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Don’t Run the Country Like a Business

In political campaigns, you often hear candidates promise that they will run the country like a business. To me, that’s almost a disqualifier.

I live in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District, and the two major party candidates are running for a seat being vacated by the retirement of a former NFL football player.

The Republican candidate is an insurance CEO (who lives 90 miles outside the district) and touts his business experience as a reason why the people of the district should send him to Washington. To me, being a successful businessman has about as much relevance as being an NFL offensive tackle when it comes to my vote.

In saying they are wrong, he proves them right

On the 19th of this month, the Atlantic City Press endorsed John Adler, saying this about Republican candidate Chris Myers:

…he has run a disturbingly combative and negative campaign, and too often merely parrots Republican talking points on foreign policy, trickle-down economics and other issues.

Myers also has come close to calling Adler corrupt, which he is not, and has unfairly tried to paint Adler, a state senator since 1992, as a rubber-stamp for Trenton Democrats.

Chris Myers proves the AC Press as prescient when he writes to tell them how stupid they are.  Combative and negative from the first word, he can barely wait to tie John Adler to Trenton.  Way to prove them wrong right, Chris!

I guess the AC Press missed the part where Myers likes to pad his resume.  Not only does he still talk up his US Navy waiver of combat duty, but now he is a defense mogul, too:

As a vice president at Lockheed Martin, I’ve helped to create thousands of jobs and balanced a budget.

Oh yeah?  Make the jump.  I got my stupid-bat out and I’m swinging for the upper deck

Why Haven’t You Voted Yet?

In the 2004 presidential election, 3,638,153 New Jerseyans voted. Roughly 5.4% (or 196,460) of these voted early.

As anyone who’s been reading this site for more than a few months can tell you, there might be issues with the voting machines in our state. The paper trail alone should be incentive enough to vote early.

But there’s a more important reason to vote early. I’ve already voted. That means there’s one fewer vote that the Obama, Adler, and my county freeholder campaigns (Capelli/Cream, if you’re interested) have to worry about turning out. It lets these campaigns– most importantly Adler, who’s in a tight race where GOTV will be a huge factor– better prioritize and more efficiently use their field resources. Every vote banked early is one they don’t have to think about on election day.

What’s more, it frees me up. I don’t have to wait in any long lines, although they usually don’t have any in my precinct. I can devote 100% of my election day energy to helping the Adler campaign, where I’ll be volunteering on E day, to get out the vote. My early vote, though it’s still just one vote, has a ripple effect that makes my local campaigns that much more efficient in GOTV. And if tens of thousands of us activists do the same, that ripple effect adds up quickly.

So with a slew of close, competitive Congressional elections, Freeholder races, mayoral campaigns, and all the other races down the ballot that could hinge on an effective GOTV, there’s a lot at stake.

All the more reason for you to vote early. Do it today!

NJ-05 moving, moving, moving…

*Update:  Shulman has been nominated again this week for the Daily Kos Hell to Pay Fundraising efforts.  Voting will be open soon and we will provide the link.  You don’t have to be registered at DKos to vote in the contest. (Jason Springer)

*Update2::  Here is the vote (Hopeful)

Rasmussen has issued an update of House races and it indicates that as many as 27 House seats may be wrestled out of the hands of Republicans.  NJ-03 and 07 are still listed as “toss-ups” but the real news is that NJ-05 is moved from “Likely R” to “Leans R”.  Even more notable is the reasons given:

When blind rabbi Dennis Shulman announced his House candidacy in November of last year, it seemed more likely to end up in Reuter’s Oddly Enough than in Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Shulman, however, has turned a surefire GOP win into a competitive race, on the strength of his fundraising and a generally strong campaign.

Shulman began running television ads in the primary phase of the campaign, but strong fundraising has allowed him to keep up the pace. His second-quarter haul of over $270,000 almost matched that of incumbent Rep. Scott Garrett, even though Garrett clearly leads in the category of cash-on-hand.

Why is this race competitive? It is hard to say. Voters don’t seem to dislike Garrett in particular, as evidenced by an early Shulman poll showed that 31 percent of voters would vote to re-elect Garrett and just 19 percent favored definitely replacing him. Instead it seems Garrett is the victim of the environment, both anti-incumbent and anti-GOP, and the candidate, a strong fundraiser with a compelling narrative. While Garrett has the definite advantage in this district which gave Bush a 14 percent margin of victory in 2004, he’ll still have to spend the last few months of the campaign sweating what should have been an easy victory.

With the McSame-Paler campaign being total absent, and the overwhelming number of new Democrats recruited in the last year, this may be the sleeper of the election season.

Which is the real Chris Myers?

Most of this is going to be below the fold, because I’m looking at three YouTube vids featuring Chris Myers (Asshat – Medford).  Presented in reverse order, it shows the education of Mr. Myers on the fundamentals of the economy.  First, the “Blame-it-on-Bush” Myers, which is the current incarnation:

Make the jump with me.

Diane Allen throws Myers under the bus

I almost missed this gem:

At odds with the establishment Republicans in her home county, Allen said she was happy to drive the hour and a half to stand with Lance against the Stender/DCCC attack machine.

She said she’s working hard for the McCain/Palin ticket and for local candidates. As for publicly backing the machine-endorsed Medford Mayor Chris Myers in his fight with state Sen. John Adler (D-Camden) – or taking a shot at Myers – Allen demurred on both counts.

“My card is full,” she said.

Yep.  Not only have Myers’ own employees dissed him, now the rank-and-file of his own party are just not going to mention him at all.

Chris Myers: The Economy Is Basically Strong. Wait, No, It Stinks! Wait, what was the Question?

Chris Myers has launched a doozy of an ad.

MYERS: Look, folks, George Bush is part of the problem, but so is Trenton politician John Adler.

Under Adler, property taxes are out of control, people are losing their jobs, and our economy stinks. Think about it…

Holy cow. There’s enough baloney in those two and a half sentences to feed a middle school for a week.

He’s right. George Bush is part of the problem. Yet for some reason, mayor Myers wants to continue George Bush’s disastrous economic policy and George Bush’s disastrous strategy in Iraq. The AC Press, endorsing Adler, ripped Myers thus on Iraq:

And on Iraq, while both Myers and Adler favor a careful withdrawal of U.S. troops, Myers is still insisting that the United States “must achieve victory on our terms,” that “we can’t send the message that the United States is weak,” and that he’d “rather fight terrorists overseas than in New Jersey.” Please. We have all heard these bromides before – from Bush.

And if Myers really thinks Bush is part of the problem, how come he hasn’t denounced Freedom’s Watch, run by Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush calvary, for running racist robocalls in New Jersey to help his campaign? Hmm.

Myers also blames Adler for all of New Jersey’s ills– property taxes, job losses and a poor economy. This is especially interesting given that Adler has supported a constitutional convention to fix property taxes in this state and wants to give a middle class tax cut to working families to get our economy going again. It’s interesting still that Myers somehow blames John Adler instead of George Bush for our recession-bound economy.

Then, again, this is the same Chris Myers who said the economy was “basically strong” only a few months ago. On the economy, he’s more erratic than John McCain on six cups of coffee.

How out of touch can you get?

District-level poll gives advantage to Dems

Internal polls can be taken with a grain of salt.  So, too, can party commissioned polls.  The tendency is to lean towards positive information and bury the bad.  Still, there are two updates from the DCC that are worth noting:

1) Linda Stender leads Leonard Lance 40-31 – a nine point advantage. The poll shows Obama leading in the district by 15 points.

2) John Adler leads Chris Myers 38-34 – a four point advantage. Barack Obama leads in this district by eight points.  

We may be seeing the growth of some coattails – but this is far from over.  No one is measuring the drapes or picking out office furnishing.  Contact the campaigns and get involved.