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Netroots Nation – Day 1

Attending a Netroots Nation conference is akin to drinking from a fire hose. There’s so much going on that it’s difficult to absorb a lot of it.

The last Netroots that I attended was in 2013 – a year that only New Jersey and Virginia had races that had some sort of national attention. Both winners were national figures – Chris Christie for his mouth and Terry McAuliffe for his close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Barbara Buono was there as the progressive challenger to Christie, so there was a good amount of New Jersey interest. This year, Christie is just another gnat in the clown car, and there’s not much New Jersey interest or presence here. But that doesn’t mean that progressive issues are not important to Blue Jersey readers or New Jersey residents.

This year’s conference is in Phoenix. That was not a non-controversial choice and some long-time supporters are not here, protesting the actions of the repressive state government. But Phoenix was chosen to emphasize this year’s theme – comprehensive immigration reform.

Phoenix Convention Center

2017: President Christie is in the White House. Who Gets the Credit?

So Chris Christie is running for president. No surprise there. Chances are he will never inhabit the living quarters of the White House. But the election is a year and a half away and anything could happen. Suppose he does become our next president. Who would get the “credit” for this upset?

Certainly, a lot of the credit would go to Christie himself. He wants it badly and is willing to do whatever it takes (ethical or unethical) to reach the Oval Office. His whirlwind tour of the other 49 states has just begun, and he’ll throw in a couple of overseas visits to “establish” his foreign policy creds. He would win debates with Hillary Clinton on style points, and that’s sufficient as most of the electorate can be swayed on the issues.

Here’s how the DNC is dogging White House wannabe Chris Christie today

If you’re like me, you wondered where the living hell the DNC (and the DGA) were 2 years ago when they were all Barbara Buono’s got cooties hands-off during Chris Christie’s re-election campaign. Dems asleep at the switch is a huge reason Christie was allowed to become the wrecking ball he is today. But I guess it was a little challenging for the national Dems to pile in when so many of the state Dems were quietly undermining the Democratic nominee for governor as they fed off Christie’s reflected glory while he still had some. Precious moments some Dems prefer you forget (oh hai Steve Sweeney).

But that was then and this is now. And I just want to point you to something that’s probably already sitting in your Inbox – a near-perfect email from DNC Research Director Laura Dillon (follow her on Twitter).

Why do I like this so much? Two reasons: (1) Email itself is short & punchy (but nicely linky) and (2) The last link takes you to a sweet outline of who Christie really is that just happens to be the perfect thing you can send to the yammering winger who’s bothering you on Facebook or your undecided uncle in whatever early-primary state.

Some people won’t click that last link, so I’m going to just shut up now and send you there right now. Share the hell out of it.

And hey – Does this Vine get you fired up for Tuesday?

Apparently Obama Didn’t Ignore Buono Because of the First Letter in Her Name

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Ohhh, great news for the Cory Booker (D) campaign — President Barack Obama (D) taped a radio ad for Booker to help him overcome the 16 point lead he has over Jeff Bell (R).  

But gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono (D) got nothing last year from Obama, actually less than nothing since Obama took the time to hang out with Chris Christie (R) at the shore and take photos with him while declining to hold a fundraiser, meet with or do anything to help Buono.

The only reason people could think of was that Obama didn’t like people who’s last name started with B.  I mean, it couldn’t be support for frontrunners like Bill de Blasio (D) over in New York, wanting to be with winners and not giving support to long shots.

But now that Obama has backed Booker we know B be not the reason Buono got less than zero.  

I wonder what it was, then?

The Path Toward Reducing Inequality in NJ – Part V

In Part IV of this series we concentrated on inequality in income (wages, salaries, dividends, etc.). In Part V we now look at inequality in wealth (cash, stocks, bonds, homes, land, etc) as well as examining the corporate world which contributes so much to inequality. Part V ends with a suggested first step.

Reducing inequality requires broad-based policies as no one legislative bill or regulation will address the varied responses needed. Thomas Piketty in Capitalism in the 21st Century ends his book with a call for a global tax on wealth, which theoretically makes sense. However as Clive Crook explains in a Bloomberg piece, flight to low-tax jurisdictions and the difficulty of creating an annual accounting of an individual’s wealth make the task daunting.  

The best approach to reduce wealth inequality is to change our low inheritance tax which is the single largest contributor to high wealth accumulation.  In NJ inheritance tax rises on a graduated basis to 16%, but there is no such tax for parents, spouses or children of a decedent, as with Donald Newhouse whose publishing empire inheritance came from his father. Creating such a state tax rising from 5% on $100,000 to 25% over $2 million would help to level the playing field for those whose parents are not wealthy.