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Tomorrow: Obama-Biden Rally

Barack Obama inspires me, just as I’m sure he inspires you.  And after 8 devastating years of the Bush Administration it’s hard to believe Election Day is only 5 days away.

As Co-Chair of Barack Obama’s statewide campaign, I want to invite you to an exciting rally this Saturday in Jersey City.  New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, New York Governor David Paterson and U.S Senator Bob Menendez will be attending, as well.

Tomorrow: Saturday, November 1st

1:30 PM

New Jersey City University

Student Center  

2039 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City

Barack Obama is the leader our nation needs at this important moment in time.  And by voting for Obama and the entire Democratic Team next Tuesday, you can help bring the change our nation needs.  You can help restore America to its rightful place as the respected moral leader of the free world.

As Mayor of Jersey City, I look forward to finally having a partner in the White House who understands our struggles and the needs of America’s cities. Particularly, I look forward to working with an administration that will help combat the plague of illegal guns on our streets and can get our economy back on track.  

But none of this will be possible if you don’t come go out and vote.  Let’s not squander this precious opportunity to bring the change our families and our cities so desperately need.

I hope to see you this Saturday at the Obama-Biden rally at New Jersey City University.  And please be sure to vote next Tuesday, November 4th.

The Fonz, Oppie & Andy come out for Barack Obama

When I first found the post, I thought it was going to a gag video, I really didn’t think this was for real.

It is for real,  Ron Howard, Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler have made a video advocating for Barack Obama, advocating for the change we need.

The 3 stars reprise their decades old TV roles, from The Andy Griffith show and Happy Days, in a light hearted display of support for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Got no Lawn signs ? Its not stopping Essex for Obama

In NJ the Obama campaign is not handing out very many free lawn signs. 500,000 lawnsigns costs about a 1/2 million bucks. But that means other battleground states can have our money, where it will be put to good use.

Lawnsigns are good visibility, so how are we in Essex County NJ, making up for the lack of lawn signs ? We are going back the old school boots on the ground visibility. The Honk & Wave rally. This is Obama turf, let there be doubt about it.

Join me for a trip in the Way Back Machine….

Biden/Palin: Managing Expectations

I won’t lie: it’s been a godawful two weeks for Republican veep nominee Sarah Palin. After listening to segment after segment of her interview with Katie Couric, I think my cringe reflexes are totally worn out. I’m sure many of you agre.

But for those of you who are already proclaiming a Biden victory in tonight’s debate, I’d say not so fast.

The expectations game, as it’s currently been set, favors Palin, in part because of those embarrassing interview spots with Couric. The congealing CW on this is that the bar is so low for Palin, that she can’t help but exceed it unless she totally melts down onstage. So she’s got that going for her, and we’ve got to do our best to try and reset that narrative, short though our time is.

The truth is, while Sarah Palin is certainly no intellectual heavyweight or even wonky in the slightest, she is an excellent debater. Check out this video of her past debate performances:

Clearly, she’s a very skilled politician. So let’s not start doing the McCain camp’s job for them in lowering expectations for her.

Obama Campaign to bypass BCDO HQ

Well, it’ s official:

The Real Bergen Dems will be volunteering for the Obama Campaign and Shulman campaigns at Shulman HQ in Wyckoff – where the Obama folks will be setting up  – another HQ office to open immediately after in Paramus – I’ll provide the details as soon as I know them.

If you want to help out the County Candidates – go to Hackensack. But the Obama folks and the Real Bergen Dems won’t be there.  We’ll be in Wyckoff and Paramus, focusing on helping elect real reformers to Washington on November 4.  While we’re at it we want to kick the most Conservative member of the House out of the 5th District.  

Please join us – there is too much at stake not to put all our efforts into our getting Obama-Biden into the White House.  Volunteer this week at the Shulman HQ in Wyckoff.

If you don’t like the BCDO, but want to help put Obama in the White House and our favorite Congressional Candidate Dennis Shulman in the House – you now have a better place to get involved.  Stay tuned for more details…

Watching MCCain fly his campaign into a mountian

Its been great. Really, I used to joke about which 8 or 9 states McCain might win, well thanks to McCain being at the controls of his campaign, this joke becomes closer to a reality.

As great as its been since since the fridays announcement by McCain that he was picking Sara Palin, I just cant watch anymore. Its too funny. With McCain at the controls, McCain is flying his campaign into a mountain. Thats plane #6.

Sorry, I know, thats a stupid joke.