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Jerry Green’s Bizarre & Maybe Bigoted Attack on Arrested Blogger

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Dan Damon is a longtime blogger in Plainfield, a former PR flack for the city, mayoral candidate, general gadfly and community volunteer.  

He’s also usually on the opposite side of issues from political powerhouse and County Democratic Chair Jerry Green, the Speaker Pro Tem of the Assembly. Damon is also a supporter of Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp, who is an on-again off-again ally of Green’s, and is currently very off-again and filed a primary slate against the party line.

Plainfield police have charged Damon with having oral sex with another man in a car in the view of other adults.  Since Damon was appointed to the Public Library Board by Mapp, Green is trying to tie Damon’s legal problems around the Mayor’s neck.  It’s the kind of blunt force attack Green is known for.

But Green’s statement to the Courier News is downright bizarre.  

“I’m shocked that everybody is taking this so lightly,” Green said Thursday. “This is a 75-year-old man having sex with a 23-year-old man who happens to be a Latino.”

“The mayor has yet to come out and say anything at all, which is totally shocking. It’s not that he doesn’t know that (Damon) has a sickness. I’m just hoping nobody gets killed or hurt and that somebody in the administration recognizes that this is a danger to society.”

FBI Finds No Evidence To Support Menendez Allegations

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Seems like we’ve been through this before.  There’s a big splash in the papers accusing Bob Menendez of being a bad guy, everyone on the right goes ballistic and quite a few on the left (including some of our commenters) pile on, then the allegations are slowly either proved incorrect or even made up.

It happened with Chris Christie’s election year subpoena. Menendez had helped donors keep a non-profit medical center open in a building he owned, and since they paid him rent it was turned into Menendez stealing taxpayers’ dollars instead of helping provided needed health care in an underserved area.  Turned out that not only couldn’t Christie or another US Attorney find anything, but the next USA actually wrote a letter clearing Menendez of doing anything wrong.  That doesn’t happen often.

Now we have an anonymous allegation from a fake e-mail address that Menendez traveled to the Dominican to have sex with teenage girls.  Then a conservative hit-website published it. For some reason, and think of how much this is costing us, the FBI has to investigate including flying agents to the Dominican Republic.  So what have they found?

A team of FBI agents has been conducting interviews in recent weeks in the Dominican Republic and the United States, looking into allegations that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) patronized prostitutes in the Caribbean nation, but has found no evidence to support the claim, according to two people familiar with the investigation.

Those are my italics, but that’s pretty important. Univision has one of the women on tape saying she never met Menendez, and the man who allegedly threw the party  says Menendez has always been a gentleman.

Women denies it, party-host denies it, FBI finds no supporting evidence, and the person or people who started this all used a fake name, fake e-mail and won’t talk to anyone.

These two situations — the health care facility and these more salacious allegations — are both a lot of smoke from politically motivated allegations, and point to a pattern with Menendez’s opponents.  Which leads me to wonder if there isn’t an effort to blow smoke at Menendez in an effort to get people to start screaming FIRE!

Double Standards

The Dems are lining up now to shove Anthony Wiener out.  There is real anger for some and I can respect that, but others are making a political calculation for themselves and/or the party.  To my way of thinking, its that kind of action – taken for expedience – that makes politicians disgusting and makes it hard for me to support them.

Sure, politics and double standards go hand and hand.  

Our politicians and their many nominees regularly lie about taxes, alien Nannies, sex, infidelity, drug use caught on camera, policy positions, secret memos to the Canadians about Trade policy… and their favorite pass time… conflicts of interest.   Voters Regularly ignore/forget these many lies and re-elect them.  

So, why should I bother to even write about double standards?  Like whether Nancy Pelosi called for Bill Clinton to resign?  Did she make some noise back then about how divisive it would be to remove a duly elected person for lying about  sex?  You know, like Anthony We…  

Fighting for Women’s Healthcare

Mammograms, vaccinations, and prenatal care are just a few of the services that are unavailable to poor people in New Jersey thanks to Governor Christie’s veto of a recent women’s health care bill.


It’s hard to imagine a more sensible use of money than investing it on preventative health care, which is why activists are lining up outside the State House (above) and in the Senate gallery (below) to urge NJ’s upper house to overturn Christie’s Veto.


It takes twenty-eight votes to override a veto and today the prospects look pretty grim and according to my mathskillz we don’t have the votes for it anyway. Which is a shitty deal for poor people (who can’t get care) and taxpayers who end up with massive charity care bills.

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“Ferguson … grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards her”

Some of the Linda Stender mail pieces have been hard-hitting, some have been a little blander.  But this one shows that the campaign has chutzpa and is ready to take the fight to Mike Ferguson for the next two weeks.

For those who don’t know, Ferguson was in a row back a few years where he got in a bar tussle in Georgtown with a woman and only his staffers saved it from being a big mess.  Mailing this piece just a little over a week after the Mark Foley shenanigans hit the news is bold and extremely aggressive.

Mike Ferguson grabs a co-ed at a Georgetown Bar

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