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Canceled because of snow

The Progressive Social Hour at the Jersey Shore event, hosted by NJDSC Progressive Caucus, that was supposed to be tonight at Lighthouse Tavern in Waretown is canceled because of the snow. It will be rescheduled. Any questions go to njdscprogressives@gmail.com. And…
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Progressive’s Peter B. Lewis 1933-2013


“I am a progressive by birth, by nature, by philosophy – that’s the name of the insurance company I ran as well, which is coincidental – but I am a small “p” progressive. I don’t believe that laws against things that people do regularly, like safe and responsible use of marijuana, make any sense.”

                                                   – Peter B. Lewis 1933-2013

We don’t really cover business news here, except as the NJ-specific numbers  on indicators like job creation, unemployment, uninsured New Jerseyans, and economic recovery tell us about our quality of life here, and how Gov. Christie is doing (badly, generally). Or if there name is Zuckerberg.

But I just want to flag this for you, in case you didn’t see it.

A guy named Peter B. Lewis just died. He was the guy who ran Progressive Corporation – yes, Progressive Insurance, the people whose advertising features “Flo” the spokesperson with the Snooki bump in her hair.

So, why might you care?

Strength in Numbers – Tomorrow!

Progressive Day of ActionElections are all about numbers – more specifically, they’re about people, money and time. How many people you can get involved, how much money you can raise, and how much time is left to convince voters to support you. And one thing’s for sure – you can’t get more time.

But, while Governor Christie may have a huge fundraising advantage over Barbara Buono, there’s one way to overcome it:

People Power.

Slowly but surely, and against the odds, people power absolutely can close the gap between Christie and Buono, in spite of the barrage of negative television advertising paid for by Christie’s rightwing friends, and the millions of our taxpayer dollars spent on Christie’s self-promotion.

We’re definitely not where we want to be yet. But, the polls are tightening, and we need to keep that momentum going in the home stretch! (Selfish plug: it sure would help our down-ballot candidates!)

That’s why I was so excited to hear about plans for a Progressive Day of Action tomorrow, Saturday, September 28th, when democrats from around the state are joining together to help Senator Buono continue closing that gap.

To find a location near you for tomorrow’s Progressive Day of Action, click here, or see the complete list after the jump.

If you’ve been working hard all along, tomorrow will have extra people for extra fun! If you haven’t had a chance to volunteer, now is the perfect time to get involved!  

Why Voting Rush Holt Still Matters

Adam Green is the co-founder of Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a Somerset/Edison native, and a friend of Blue Jersey. Promoted by Rosi.

On the merits, Rush Holt deserves to be a U.S. Senator.

But today’s Senate race won’t be decided on the merits. It will be decided by who has the highest name recognition on a sleepy summer Election Day. We all know who that is, and that’s why the PCCC did not get actively involved in this election.

Here’s why your vote matters anyway.

Rush Holt used his campaign to expand the debate and really educate the public.

His awesome videos about about why we should tax Wall Street speculators and pass Elizabeth Warren’s student loan plan will be forwarded around for years to come — and impact future debates.

This is in stark contrast to those who say nothing real in their campaigns.

Rush Holt deserves to be rewarded for thinking big. We need him to keep doing that in Congress, where he will continue to serve.

So, please vote today and show Rush that you support his big ideas.

If you agree, click here to share this post on Facebook and Twitter. You can also donate to Holt’s 2014 re-election to Congress here

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