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NJ-3’s Jim Saxton: Not Big on Diversity

I was just checking out Mr. Saxton’s TV ad (posted on his website), and thought it interesting.  Run this ad anywhere outside California and the Northeast, and you’d think it was a Democrat’s ad.  No mention of Iraq, no mention of his 100% rating by Christian Coalition, no mention of opposing stem cell research funding. 

But one thing that occurred to me after watching it, was the homogeneity.  I thought to myself, “did I just see nothing but fair-skinned Causcasians?”  No Latin Americans, No Arab Americans, No Indian-Americans, and No African Americans?  I played it back again, and I was wrong!  At the very last frame, an African-American man is waving at the very far right of the screen! 

But what can be expected of someone who is given very low scores in civil rights legislation.  NAACP has given Mr. Saxton scores less than 30 consistently.  Arab-American associations give him a consistent goose egg, and Latin-American assocations generally him him scores in the low 30s. 

NJ 3rd District Canvassing Update

I just completed a four hour shift canvassing for Rich Sexton in Mt Laurel.  The targeted neighborhood turned out to be a neighborhood nearly 90% “undeclared”.  This means an independent flavor, and reflects a neighborhood with a high percentage of voters who do not vote in the primary, as they have not made a party declaration.  This then also suggests lighter voters, as they do not vote in party primaries.  In other words, this is prime territory, because it is rich in independents, and it is rich in people who tend to skip non-presidential elections.

The great news is that we received many strong commitments to vote for Rich Sexton.  Again, the absolutely number one issue is Iraq.  And nearly everyone is opposed to the “stay the course” non-strategy.  This canvassing is the classic GOTV that wins elections, and if the concerned people of south Jersey show up and help with this critical GOTV, Rich will unquestionably pull out the win.  This is the stealth element of the campaign, and it flies right under Jim Saxton’s radar. 

Everyone who cares about this election should spend a minimum of one hour per week talking to voters.  There are still a surprising number of voters who are disgusted by the current Congress, but do not even know who is running in the 3rd District.  This is what GOTV overcomes.  Without GOTV, Jim Saxton gets default votes, by people who would not vote for him, if they understood his unflagging support for “STAYING THE COURSE”.

BTW, has anyone heard about canvassing efforts for Jim Saxton?  I have yet to discover anyone who expresses any passion or excitement for him.  It seems that his voting base is almost entirely based on casually informed voters, and a base of Republicans terrorified of a Democrat Congress. 

No Debate Mr Saxton? Then Just One Question Please….

Mr. Saxton (with an “A”):

We know you that you will avoid Rich Sexton’s challenge to three debates, at all costs.  Your campaign manager essentially admitted that to the Burlington County Times. 

You would think that competent leadership is willing to engage in civil debate on important issues that face our country.  Competent leadership would help our electorate to better understand the issues, and better understand the choices before them. 

Mr. Saxton, since you won’t debate Rich Sexton, I’ll just pose one question for you:

Do you believe that the American people should accept “staying the course” in Iraq? 

Nearly 2700 wonderful American lives lost.
Nearly 50,000 Iraqi lives lost.
Over one billion in tax payer dollars per week.
More terrorists in Iraq than four years ago.
No plan to finish the war, no end in sight.

Mr. Saxton:
Do you believe that the American people should accept “staying the course” in Iraq?

Thank you Mr. Saxton