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Pearl Clutchers

One of the most reliable things about the Republicans, conservative and their dittohead supporters is their ability to whip themselves into a frenzy on cue – as if they were a two year old whose favorite toy was just taken away.  Go no further than this week’s latest manufactuversry after Vice President Biden forcefully called Paul Ryan and his party’s utter nonsense, lies and hypocrisy for exactly what it is.  For that, somehow, it wasn’t Ryan and the Republican wall of lies and deception that was at issue to the right once the light was shined on it – no, no – it was the absolute temerity of someone to be so rude and disrespectful and to mock it for the total trash that it was.

Contrast that with Romney’s constant interrupting of Jim Lehrer, President Obama and his close to 30 complete lies in under 40 minutes, which was hailed as confident, strong, an excellent campaign-saving performance.

Right here in New Jersey, we are used to this.  Governor Christie – that same Governor who has spent countless time capturing his own steamrolling, interrupting and insulting of teachers, reporters, critics, facts and anything else that gets in the way of his very own wall of lies and misdirection as his own YouTube trophies to showcase how awesome he can bully others – is in hot demand by that same Republican party around the country to put on this show and insult his critics or those pesky people who dare ask him questions he doesn’t’ want to answer or who have those damn facts that get in the way of his fake narrative.

And what happens here?  Christie “tells it like it is”.  “Is brash and brutally honest”.  “Stands up for what he believes in”.  

Excuse me while I clean up the barf on the floor.

So when it is a Republican with an agenda of lies, hypocrisy and deceit to cover up the façade of failure or class warfare to extract more from the middle class, the elderly, teachers, police, libraries, children, towns, families so that their cronies can get another Bentley or yacht – that is just so very totally awesome.

Until someone has the gall to call them on this and punch the bully in the mouth.  Then the bully becomes the victim and it’s just so unfair and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Spare me.

Watching an Old Man Watching Obama in Charlotte

… with liberty and justice for all.

              – Former Rep. Gabby Giffords, Democratic National Committee                

Most of all, the President had faith in our special forces–the finest warriors the world has ever known.

               Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic National Convention

Earlier today, Jason wrote about his most moving experience in Charlotte, a wonderful moment involving a military family he knows personally. I wasn’t a delegate, and though I stayed with and traveled with the delegation, most of my convention was via the nightly watch parties at the NJ Delegation hotel. I sat with Gov. James and Lucinda Florio for Bill Clinton’s speech, and watched him intently absorb Clinton’s words. I saw Michelle Obama’s speech with a jubilant Loretta Weinberg, who left the convention early to watch on TV.

It was a stormy week. When the DNC pulled the Obama speech from the stadium (73,000 seats) into the Time Warner Cable Arena (19,000 seats, fewer than the stadium waiting list), credentials for Obama’s speech were a hot ticket. I wasn’t one of the many people begging for credentials but thanks to the good graces of one of New Jersey’s senators, I was amazed to find myself in the Arena (and wow, thank you so much).  

The walk to the Arena was joyous. Charlotte is a Democratic city with a high African-American population. So much of the street life – both vendors and families who came just to be part of it – was black and local. Inside the Arena, I was seated among some older folks in wheelchairs. That’s where I saw the man who stood up.  

Passes, Credentials and Tickets Oh My

I made the drive back to New Jersey yesterday after 9 days in Charlotte.  It was an amazing experience that we did our best to keep everyone updated through the State Committee’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can check back on the week and the #NJDNC hashtag here.

I’ll be going through photos, video and more to post in the coming days and will surely have more to say, but I thought you might enjoy the compilation of passes, credentials and tickets I put together from the experience:

Mr. Chairman

As the chairman of the State Democratic Party, Assemblyman John Wisniewski is arguably the top Democrat in the state, but is hardly as well-known around the world as his counterpart, our YouTube governor. To help Blue Jersey readers know the chairman better, I met with Wisniewski at his law office in Sayreville to discuss politics and the Garden State Democratic Party.

Some of his answers to my questions surprised me – many did not. We talked about messaging, upcoming special elections and the dearth of women in our state’s congressional delegation among other topics. As the state’s top Democrat, Wisniewski will be leading New Jersey’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. His thoughts on these topics are in this video.

Disclosure: I am a county Democratic committeeperson working on local campaigns, and even though she lives in a different district, I’m proudly and actively supporting the Democratic Assembly candidate in LD-16, Marie Corfield.

Open Thread: President Barack Obama Endorses Marriage Equality


Now, this is when national news becomes New Jersey news: President Barack Obama has just told ABC News that he thinks “same sex couples should be able to get married.” New Jersey, which has the distinction of marriage equality bills clearing both houses only to be stopped at the governor’s desk, plus a marriage equality court case, is now lagging behind its neighboring state of New York, and behind the leader of the free world. Who sure took his time.

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Timing’s fascinating. Yesterday North Carolina voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. The Democrats national convention is in Charlotte, NC Sept. 3-6. As soon as news broke about the North Carolina decision, petitions began circulating demanding the Democrats abandon North Carolina and hold the convention somewhere else. Practically impossible, given the investment the Dems have already made in NC, and how much they will need their money in the general election. Obama carried North Carolina in 2008, and its status as a 2012 battleground was guaranteed by Democrats’ decision to meet there. In the last few days, U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan and VP Joe Biden have stated their support for marriage equality, which intentional or not, has had the effect of trial balloon.

Romney, of course, is against everything. Yesterday in Colorado, Romney said he opposes even civil unions.  And Christie, who has campaigned hard for the VP slot (while denying that’s what he’s doing) has stood in the way of his own gay constituents who wish to marry.

Steven Goldstein’s reaction, for Garden State Equality, below the fold:

Playing Offense with Marriage Equality

*** *** *** *** ***

UPDATE! Wed May 9, 4:30pm

President Obama “comes out” in SUPPORT of marriage equality!

*** *** *** *** ***

To say that Vice President Joe Biden’s recent comments on Meet the Press “rippled the waters” of the marriage equality debate puts it mildly. In fact, by speaking his mind — like only he can –Biden has thrust the issue into the Presidential Campaign fray, creating a bit of a media circus in the process.

Presidents Obama’s education secretary added fuel to the debate the very next day. Boston.com:

Asked during an appearance on MSNBC whether he believes same-sex couples should be allowed to marry in the United States, Arne Duncan gave a straight answer: “Yes I do.”

Biden’s nuanced thoughts on the matter followed by Duncan’s emphatic “I do” are a stark contrast to President Obama’s “incoherent stance on gay marriage (equality).”

But let’s face it, Obama’s not the only one likely wishing he could be left to privately “evolve” on the issue out of the campaign spotlight. Follow me below the fold where this gets Jersey-centric.

Christie Running in 2012

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All signs are pointing to a Chris Christie campaign to be on the 2012 presidential ticket.  He has started this campaign already by crisscrossing the country to promote Republican candidates in state-wide races.  But up until recently, he has not proactively promoted the conservative social agenda.  Yes, he is anti-choice and against marriage equality, but he has not yet pursued these measures with the same “in-your-face” approach as he has with his vendetta against public education and teachers.  He is aware of the large number of his New Jersey constituents who still want social justice, and is more circumspect with regard to promoting the conservative line on women’s issues and gay rights.  His relatively low-key approach is most likely designed to avoid firing up the opposition and maintaining as low a profile as he can here.  But to become a national figure, Christie needs to demonstrate his embrace of the right-wing social agenda.

Christie’s approach to implementing the conservative platform is not subtle, but more incremental.  He pleased his base by vetoing a $7.5 million bill for women’s health services even as he approved a gigantic tax cut for millionaires.  Now, he is embracing another Palinesque initiative – abstinence education.  Despite the fact that our schools are in dire financial straits and that it has been shown that such initiatives do nothing to stem the rates of teenage pregnancy, the Governor is promoting a $1 million program to tell teenagers to “just say no”.  

Ratcheting up the right wing agenda is not the only sign that Christie has national ambitions.  If you think his gallivanting around the country is limited to the upcoming elections, you are mistaken.  He is already on the post-election tea party lecture circuit.

It has often been said that every state governor has presidential ambitions, and it’s difficult to find a politician more ambitious than Chris Christie.  And there are lots of reasons for him to make his move in 2012.

Given the secret funding of Republican candidates by shadow groups, the fact that the GOP has a propaganda arm in Fox News that is second to none, including Pravda, and the fact that the 2012 election will be the first under the census redistricting controlled mostly by Republican governors, there’s a good chance that Barack Obama will be a one-term president.  If Christie is not on the 2012 ticket, his next chance to run for national office could potentially be 2020 – a lifetime in presidential politics.  Sure, he’ll be only 58 years old then, but he will have had a much longer track record of mistakes and miscues than he has today.  And the demographics of the electorate will be different, with a larger percentage of the non-white population included in the mix.

So is Christie aiming for the top slot, or looking to become Joe Biden’s successor?  The way the stars are aligned today, it seems unlikely that he would be successful in challenging Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee.  But why would someone as ambitious as Christie settle for the number two spot?  This question can be answered in two words:  Dick Cheney.  Cheney was the second in command to a weak, clueless, and gaffe-prone George W Bush.  Christie may view himself in the same powerful role under a President Palin.  And without any debilitating health problems like those that plagued Mr. Cheney, Christie would then be viable as a 2020 candidate at the top of the ticket.  Of course, there’s plenty of time for the top contenders to stumble, leaving room for the Meshuggineh from Mendham to step in.

The only significant impediment to a Christie run is his lack of foreign policy experience.  To the xenophobic Tea Party, this is not a significant issue because diplomacy requires nuance, and the GOP does not do nuance.  But it might be an important issue to the rest of the electorate, especially given that we will still be in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, and possibly Pakistan, when the election comes around.  So watch for Christie to ramp up his foreign policy creds – perhaps by participating in missions abroad to promote New Jersey business, or perhaps by participating on foreign junkets with some of his congressional friends.  Such actions would confirm his desire to be on the 2012 ticket.

Christie is smart to lay back and let the big guns fight it out right now.  But don’t be surprised to see our absentee governor vacationing in Iowa or New Hampshire next year.

Rainy Sunday video: Colbert Report All-Montclair Editon

It’s a (nearly) all-Montclair version of The Colbert Report, with Montclair’s Colbert and a special neighbor from Montclair, marking the occasion of the ‘end of combat’ in the Iraq War (with a famous Delawarian dropping by and a 100% audience of our troops). The Colbert Report: Been There Won That:

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Been There Won That – Joe Biden & Yogi Berra
Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election Fox News

Live Streaming the Bi-Partisan Health Care Summit

The players: President Obama, Vice-President Obama, and members of the House & Senate from both parties, including Rep. Rob Andrews, who chairs the House Education and Labor subcommittee on health.  

The Location: Blair House, across the street from the White House, significantly at the President’s end of the national Mall.

Interesting analysis of what the President’s after today, from Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic.

Donor information for all the speakers is at Sunlight Foundation (info changes depending on who’s at the microphone – turn off the sound at their site, if you’re listening to our stream here).

Meeting started 10am, but I just grabbed the feed. Click the arrow to go LIVE.


Obama, Biden, Kennedy and Clinton to campaign for Corzine next week

Still another Update: Wanna go see Bill Clinton? You can find out about tix here. — Jason

UPDATE: Interested in going to the Biden event? You can find out how to get tix here. – – Rosi

Next week will be a busy one for Democrats in New Jersey. On Monday October 19, we’ll have Vice President Biden making a return visit with the Governor and then Tuesday Fmr. President Bill Clinton will be making campaign stops:

Vice President Joe Biden will attend a rally at Middlesex County Community College in Edison on Monday. The next day, former president Bill Clinton will make appearances at two separate events, first with Corzine running mate Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) in Collingswood and then with Corzine at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

The doors will open for the Biden Rally at 11am. And then on Wednesday as we talked about yesterday, President Obama will be at Fairleigh Dickinson in the afternoon for a rally with Governor Corzine. He won’t be done yet though:

Caroline Kennedy will appear with Corzine that evening at an Irish-American festival in Belmar.

We’ll look out for more details on the events and share them with you when they are available.

Updated by Jason: But wait, there’s more. PNJ tells us that Congressional members Michael Honda (D-CA) and Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), along with Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis will be campaiging in the state as well:

Honda is scheduled to bond with voters at a Saturday, Oct. 17 Filipino American Heritage Month Rally in Old Bridge, a Chinese Americans’ Moon Festival Rally in Princeton, and a Korean Americans’ Harvest Moon Festival Rally in Engelwood.

Also campaigning Saturday, Sanchez will atrend an Elks Lodge brekafast event in New Brunswick, a Mexican Chamber of Commerce event in Passaic, a luncheon hosted by Assemblywoman Nellie Pou (D-Paterson) for New Jersey Latinas at the Paterson Museum, a meet-and-greet with Latino Small Business Owners at the Harrison Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Harrison, and a late luncheon hosted by Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-Elizabeth) for New Jersey Latinas at a restaurant in Elizabeth.

Solis will brunch on Sunday with Pou and New Jersey Latinas at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen.