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Frank LoBiondo and the Path to 218

What is it about NJ-02 that eludes our party?  LoBiondo may be incredibly moderate for a House Republican, but this is a Democratic-leaning swing district that went for Obama twice.  This should be at the top of our 2014 target list, but it goes completely ignored in every Congressional cycle because LoBiondo has an aura of invincibility around him.  Surely we could make the tall task of winning back the House a bit easier for the national party if NJ Democrats focused like hell on this district next year, along with Runyan (NJ-03) and Garrett (NJ-05).

So, Blue Jersey, what do you think is the best way to knockout LoBiondo?  Who should run against him?  Is it possible?  Let’s start thinking now.

Campaign Roundup for Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NJ-Pres: Rasmussen poll

  • A Rasmussen poll released Monday found Republican John McCain leading both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama inside the margin of error in New Jersey.  McCain, who leads Obama 46-45 and Clinton 45-42, is boosted by his 61% favorability rating in the state.
  • NJ-Sen: The Republicans

  • An FDU poll finds that three in four Republicans don’t know who they will vote for in the upcoming US Senate primary.
  • NJ-Sen: The Democrats

  • Frank Lautenberg says he will pour $2 million of his own money into defending his seat from a Rob Andrews primary challenge.
  • Two two big New Jersey mayors, Newark’s Cory Booker and Jersey City’s Jerramiah Healy, who is also HCDO chair, are supporting Lautenberg.
  • All six New Jersey House Democrats who are running for re-election to the House this year have pledged to run on a line with Lautenberg in the primary. At least two of the six, Frank Pallone (NJ-06) and Steve Rothman (NJ-09), have senatorial ambitions of their own.
  • NJ-02: Van Drew staying out

  • Jeff Van Drew chickens out again and declines to challenge LoBiondo.
  • NJ-09: Wildes wants in

  • The power-hungry Michael Wildes wants to challenge Steve Rothman in the Democratic primary for his Congressional seat.
  • Atlantic City Mayor: Conflicts of interest?

  • Incumbent Mayor Scott Evans questioned Lorenzo Langford’s ability to serve the city that is trying to recover an $850,000 settlement from him. In return, Langford criticized the mayor for approving a $200,000 settlement for a former fire captain in the fire department where Evans served as battalion chief.
  • LoBiondo looking for a way out of Iraq

    Today, the Bush Administration released it’s interim report on the Iraq escalation, and the report confirmed what many Democrats have known all along: not much is mellow with Mesopotamia.  According to the report, Iraq has seen “satisfactory” progress on only 8 of the 18 benchmarks.  Faced with these failing grades for the Bush escalation plan and overwhelming support among Garden State voters for a new direction in–or, rather, out of–Iraq, Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02) is getting worried:

    As the interim report to Congress reflects, the Iraqi government is failing to meet reasonable benchmarks and expectations to govern its own country. I am extremely disturbed and increasingly impatient that the political will of the Iraqi Prime Minister and his government does not match the military will and unwavering dedication of our servicemen and women. If the Iraqi government continues to fail to make measurable progress, our military involvement and any future mission in Iraq must be carefully re-examined.

    Today, he has a chance to back his words up with his vote.  The House will vote later this afternoon on a bill that will bring most US troops home from Iraq by April 1, 2008.

    In fact, today’s vote marks a chance for all of the New Jersey Republicans, who have voted with the President on every major Iraq war vote since 2002, to face the reality that most of their constituents already understand: we need to bring our troops home from Iraq, and we need to start now.

    Accountability vs. Excuses: why NJ’s Shameful Six ALL deserve the boot

    The silence is deafening as New Jersey’s Congressional delegation awaits instructions from Washington on what to say or do next over the escalating page scandal. It should come as no surprise.

    With Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert’s announcement that he’s sorry, but he won’t resign, despite mounting evidence that he was complicit in a partisan coverup of Rep. Mark Foley’s inappropriate advances toward teenage Congressional pages, the sad truth about NJ’s “Shameful Six” has finally been laid bare: they are incapable of holding their own accountable for mistakes – no matter how grave.

    Not upon learning their leaders ignored warnings in the summer of 2001.

    Not when their administration utterly bungled its response to Katrina.

    Not after a failed Iraq policy that is three years and almost three thousand American deaths (and so many more lives ruined) in the making.

    And, not now.

    They are the worst kind of apologists – all 6 voters for impeachment of President Clinton, mind you – without the courage to stand up against their own disgraced Republican leadership, or own up to their disgraced policies.

    Not one deserves reelection.