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Steve Rothman Podcast: A Moderate Stands Firm

It isn’t hard today to find Democrats who think the Party needs to stampede left.  The reason we are losing, they claim, is that we have followed the Republicans as they ran to the right.  As a consequence, a whole bevy of disenfranchised, unrepresented lefties stays home on election day after election day.  This has led many to conclude that anyone who calls themself a “moderate” must automatically be a DINO.

New Jersey’s Ninth District Congressman Steve Rothman proves this is simply not true.  In this exclusive Blue Jersey podcast, Congressman Rothman dispels the notion that a moderate cannot stand strong on principles and fight hard for his constituents.

Blue Jersey Exclusive – Anne Wolfe to withdraw from 5th District Race

5th District Congressional Candidate Anne Wolfe is meeting with supporters this weekend to discuss the future of her candidacy. Sources report Wolfe has decided to withdraw from the race. Money appears to be the biggest problem, as the 5th District’s viability has proved a hard sell to the DCCC.

Wolfe’s withdrawal will leave soon-to-be-declared candidate Paul Aronsohn with the job of dumping Rep. Scott Garrett, but some are doubtful about Aronsohn’s chances.

UPDATE: (Anne’s Press Release announcing her withdrawal appears below the fold)

A BlueJersey Exclusive!

This just in:

At next week’s Passaic County Freeholders Meeting, Passaic County’s all-democratic freeholder board will vote on a resolution to extend both health and pension benefits to its county employees.

The measure is expected to pass, making Passaic County the 6th in New Jersey to extend benefits to domestic partners of county workers.

(Take that Ocean County!)