic strategists believe he is uniquely vulnerable … We’re moving the race out of Safe Republican to Favored Republican.

A&P tells over 5,000 workers: They may face Thanksgiving layoffs.

Dangerous drones over NJ airports: In August alone there were two incidents near Teterboro airport, one with a drone flying about 15 feet above a plane near Newark Airport, and another in Sewell in which the plane reported turning to avoid a black drone.

In Camden in the summer only about 1,500 children receive free or reduced-cost school lunch. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12th Dist.) says, “We are confronted with a lot of reauthorization needs here, but none are as important as feeding our kids.”

A London-based betting parlor lists the odds of Trump becoming the Republican standardbearer as 7 to 2. Gov. Chris Christie, who slipped out of the top 10 in the latest opinion polls, had the 11th lowest odds at 25 to 1.

Three citizen groups sued Chris Christie and Chris Christie for President, Inc.: alleging that the Christie campaign has inappropriately forced New Jersey taxpayers to cover the cost of the Governor’s security and other key expenses while pursuing the presidency.

Deal or no deal? So far in the NJ House delegation regarding Iran, six Republicans are opposed, as are Democrats Donald Norcross, who visited with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for two hours, and Albio Sires. In the Senate Robert Menendez is opposed and Cory Booker, who recently held a conference call with the JCRC and Jewish Federation of Southern NJ, is in the wind.

The missing link in new US AIDS strategy: It lacks one crucial element: “the criminal justice system’s role in fueling HIV and AIDS.”

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