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Blue Jersey’s Fifth Presidential Strawpoll

Once again, it’s the fifth of the month and time for our 2008 Presidential Strawpoll!

This one is a bit different because I took out the “Don’t know” option. By now, there have been several debates and detailed policy positions released, so most of us have a fairly good idea of who the candidates are and what they stand for. Over the next few months, your support can and probably will change. But let’s get a snapshot at where you are today, okay? So have at it below and please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Who are the New Jersey Democratic big donors supporting?

The New York Times has updated its Presidential big donor maps based on the FEC disclosure reports.  As I did earlier for the New Jersey Republican big donors, I’ve made a table with the breakdown into North Jersey (zip codes 07000-07999) and Central/South Jersey (08000-08999).  Again, I caution you that only people who gave $250 or more are included.  [Update: I forgot to say that numbers are in thousands of dollars.]

Obama and Edwards are pretty comparable in New Jersey.  Clinton beats both of them put together.  There’s no doubt she is very formidable here in New Jersey.  Richardson badly underperforms compared to his national numbers, while nearby senators Dodd and Biden do fairly well in comparison. 

Candidate North Central/South
Clinton 571 238
Obama 320 76
Edwards 227 74
Dodd 77 24
Biden 59 13
Richardson 35 17
Kucinich 6 0
Gravel 1 0

Presidential Primary Numbers

ARG just a new poll of New Jersey primary voters.

American Research Group: (Mar 29-Apr 2)

Likely Democratic primary voters [unaffiliated]

    Hillary Clinton  37% [43%]
    Barack Obama     23% [20%]
    John Edwards      9% [9%]
    Joe Biden         9% [7%]
    Bill Richardson   6% [4%]
    Chris Dodd        2%
    Dennis Kucinich   1% [2%]
    Undecided        14% [13%]

I haven’t found data from previous months so I can’t say much about the trend, but I would have expected Clinton to be further ahead. The number in brackets is how the votes of unaffiliated “likely primary voters” breaks down.

Note – ARG has different numbers posted on their front page showing Edwards tied with Biden at 9%. ARG can’t explain the discrepancy and someone is “looking into it.” If this changes the above analysis, I’ll post an update.

Update: ARG has updated their website with new numbers. Joe Biden and John Edwards are tied at 9%.

Blue Jersey’s First Presidential Strawpoll

(I had been planning to post this yesterday, and forgot. Here it is a day late!)

We are now less than a year away from New Jersey’s projected Democratic Presidential Primary. This is the first of what will become a monthly strawpoll, with the last one to take place on February 5, 2008. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order and the position will rotate every month.

UPDATE: After a day and a half, this poll is called at 68 votes (all further results are void). And John Edwards is the overwhelming victor.

Dem Presidential Contenders in N.J.?

If you’re like me, you’re a bit displeased that the Democratic Congressional Committee has not given funds to multiple races in N.J.; they only seem to have appropriated funding for Linda Stender, who is perhaps our brightest star in her attempt to unseat Mike Ferguson. (Can you imagine what we could do if the DCC dropped $1 million into Rich Sexton’s campaign, for example?)

I’ve been contacting the PACs and organizational apparatuses of several possible 2008 Democratic presidential contenders, encouraging them to come to the state to campaign for our congressional candidates and Sen. Menendez. Though I’m leaning towards John Edwards for the Democratic nomination, I don’t think he has made it to the state to help our 2006 candidates, and his lack of participation, along with several other Democratic contenders, troubles me. Perhaps I’m not being fair to Bill Richardson or Hillary Clinton, however, since both are currently in reelection campaigns of their own.

Joe Biden’s PAC told me that he was in NJ-7 today campaigning for Stender and Menendez. 

In September or August, Gen. Wesley Clark made his way to NJ-5 to campaign for Paul Aronsohn.

Today and on 17 October, Barack Obama, who I don’t think will be running for president, is campaigning for Sen. Menendez.

A few months ago, former governor Mark Warner did have a fundraising dinner for the state Democratic party, but he hasn’t campaigned for anyone since, unless I’m mistaken.

I’ve contacted the Vilsack and Bayh campaigns besides the Edwards, Warner, Biden, and Clark listed above.  When our primary comes in 2008, I say we remember who came to N.J. to fight for us in 2006 when we really needed them.  Thus far, that is Biden and Clark. Anyone else I’m missing?