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QOTD: Codey On Christie Giving NJ The Finger

Big news week. We’ll be doing some diary rescue all day for good stuff that didn’t make it to the front page yet. Promoted by Rosi

Governor Senator Dick Codey is usually good for a laugh, and for standing up to stupid stuff.  Here’s his line today about Governor Chris Christie’s inexplicable decision to hold two general elections in 20 days.

It’s as if he gave the residents of this state the finger and that finger will cost $24 million.


Rush Holt: Rocket Scientist & Mechanic & Jeopardy Winner & Jeopardy Host

I collect winning anecdotes about my old boss, Representative (he prefers it to Congressman) Rush Holt, this is a new favorite. Can’t help it. He’s a cool dude. Here’s a new one, from my friend, Deputy COS/District Director Sarah Steward:

You’d know that you work for a good guy if he was out of the car before you knew it, kneeling in a puddle, changing your flat tire on the side of the road in Trenton without making you feel dumb even though your own foolish driving mistake was to blame for the popped tire. If, you know, such a theoretical thing ever happened. In unrelated news: I work for a good guy.

So right. Last night, Rush was a hands-on trainer at Princeton meeting – hosted by ACLU-NJ, Garden State Equality & the Unitarians- teaching how to lobby legislators to vote to override Christie’s veto on marriage. You don’t often find people in Holt’s position giving out the secrets of what makes people like him, or legislators, tick. Very useful.

Jeopardy: We don’t usually note fundraisers here, but one I want to is Rush Holt’s Jeopardy fundraiser Thursday night. Holt, 5-time Jeopardy winner and the man who reduced the mighty IBM supercomputer Watson to a helpless little Atari in Jeopardy, will play Alex Trebek to a bunch of smartypantses.


Tom Byrne (former Dem state chair)

Marie Corfield, LD-16 Assembly candidate, former Jeopardy contestant for reals

Lizette Delgado-Polanco, SEIU ED & Buono’s pick for DSC vice-chair

Princeton Prof. Jeffrey Eugenides Pulitzer Prize winning author

Gov. Jim Florio (defending his title as 2012 winner)

Professor Sean Wilentz, Bancroft Prize-winning historian on the Princeton faculty

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, NJDSC chair


Gov. Richard J. Codey

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, chair Buono for Governor  

This event’s always fun, the contestants fun. And I’m pumped my candidate and friend Marie Corfield is playing. But I’m a mass of jelly to meet one of my favorite authors, Jeffrey Eugenides, now on the Princeton faculty teaching creative writing, and the author of Middlesex (which shed much light for me on what life can be like for an intersex person, like one of my friends is) and captured 1967 Detroit perfectly, the year I moved there. And The Virgin Suicides, so good.

Got a cool fundraiser coming up? Hit us up in comments.  

It’s a Good Day to Endorse Barbara Buono

And that must be why everybody’s doing it. Right? Right?

Yesterday was the watershed day for Barbara Buono’s march toward the Democratic nomination for Governor, with Frank Pallone lending his very public support and NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney taking himself out of consideration on the same day. Yesterday also brought the endorsement of Rep. Bill Pascrell, who had been considering running for the nomination himself. Pascrell was the last shoe to fall as a succession of Democrats – Cory Booker, Dick Codey, and Sweeney – took themselves out of the running and the narrative of Anybody But Buono gave way to Buono’s own narrative, one of forward-leaning, progressive change for New Jersey.

It wasn’t an easy month in New Jersey Democratic politics. We should make the next part considerably more fun.

Today, the endorsements came (so far) in 3 big chunks:

1. South Jersey Dems: Includes both SJ electeds in leadership, Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, the entire  SJ Democratic state  legislative delegation and all seven Democratic  county  party chairs. Their statement of support comes after unelected strongman George Norcross’ ‘non-endorsement endorsement’ of Buono, from a long list of people who agree with Buono on some things and have voted differently than she did on others.

Read the South Jersey Democrats’ ‘Open Letter’ here.

2. Dick Codey: Codey’s statement discusses Buono’s history as a progressive leader, including economic issues, health care policy, investment in public education, and gun control and spotlights her history as NJ’s first ever woman to become Senate Majority Leader.

Read Codey’s statement here.

3. Democratic Governors Assn. (DGA) Chair Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin: In December, Buono, the only Democrat in the race for Governor, traveled to Los Angeles for the annual conference of the DGA. Shumlin’s statement focused on Christie’s failings, particularly what we in New Jersey understand as his much-advertised but undelivered ‘Jersey Comeback’.

Read Gov. Peter Shumlin’s statement here.

Dick Codey Endorsement of Barbara Buono

Dick Codey, who last week took himself out of consideration for the 2013 Democratic nomination for Governor, released this statement of support for Sen. Barbara Buono’s candidacy today:

I am proud to lend my name in support to the candidacy for Governor of New Jersey to Senator Barbara Buono. Senator Buono represents an independent voice that answers only to the residents of this State.

Senator Buono has distinguished herself as a progressive leader over the course of her career. She has been a leader through the years in the fight to expand access to health care and has fought the governor’s cuts to women’s health funding. She has consistently stood up for middle class New Jerseyans and fought to ease their burden by imposing a surcharge on millionaires. She has always understood the importance of the State’s investment in our public schools and higher education and has clearly articulated the long-term negative impacts of the cuts to both during this administration. She has never hesitated in calling for restrictions on assault weapons and as Chair of the Budget Committee she passed balanced budgets and scores of job creation initiatives.

As the first female Senate Majority Leader in the history of the State, she showed her leadership and her commitment to her working class roots. I am confident as the campaign takes hold the voters of New Jersey will rally around her candidacy and we will soon call her Governor Buono.

Buono Statement on Codey Announcement

Here is Senator Buono’s statement following the announcement by Senator Dick Codey will not seek his party’s nomination for Governor:  

“Governor Codey’s life has been defined by his strong affinity for public service.  As an Assemblyman, as a Senator, and as Governor, he has led the charge in the fight for New Jersey’s middle class taxpayers.

Governor Codey’s legacy has always been that of someone willing to take on those tough fights with grace and humility and I am proud to have served with him in the Senate just as I am proud to call him a friend.  

Under Governor Christie, New Jersey’s working and middle class has suffered from the highest unemployment rate in three decades, soaring property taxes, and a troubling lack of educational opportunity.  The only way to change direction is to change our leader.

I’m proud of the support that our campaign has generated these past few weeks.  As we march towards Election Day, we’ll continue to move around the state and talk to everyday families about our plan for getting New Jersey back to work and giving our kids the education they deserve.”

Codey Statement, Declining to Seek Democratic Nomination for Governor

Former Governor Richard J. Codey announced today that he would not be seeking the Democratic Party nomination for governor. Here is his statement in full:

“After talking with my family, friends and other advisers and weighing the impact of a campaign on my family life, I have decided not to seek the nomination,” said Sen. Codey (D-Essex/Morris). “I want to thank my friends and supporters throughout the state who encouraged me to run and provided counsel during this process, especially Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senator Ray Lesniak.”

“I will enthusiastically back whomever the nominee is and do all that I can in support,” Codey said. “As a senator and governor, I have been a voice for many voiceless New Jerseyans. I will continue to serve in Trenton and seek re-election.”

“In these roles, and in my role as a business owner and family provider, I will continue,” he said.

Codey recently purchased a second funeral home and will continue his family’s 100-year legacy in the industry.

Codey is forming a foundation, The Codey Foundation on Mental Health, with his wife Mary Jo to aid people with mental illness and he looks forward to continuing his career in Trenton as an independent voice in the State.

PNJ Reports Codey Not Running for Governor

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UPDATE: Apparently Dick Codey’s office sent out a missive confirming he’s not running.

UPDATE: Codey’s full statement is here.

UPDATE: Buono’s full statement is here.

Well, PolitickerNJ is reporting that the field has cleared a bit for Barbara Buono as their sources say Dick Codey will not be running.  Codey was governor after Jim McGreevey resigned, and declined to run for election after Jon Corzine flooded the field with cash.

Two sources with knowledge of former Gov. Dick Codey’s intentions told PolitickerNJ the Essex County senator will not run for governor. Codey began informing high-ranking Democrats this morning.

PNJ also says that Steve Sweeney is still considering running, but other than that it looks like smooth sailing for Senator Buono.

Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage Not Running For Governor?

Back in the summer Senator Ray Lesniak said that if Cory Booker didn’t run the Senator was backing Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage.  However, with no announcement from Mayor Bollwage regarding his run, today on Facebook Senator Lesniak backed Dick Codey.

Honk if you like Codey for Governor. Now that Corey Booker has chosen not to run, Codey is our Obi Wan Kenobi.

The clear implication being Mayor Bollwage is not running.

And the endorsement is not exactly glowing, since Lesniak suggests Codey is our “Obi wan Kenobi.”  Fans of Star Wars know that Kenobi got repeatedly whooped by Chris Christie Darth Vader.  Not exactly what we need in the general election.

Dick Codey: Having Fun with YouTube, Teasing us with hints at a Gov race

Sen. Dick Codey has his own fleece, and his own boxer’s robe (or maybe it’s the homey, comfy kind). He turns on the video camera for some fun. And he pulls in NJ boxing legend Chuck Wepner, who once went 15 rounds with Muhammed Ali, for a little training help, teasing us a little and encouraging speculation that he might be getting ready not only to spar with Chris Christie, but media hotshot Cory Booker.

Big fun. What do you think, Blue Jersey?