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Quote of the Day comes from Rush Holt, writing at NJ350:

“In my office in West Windsor I display a small, glass-covered display box that a friend made and gave me. Inside is a doll-sized Albert Einstein, recognizable by his bushy moustache and the iconic fly-away white hair.  On the outside in all capital letters it reads: “BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.”  Everyone finds the curio amusing because all know Einstein has become the symbol for the universal wise man.  How did we come to view Einstein with such awe – as far more than an acclaimed physicist, even as someone who could solve any crisis, if only we would break the glass and set him free?


“If he were looking today, would Einstein move here?  Are we eagerly developing the new thinking that will take us into the future?  Some days I want to break the glass in the small display case in my office to see if Einstein’s attitude would flourish still in New Jersey and America.”

The above is just a snippet from a longer piece by Holt, about Albert Einstein and the claim on him by Princeton (in Holt’s CD12), and by New Jersey. For years, he was ours. What drew him here? Would New Jersey still draw him now? Read Holt on that.

QoTD: Dinosaurs

Rush Holt, asked on Reddit, What’s your favorite dinosaur?

For decades my favorite dinosaur was the brontosaurus only to be told by paleontologists that there was no such thing. Now I know how all the Pluto fans felt.


QoTD: De-Fatting

Today’s Quote of the Day comes via the sharpies at HuffPost Hill, the daily compendium of national political news, bathed in sarcasm and generally accompanied by a link to at least one hitherto unseen ridiculous animal video, map of American accents or flowcharts involving meatloaf, which all plops into my Inbox around dinnertime and gets opened nanoseconds afterward. Seriously run-on sentence, that was. But you see, this is what they do to me.

Its able editors are Eliot Nelson, Arthur Delaney & Ryan Grim. And here’s how they reported Chris Christie’s medical tidbit today, under the subhead: CHRIS CHRISTIE DE-FATTING:

The New Jersey Governor underwent surgery to transform himself from an obese and rude politician with a national profile to an overweight and rude politician with a national profile. The medical term for that is “Ted Cruz.”

QoTD Goes to Cory Booker: Equality and Inclusion

Cory Booker, co-chair of the Democratic National Platform Committee, on the inclusion of marriage equality this weekend to the party’s platform for the first time in its history:

We must stand as Democrats. We must stand for the middle class. We must stand for equality and inclusion and whether you are a single mother here in Detroit, whether you or a gay man in San Francisco, whether you are a blue collar worker in Newark, New Jersey, this is the party for you.

It should be also be noted the platform committee did not endorse the DREAM Act for the platform, so there might be some young folks here who don’t feel quite as included.

QoTD: Lesniak

“I cannot accept. I don’t intend to discount all the good works of the Boy Scouts, but their misguided policy of not allowing LGBT people is very troubling to me.”

That is Senator Ray Lesniak, turning down an honorary award from a North Jersey Boy Scouts group because of the national organization’s refusal to allow openly gay people to become members or leaders. This year, after a two year review, the Boy Scouts reaffirmed their policy of banning gay people, prompting a wave of Eagle Scouts returning their badges in protest.

The Girl Scouts, a separate organization, have no such policy.