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FDU/ Public Mind Poll Has Clinton Up 10 Nationally

Farleigh Dickinson’s Public Mind Poll has Democrat Hillary Clinton hitting the magical 50% level nationally with a 10 point lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump who sits at a terrible 40%. With Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein included…
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PolitiFactNJ Calls Blue Jersey a “Democrat Blog”

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Marie Corfield posted a diary on Blue Jersey last week that has been “fact checked” by the good people over at PolitiFactNJ.  In this they demonstrate why no one, and I mean no one, should take “fact checkers” seriously.

Corfield, a public school teacher who ran unsuccessfully in November for the District 16 Assembly seat against incumbent Republican Donna Simon, criticized the state of jobs in New Jersey in a Dec. 30 column on the Democrat (sic) blog BlueJersey.com.

It’s the last three words that show how little facts matter to the “fact checkers.”  

First is “Democrat blog,” a phrasing that is not only ungrammatical but created and promoted by right-wing message gurus to sound contemptuous when talking about Democrats. The proper way to write this would be “Democratic blog,” but instead the “fact checkers” chose to use poor English and partisan language.  Odd for a “non-partisan” column.

And besides being poor writing, it’s simple not factual.  Blue Jersey is honored to have many Democrats write here, but it is definitively not the party organ that “Democrat blog” implies.

Just Friday, front pager Jeff Gardner slapped the Democratic Governor’s Association for having abandoned New Jersey in the last election.  Diarists regularly attack Democratic leaders, “Christiecrats” and what they consider poor policy decisions by Democrats, and many of these are front paged. Just look at the arguments over George Norcross buying the Philadelphia Inquirer or Steve Sweeney’s relationship with Governor Chris Christie. And, occasionally, Blue Jersey even praises a Republican for taking courageous votes on marriage equality, the death penalty or medical marijuana.

And that last point is really the issue here.  Blue Jersey will back the Democrat over the Republican 99 44/100s of the time, but not because we are a part of the “Democrat party.” Generally the site is to the left of the Democrats, but they’re closer to the site’s average view than the Republicans.  

Blue Jersey is a liberal blog, nice and simple. But it is not a “Democrat blog.”  That’s a fact.  

It’s also not “BlueJersey.com.”  That’s not the name of the site, but the domain it is hosted at.  The banner at the top of every page reads “Blue Jersey” and when a front pager, the leaders of the site, write about it it is called “Blue Jersey.” PolitiFactNJ couldn’t even get the name of the site correct, a pretty simple fact to check by just visiting the site.

Which brings us to the point: for all the parsing of language, the selection of minutiae, the judgement calls that the folks at PolitiFactNJ make they are not careful with the “facts” in their own work.  It’s just as easy to give them “Pants on Fire” or “Half True” or “Mostly True” ratings for some part of every article they write if you use their methods.  

Wanna give it a “Pants on Fire” rating?  Well, Blue Jersey is not a part pf the Democratic party, a Democrat (sic) blog, or called BlueJersey.com so the facts in that statement are 100 percent inaccurate.  So, “Pants on Fire”!

Or, how about a “Half True” rating?  There are people with official positions in the Democratic party, including Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and Hawthorne municipal chair Jeff Gardner who are given front page status on the site.  While not officially part of the Democratic party, Blue Jersey is connected to a lot of the leaders of the party.  So, “Half True”!

Or, let’s see about a “Mostly True” rating.  While the real name is Blue Jersey, many websites are referred to by their domain name, and while the Democratic party doesn’t control the site but many of its leaders are involved, the blog definitely supports Democrats over Republicans.  So, “Mostly True”!

And now that we have said, “On PolitiFactNJ the claims that Blue Jersey is called BlueJersey.com and is a part of the Democrat (sic) party is ‘Pants of Fire'” people will think the entire column is a lie.  This is what fact check columns like PolitiFactNJ eventually wind up doing, parsing words and assigning random and usually negative ratings, muddying the waters so that nothing anyone says is believed.  Democrats can use PolitiFactNJ to slam Republicans, Republicans can use PolitiFactNJ to slam Democrats, blah, blah, blah.

And yet the folks at PolitiFactNJ don’t get basic facts like a site’s name, affiliation or even the link to the blog post they’re talking about (it links to a tag on the post, not the post itself, so if that tag is used in the future Corfield’s post won’t be visible).  

No one on either side, or any side, should use PolitiFactNJ or any of the other alleged fact checking sites and columns out there as a weapon because it is always pointing in random directions and will hit you as often as not, deserved or not.

P.S. Yes, we know the PolitFactNJ column is actually PolitiFact New Jersey.  🙂

Stand with Senator Buono in her fight against the party bosses

The future of our Democratic Party is at stake. What is happening to Senator Barbara Buono, our Democratic Party nominee is disgraceful. Phil Alagia (Christie ally Joe DiVencenzo’s Chief of Staff) is organizing a challenge to Senator Buono’s choice for State Chair, Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell and her choice for vice-chair Lizette Delgado.

We must stand with Senator Buono in her fight to return the Democratic Party BACK to Democrats.

The Machine is backing politically connected lawyer Senator Ray Lesniak. Meet the real Ray Lesniak – See this article below where he brags about working against Democrat Linda Stender in her campaign for congress – http://www.politickernj.com/wa…

Please sign our petition at http://www.jerseydemocrats.com and Please forward this e-mail to 20 of your friends and ask them to visit http://www.jerseydemocrats.com to stand behind Senator Buono’s choice!

Can we count on you to forward this e-mail to 20 of your friends asking them to sign the petition?


Still Unsure

Friday I received the “Sample Ballot” for Tuesday’s primary vote.

As I read it over I was reminded that I am always pained at the abysmal lack of political knowledge I possess about what goes on in the world.

Like some others, I refer to Gov. Christie as “Governor 1%.” And while I would like to embrace Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial strike as a hopeful alternative to Christiecrats, I cannot.  This is primarily due to what I believe is a real-world fact: George Norcross is to NJ politicians what the Koch Brothers are to the GOP, and he has a reported interest in Buono’s candidacy.  In my estimation, that ain’t good.

So what’s a citizen to do?  

There is a name on the ballot I have never heard before, and I don’t know if mea culpas are in order because I have been politically negligent.  The name is Troy Webster, an aide to the anti-establishment Mayor of East Orange.

Google reveals that Webster has a campaign website, an online model of puritan plainess sans facebook or twitter icons.  A video of Webster announcing his candidacy to a modest crowd of friends on youtube reveals a relative lack of NJ Political savvy, a local “up-front-ness” which I find refreshing even if impractical.

A popular maxim makes the claim that if voting really made any difference “they’d” outlaw it.  In recent elections I’ve been afraid to vote outside the box because I’d be “throwing my vote away.”

As I check my email account, I notice that I’ve not received one request for money from Troy Webster.  Like many of us, I receive several requests for political contributions from different sources every day.  

And so, I’m wondering if “impractical” might not be preferable to “savvy.”  I’m wondering if it isn’t time to vote “outside the box.”

Pretty Sure Nancy Ward Is Not A State Senator

Oh my. Yes some juggling of word order would perhaps be better. Hope she fixes pronto. Promoted by Rosi.

Former Union County Freeholder Nancy Ward is running in a primary against Senator Nick Scutari in the 22nd district, and this is the mailing piece that just hit in the district.  I’m pretty sure Ms. Ward is not a State Senator.
Nancy Ward is not a State Senator

Republicans Stuck in A Pothole

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When the House GOP refused to take up relief for homeowners, businesses and local government reeling from Hurricane Sandy there was an outcry from the right, left, middle, up, down, around and many other aspirationally prepositional directions. It was stunning to see right wing stalwart Representative Peter King of New York suggest that anyone from NY or NJ (mentioning NJ at all was shocking) donating to Republicans was an idiot.  

Less stunning but still noteworthy was Republican Presidential hopeful Chris Christie attacking House GOP leadership – folks he’ll need to get the nod in 2016 or 2020 – for abandoning his state.  

Not stunning was that former maverick Leonard Lance (NJ-7) barely barked, though he did pose for group photos with people who did. This is a guy sold as a radically independent state Senator, and principled politician.  

But that’s beside the point.  What’s truly shocking is that anyone is surprised that the Republican House leadership refused to provide government help to people in need…

I was going to finish that sentence with “in three Northeastern blue states.”  But they didn’t blow off voting for Sandy relief because we’re Democrats.  Not because we like gay people, or at least think they should be treated as citizens.  Not for opposing stupid wars, supporting entitlements, loving the New Deal and Great Society, etc.

Nope.  They blew off a vote to provide life-saving support to devastated American citizens because they believe government should not do anything.

Christie, the Bush Republican

Governor Christie seems to have adopted a new political strategy: bludgeon Democrats with the label “Corzine Democrats.”

But if he wants to use the past to explain the political present, why aren’t Democrats hitting back by calling out Christie for what he is, a “Bush Republican”?

Christie would never have risen to power without the Rove-appointment to Attorney General as a reward for raising big bucks for President Bush.

But what’s worse is that Christie has adopted the same Bush economic policies. Magic budget numbers that don’t add up, a reckless tax cut predicated on politics, and an economy which he has managed to drive into a ditch.

He may have the political instincts of Karl Rove, but Chris Christie has made our state economy worse. The 47th economy in the country. Lagging behind our regional state peers. An inability to take the hard road which will lead to longterm economic success. A shortsighted view of governing. An inability to grasp economic realities.

New Jersey, say hello to Governor Christie, your Bush Republican.