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Questions Real Leaders Answer

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Christie is no leader 

Executives, whether Mayor, Governor, President, or CEO, are selected in the hopes that their vision and leadership can move things forward. In the case of elected officials in particular, it is this leadership ability citizens demand and are allowed to voice their opinion on at the ballot box each November.

During Governor Christie's reëlection campaign, the notion of Christie's leadership was little attacked despite, what I believe are a plethora of immense leadership flaws that undermine his ability to effectively perform his executive duties and seriously inhibit policy successes.

Leadership mean many things to many people, so to even hold a conversation about Christie's lack of leadership savvy, it's probably necessary to establish a baseline for good leadership. What it specifically is not, is political savvy. While Christie may be one of the most politically savvy politicians ever, it should not stand in for his lacking leadership skills, and frankly, often times impairs his ability to lead. Christie knows how to turn over a news cycle, knows how to avoid statements that may impede his political aspirations, understands the power of scapegoating others possessing populist distrust (such as teacher unions, or government employee pensions), and controls media access to avoid facing difficult questions on legitimate failures during his tenure.

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Rob Andrews Joins Republicans in Voting for Torture

It’s been five years since 9/11 and the Republicans have nothing to show for it but a botched war that according to our intelligence agencies has made us more vulnerable to terrorist threats. So like any irresponsible student that waits until the last week to start working on that big paper, they panicked and slapped together a big load of crap that they could present to the voters. Most Democrats – at least those who’ve been paying attention in class for the last few years – didn’t buy it. Most, anyway.

But Congressman Rob Andrews joined NJ’s Republican Congressional delegation (and all but 7 Republicans in Congress) today in voting for an unconstitutional bill that allows the president to unilaterally reinterpret the Geneva Convention.

By lowering our standards and sanctioning torture, this bill will put our own troops at risk. Just as importantly, the intelligence community agrees that these techniques aren’t even effective at intelligence gathering since information gathered through torture is questionable at best. The biggest irony of all is that since this bill will surely be ruled unconstitutional, it might result in overturning or delaying the rightful punishment that terrorists are due.

What Rob Andrews and every Republican Congressman in our state did today is shameful. They have surrendered the moral high ground – or whatever was left of it – in exchange for….well, nothing. The Republicans will still lose in November, and Rob Andrews doesn’t even face a challenger. They just look weak. On the other hand, Congressmen Donald Payne, Rush Holt, Frank Pallone, Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman should all be commended for saying no to this cheap election year stunt.