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Last night’s higlights

Senator Hillary Clinton suspends the roll call vote.

The old bill is back: President Clinton delivers a strong speech.

Senator John Kerry mocks McCain.

Senator Joe Biden tells his story and lays out the case for electing Barack Obama.

Wednesday night live blog

I hope you enjoyed the radio show.

Bill Clinton

Here’s Bill Clinton. I haven’t seen his speech yet, and I doubt Barack Obama has either.

Last night, Hillary Clinton said she would do everything she could do to support Barack Obama. That makes two of us. Actually, that makes 18 million of us.

The blogger lounge and the media room alike are very quiet…

…until Bill Clinton calls Barack Obama “the right man for the job,” a quote which draws applause from the audience and bloggers alike.

Barack Obama is ready to lead and restore American leadership to the world. …Barack Obama is ready to be president of the United States.

The theme of the night is “Securing America’s Future,” and Bill Clinton is hitting that message hard.

Bill Clinton spent the first half of his speech focusing on bringing up Obama. Now he’s going to start bringing down McCain.

Yes he can but first we have to elect him

The first flaw in Bill’s speech: he was too complimentary of McCain in that segment. But he’d been doing very well until then and I expect he’ll be very good in the rest of the speech.

And he delivers: Clinton hits last night’s message, that John McCain promises more of the same.

In this case, the third time is not the charm

President Clinton draws the inevitable comparison between the criticisms he faced in his run for president in 1992 and those that Barack Obama faces this year.

If, like me, you still believe America must always be a place called Hope, then join Hillary, Chelsea and me in making Senator Barack Obama the next President of the United States.

Bill Clinton delivered big time tonight.

John Kerry

Kerry talks about Senator McCain versus Candidate McCain, turning the lines used against him in 2004 against John McCain.

CNN cut to Kerry’s speech as he played the flip-flopper card against McCain.

Can a Catholic be Pro-Choice?

Before anyone gets up in arms, I know the answer to the title question is a resounding “Yes!”  But I also know that John Kerry served his country faithfully and well in Vietnam.  The difference between what is true and what we will hear ad naseum through November is going to be an ever-increasing distance.

The Boston Globe‘s Michael Paulson is already trying to make a wedge for the McCain campaign to use.  He quotes Fidelis, a right-wing Catholic group, as saying:

Now everywhere Biden campaigns, we?ll have this question of whether a pro-abortion Catholic can receive Communion. Senator Biden is an unrepentant supporter of abortion in direct opposition to the Church he claims as his own. Selecting a pro-abortion Catholic is a slap in the face to Catholic voters.

Apparently, having Joe Biden serve as Senator of Delaware is no problem to the Catholics in that state.  Somehow, it becomes a problem only when he gets the Veep nod.  Why does Fidelis think so little of the Catholics in Delaware?

The Reckoning is Now – Obama/Biden Team in Springfield

I’m in a free wifi Moe’s Mexican food bar in Branchburg. Big screen TV, but I can barely hear the first speech Joe Biden is making with his running-mate Barack Obama, over the blues blasting Moe’s sound system.

As I sat down, I heard Biden say these words:

The reckoning is now.

This is the place where Abraham Lincoln began his political career – Springfield, Illinios. Chills.

Anybody else out there watching this? What are you thinking, Blue Jersey?

Nobody texted me, but the nets are all calling it: Obama picks Biden for VP

Update: Text arrived 3:29am, two hours after this diary was posted. Woke me up. Dang- – Rosi

Boom. It’s Joe Biden.

In Biden, Obama gets a street fighter whose toughness may serve as a needed counterpoint to Obama’s smooth, gentlemanly style. He also gets a running-mate who possesses the longevity on the national scene that Obama lacks; Biden is the fouth-longest serving Democrat currently in the Senate. Obama prevailed by making the primary about judgement, not “experience,” but now that he’s got the nomination sewed up, it will not hurt to have Biden standing beside him, considering that McCain will likely try to throw “lack of experience” at Obama, as Hillary Clinton tried to do, with some success.

The scorecard on Biden’s judgment is mixed. He is Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and you would think that perspective would lead him to more diplomatic solutions in the days after September 11. Yet, Biden voted for the war, jumping on the Bush bandwagon blaming Saddam Hussein for the World Trade Center, though only after a failed bi-partisan attempt (with ranking Republican Richard Lugar) to persuade the President to go to war only after diplomatic solutions failed.

Voters will also remember Biden’s chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he presided over the media-saturated confirmation hearings of both Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

Biden’s support of the credit-card company-backed Bankruptcy bill is fairly criticized as doing the bidding of the Delaware credit card industry. In another bit of unpleasantness, incidences of plagiarism will undoubtably surface again, but it remains to be seen whether the public will be swayed by them.

In a year where a bunch of Dems ran for president, only to watch the bloodfight between Clinton and Obama grab the headlines and the votes, Biden’s own candidacy didn’t attract much attention. But  Biden is still seen as a very good utility player, the kind of guy who’s been around long enough that nothing shakes him off his game. Biden is smart, tenacious, imperfect and substantial.

This is an Open Thread. Have at it, Blue Jersey.

Blue Jersey’s Tenth Presidential Strawpoll

Tsunami Tuesday is only three months away. We’re less than two months away from the Iowa caucuses. And of course, tomorrow is our state election day.

But first it’s another Blue Jersey Presidential Strawpoll. Cast your vote and voice your opinions below the fold.

Also: Will some of these candidates fail to make it on NJ ballots? Discuss.