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Draft Dana for Assembly

Dana WeferI’ve watched for two years now as Dana Wefer has struggled to bring good government to the citizens of Morris County.  For two years in a row, she has logged more miles, shaken more hands, and tallied more votes than any Democrat running for Freeholder in Morris County in decades.  There is no doubt in my mind that, were she to run for Freeholder this year, she would break her own records once again.

But, as badly as she is needed to help within Morris County, there is somewhere she is needed even more – in Trenton.  As an Assemblywoman.

New Jersey has a shortage of women who are willing to step out in front and lead the parade. Yes, the Assembly isn’t quite the “good ol’ boys club” it used to be, but it is in desperate need of fresh faces, strong young voices, and new ideas.  Dana, I believe, is more than qualified to be the first of our next generation of Democrats that will make New Jersey proud.

If you want to be a force for change in New Jersey, then join me by signing this pledge and convince Dana to run.

A huge progressive test in 2007: Reelecting Sen. Loretta Weinberg

On this, Blue Jersey’s one-year anniversary, it seems like the right time to look ahead to a watershed moment for our progressive community in 2007.  It’s in Bergen County, where state Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck, Hackensack, Englewood), one of the greatest progressive champions of our time, a woman who has sponsored and fought fiercely for every major progressive bill in the legislature since her election to the Assembly in 1992, may well be primaried by the Bergen County Democratic machine.