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Barbara Buono on The Ed Show

Yes, I know I already posted video of another appearance by the Democratic nominee on MSNBC today. She’s made three such appearances on the network over the last couple weeks, according to her campaign. Christie gets plenty of attention, and you’ll hear some repetition of theme and slogan in this interview with Buono, but as his fundraising, paid TV spots and exposure dwarfs hers, I’ll just post this, with guest host Michael Dyson, for your consideration. A friendlier interview than the one with Martin Bashir.

Barbara Buono on Martin Bashir MSNBC (Video)

“If you can’t govern, you’d better well entertain.”

      – Martin O’Malley, Gov of MD & past president of Democratic Governors Association, discussing Gov. Chris Christie

Here is a 6-minute video of Senator Buono’s appearance  yesterday with an interrupting Martin Bashir. What I find frustrating about this has less to do with Buono than the host, who appears to fully grasp the negatives of the sitting governor – 44th in job creation, property taxes up about 20%, and unemployment way higher than national average – but persists in the face of those facts to address his guest only like loser material, and not a legitimate candidate on his show specifically to discuss those failings, not merely her standing in the polls. That’s not entirely his fault, though, Buono misses several opportunities to take better control of the interview. Live by the sword, die by the sword; this is what political TV interviews are like in the 24-hour news cycle. More interested in personality than issue, horse race over bedrock policy differences. Yes, even on MSNBC.

There is, finally, some substance. Buono has to set Bashir straight on what’s behind Christie’s dropping of legal efforts to stop marriage equality, Christie’s failure to release promised medical profiles. And finally, Christie’s continuing support for the architects of the shutdown, even as he tries to distance himself from his own party’s more objectionable Tea Party shutdowners by “objecting” to their actions (as he raises money to support them).

What do you think, Blue Jersey? Does this make a dent?

What’s Happening Today Wed. 10/23/2013

Christie’s financial mismanagement: One of the lingering effects of the shutdown is a lack of access to current federal data. The Federal Election Commission’s website, for example, indicates, “We are working to bring this section back online as quickly as possible.” The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as of now can only tell us unemployment rates in the states through August. Nonetheless, we don’t need current federal data to show that Christie’s financial stewardship has been a disaster.

We looked to NJ data where our state has reported on the revenue it has received. In September the State failed to meet its Revenue Budget of $2,557,400,000 by $(37,983,000). In the first three months of the new budget year (July-Sep) it likewise failed to meet its budget of $4,598,200,000 by $(62,040,000). One might think that with a gubernatorial election to be held on Nov 5, and September data to be available in late October the Governor’s officials might have budgeted cautiously in order to present a picture of meeting its budget at election time. Maybe they did, but their projection was flawed, and what we see now might be a harbinger of further failures in meeting their targets. We also know that the state saw a drop of 10,700 jobs in July, and 1,500 in August. Also, the most recent unemployment data we have for N. J. is for August at 8.5%, as compared to 8.1% for CT, 7.5% for DE, 7.6% for NY and 7.7% for PA.

Christie’s administration has been replete with failures in meeting budgets, lowering unemployment, and strengthening the economy. Today’s Rutgers/Eagleton poll concludes, “Voters remain persistently negative toward Christie’s efforts on what they perceive as the two most important issues facing the state, the economy and taxes.” It’s time for a new governor.


Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Barbara Buono: Due to a scheduling conflict, the press conference on gun violence at Ewing Cemetery has been postponed;  Milly Silva: 7:00pm, Cumberland County Democratic Leaders’ Reception, New Jersey Motorsports Park, 8000 Dividing Creek Rd., Millville.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 1100am, groundbreaking ceremony, the Keasbey redevelopment site for Competitive Power Ventures, Woodbridge Energy Center, Woodbridge;  Kim Guadagno: 6:30pm, speaks at the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce annual dinner, the Wildwood Convention.

9th LD Debate – Republican Incumbents vs. Democrats: 6:00pm, for Senate: Chris Connors (R) vs. Anthony Mazzella (D), and 7:00pm: for Assembly: Brian Rumpf (R) and Dianne Gove (R) vs Peter Ferwerda III (D) and Christopher McManus (D), both events at The Richard Stockton College, Campus Center Theatre, Galloway.

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Star-Ledger’s Christie endorsement: Anatomy of a Serious Journalistic Error & ICYMI: Maddow video

Star-Ledger probably didn’t gamble that it’s bizarre “endorsement” of Chris Christie would become national news. How do you think they’re handling it?

The Endorsement: Read it. Highlights: Christie is “”better at politics [than] at governing” … “achievements only modest” … Governor’s claim at fixing the state budget? “Fraudulent” …”Measurable failures” …”Hostile to low-income familes” …Property taxes “up sharply on his watch” …”His spin is way better than his substance”  All these things were said not about the candidate they didn’t endorse, but the one they did. Why didn’t they endorse Buono, then? Jersey Jazzman has the shorter Star-Ledger: Christie Stinks, But We Hate Teachers Unions More.

Braun: The best takedown is from former Ledger columnist, now blogger, Bob Braun. Simply put, Braun has the Ledger’s number. Quoting: “Most of the argument for Christie-in fact, all of the argument for him-is a rant against Barbara Buono who is guilty of the sin of offering support for, and receiving support from, teachers and their unions. This is typical of The Star-Ledger’s editorial obsession with  school privatization, its invention of “studies” that somehow prove charter schools are better than conventional public schools, and its hero worship of political bosses turned educational entrepreneurs like George Norcross and Steve Adubato.”

On Braun’s blog, Tom Moran gets defensive (and gets his facts wrong): Bob Braun’s entire post is golden. But you have to read through to the comments. Ledger editorial page editor Moran writes he’s “surprised” by Braun’s “indignant personal insults” and then goes on to, pretty much call Braun’s positions “nuts” and “conspiracy thinking”. And he shows how little he actually knows about education by crediting a charter advocacy group with a university affiliation it doesn’t actually have, which somebody has to correct him on.

Reader Poll: Today’s (non-scientific) reader poll is not supportive: Paper should have endorsed Buono 48-31% (at post time).  

More & the Maddow video ICYMI, below the fold.

Time Now For ENDA

promoted by Rosi

Although I am savoring the ever sweet memory of the wedding nuptials of my friends and the victory and the fact that I have myself now regained the right to marry my love, should we choose, there is also so much more that can be achieved for Equality.

Elections have consequences and the election of Cory Booker in New Jersey to fill the unexpired term of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg brings us a loud and definitive vote in favor of the fully inclusive LGBT Employment Non Discrimination Act, popularly known as ENDA.  Right now in 29 states a person can be fired for being or being perceived as gay and in 33 states for being or being perceived as transgender.  That’s it… goodbye! In Pennsylvania. Ohio and Florida, there are no statewide protections for gay and trans people. In New York State, you are covered if you are gay, but if you are trans…. Sayonara!

Some activists have argued that transpeople now have Federal employment protections. Indeed last month, September 2013, Cori McCreery, a 29-year-old transgender woman, reached a $50,000 settlement in an employment discrimination suit against her former employer.


What’s Happening Today Tue. 10/22/2013

Barbara Buono and Milly Silva to be in six counties today: Your opportunity to catch them in person or watch Buono on the Martin Bashir Show. Both seem more confident, articulate, and comfortable these days. (See schedule below.)

Supporters of M. E. Exhale Today: With Gov. Christie’s decision yesterday and a sound ruling from Judge Jacobson left in place, M.E. is on solid footing in NJ. Nonetheless, the Legislature should still pass pass a revised M. E. bill.

The Attorney General yesterday wrote to the NJ Supreme Court saying simply, “Please accept this letter as a withdrawal of the appeal in the above referenced matter [Garden State Equality v. Paula Dow]. With the State no longer pursuing an appeal, the ruling of Trenton Superior Court Assignment Judge Mary C. Jacobson on September 27 is left standing. Judge Jacobson’s ruling is particularly nice because it does not include exemptions or restrictions. It states forthrghly that “This unequal treatment requires that New Jersey extend civil marriage to same-sex couples to satisfy the equal protection guarantees of the New Jersey Constitution.” In effect same-sex couples should be treated no differently.

What’s next: The Legislature should pass a revised bill – something equally simple. It should forgo exemptions that seemed necessary in the past to gain passage, like the reliigous exemptions, which the court did not address. (These exemptions based on  the N. J. Constitution freedom of religion clause , I-4, should be no different for same-sex couples than for opposite-sex couples.) Also there may be need to clarify  the status of Civil Unions. As the Supreme Court never actually ruled on the Summary Judgment and left the basic decision at the Superior Court level there would be additional protection for M. E. with the Legislature’s imprimatur. Christie would be hard-pressed to veto what the Supreme Court left standing, but he might quibble with (conditionally veto) the bill, so a veto-proof majority makes sense and should be achievable in this new environment.


Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Barbara Buono: 10:45am, Meet the Candidates Event, Rossmoor Clubhouse, 437A Newport Way, Monroe Twp.;  Barbara Buono: 12noon, Campaign event, Hudson County Community College, 70 Sip Ave., Jersey City;  Barbara Buono: 1:00pm, College Forum, Bergen Community College, 400 Paramus Rd, Paramus;  Barbara Buono: 4:00pm, Martin Bashir Interview, MSNBC;  Barbara Buono: 6:30pm, Keynote Speech, Rider University, 2083 Lawrenceville Rd., Lawrence Township;  Milly Silva: 7:45pm, fundraiser for Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, Nanina’s in the Park, 540 Mill St., Belleville;  Milly Silva: 8:30pm, Democrats for Hawthorne Campaign Rally, Fire Company #2, 10 Llewellyn Ave., Hawthorne.

Christie/Gudagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 11:00am, a Sandy housing and rental assistance program announcement, Meadowlands Family Success Center, Little Ferry.

Reps. Donald M. Payne, Jr. (NJ-10), Frank J. Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06), Rush Holt (NJ-12), and Leonard Lance (NJ-07) with U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Patricia Hoffman and PSE&G President Ralph LaRossa: 11:00am, press conference to hiighlight the need to invest in strengthening our power grid systems to prepare for future disasters, PSE&G Building, 80 Park Plaza, Newark.

Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage: 11:30am, Press conference on climate change, its impact, and preparation for the future, Elizabeth Marina, intersection of Elizabeth Ave. and Front St., Elizabeth.

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Surprise! The Inquirer Endorses Christie

There’s an “endorsement” of Chris Christie for re-election in this morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer. It’s kind of odd.

While they give him credit for embracing President Obama in exchange for Superstorm Sandy aid, they say in the same paragraph, “he has imposed a measure of fiscal discipline.”


Let’s look at Christie’s record of fiscal discipline.

At the beginning of his term, he unilaterally cancelled the ARC tunnel, a project that was largely funded by federal aid and would have created tens of thousands of economy-stimulating jobs. That’s fiscal discipline?

After the storm, he unilaterally gave the clean-up contract to a politically-connected Republican firm which charged more that twice as much for debris removal as other reputable firms. That’s fiscal discipline?

When the Affordable Health Care act was affirmed multiple times, Christie turned down federal aid for assisting with the sign-up process. Aid that would be spent in New Jersey and would go back into our economy. That’s fiscal discipline?

After what was to be secret meeting with the Koch Brothers, Christie unilaterally pulled the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, killing 1,800 New Jersey jobs. That’s fiscal discipline?

When it became necessary to hold a special election for United States Senator, Christie decided to squander millions of dollars on a Wednesday vote in order to maintain his own placement on the top line of the ballot. That’s fiscal discipline?

When it came time to appoint a superintendent to run Camden’s schools, Christie chose an inexperienced hedge fund manager and waived the salary cap. That’s fiscal discipline?

The list goes on and on. Apparently, the Inquirer interprets fiscal discipline as “balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class.”

The Inquirer does get a few things right in their “endorsement” pointing out

Christie has wrongly demonized teachers and abandoned a school aid formula that attached funding to at-risk children. And he should forget about an income-tax cut that would favor the wealthy and unnecessarily reduce state revenue.

Christie’s opposition to same-sex marriage and Planned Parenthood funding are retrograde. And he should improve his poor environmental record by replenishing open-space funds and setting more ambitious clean-energy goals.

Christie has also shown an unfortunate tendency to be self-serving.

The editorial mentions that Democratic party leaders have failed to embrace the candidacy of Christie’s opponent, Barbara Buono. What they fail to mention is that one of those Democratic leaders is a part-owner of the paper. And while there’s supposed to be a separation between editorial positions and newspaper management, there’s no doubt in my mind that the “old” Inky would have gone with the right choice and endorsed Barbara Buono

Milly Silva at Small Business Rally

Win or lose, one of the most delightful surprises of this year’s New Jersey gubernatorial election is Milly Silva, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. This is Silva’s first foray into politics, and hopefully won’t be her last. She’s smart, to the point, and stands with Barbara Buono on the issues that affect workers and the middle class.

At yesterday’s rally for Barbara Buono, with special guest Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Silva did not have much time to present remarks, but I hope we hear more from her in the days to come.

“You Have Better in Buono”

That was the call from Maryland Governor (and potential 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee) Martin O’Malley in front of Be Beautiful Parlor, a small minority-owned business just blocks from the State Capitol in Trenton this afternoon. And he speaks with credibility. While Maryland came out of the Bush recession with a current unemployment rate of 7.0%, Christie’s New Jesey is consistently above the national average and is now at 8.5%

Following remarks by Lieutenant Governor candidate Milly Silva and the Democratic nominee Barbara Buono, O’Malley proceeded to list many of the failures of the Christie administration and why we need a change.

O’Malley acknowledged Christie’s rock star status saying “If you can’t govern, you better entertain” and listed Buono’s governing accomplishments through her years as a public servant.