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Quote of the Day

Steven Goldstein responds to a group of lawmakers seeking to write discrimination into the state constitution:

“The move to ban marriage for gay couples in the state has as much chance of succeeding as I have landing on Mars in the next hour.”

For future reference, the leaders of this movement in the Assembly:

  • Assemblyman Michael Doherty, R-Warren/Hunterdon
  • Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose, R-Sussex/Hunterdon/Morris
  • Quote of the Day

    Yesterday Attorney General Stuart Rabner announced that while mayors have the option to perform marriage ceremonies, those who choose to do them and decline to officiate over civil unions are in violation of the law. Steve Lonegan, the gift that keeps on giving/mayor of Bogata, responded:

    “I dare them to try to force me to do this. This is government mandated tolerance.”

    Quote of the Day

    Or night. And it’s actually from several weeks ago:

    The “Whites Only” fountain once dispensed the same water as the “Coloreds” one did; but the implications of having to walk the alternate line to obtain the H20 spoke volumes. While a separate civil unions system may not be quite as ugly as the brutal injustice that was racial segregation, the idea that one sect of the population must walk an alternate path in order to achieve the same objective is a notion that will always be wrong!

    Quote of the Day

    Today’s gem comes from The Record. Wow:

    “Gay marriage — it threatens the family just like drugs and gangs,” said the Rev. Gloria Harris, whose Beth El Church is in a tough Newark neighborhood.

    Right. Drugs and gangs couldn’t do it, but marriage equality will be the straw that breaks Newark. I always thought making a statement like this would get you booted from the gene pool. Do newspapers have lower standards? Someone remind me why the press takes these people seriously.

    Some people assume that Newark’s problems began during the riots of 1967. It’s not really true. Things were pretty bad as early as the 1910s. Lots of organized crime, rat infestations and rampant cholera. Still, people learned to cope and somehow survived. But then in 1920 their worst nightmares came true when women won the right to vote. It was like being hit by an organized choleric pack of rats, and since then, Newark has struggled to recover.

    Quotes of the Day

    Assemblyman Neil Cohen responds to Rush Limbaugh’s remarks that Michael J Fox was exagerrating his symptoms in the TV ads he made for some Senate candidates:

    “Considering Mr. Limbaugh’s unlawfully obtained controlled dangerous substances on a rather large scale, perhaps the cure for his self-admitted addiction can be found in stem-cell research. Since Mr. Limbaugh also was stopped attempting to board an airplane while possessing un-prescribed Viagra, he should understand that stem-cell research can cure ‘his little problem’ on that issue.”

    Sandra Toby-Heath, one of the plaintiffs in yesterday’s case:

    “Equal rights? I want the equal wording too,” Toby-Heath said. “You can turn the tables around on somebody and say, ‘Why don’t you do it then? Why don’t you become civil unionized?'”

    Quote of the Day

    Jeff Tittel, director of NJ’s Sierra Club chapter, commenting on waterfront development in Weehawken on and around chromium-contaminated sites:

    “We have finally created social equity in New Jersey,” Mr. Tittel said, “because we have people in $3 million condos living on top of toxic sites, not just working and poor people.”

    Quote of the Day

    I’m not sure why Tom Kean Jr even has a blog, since their campaign claims “you can’t believe what’s written on blogs,” but we’ll overlook that as the least worrisome of their inconsistencies. Today’s quote comes from the blog’s comments:

    “i love you Tom Kean you are the shiznit you are fat like a chicken wing”

    I just hope this isn’t the last time we need to use the shiznit tag.