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#SciencePolicyFriday: New Jersey Science Policy Roundup

SciPoliFri_Box.gifThis week’s column is a collection of interesting articles from across various science and technology policy spectrums, from state-wide energy system changes to environmental sustainability designs and more! Stay informed and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in our next few columns.  Perhaps you’d like to hear about autonomous vehicles, bio pharmaceuticals, climate change adaptation along the Jersey Shore? Let us know and have a great weekend! 

Thanks to my science and environment intern Arcadia Lee for research and drafting this article. Thank you to NJ Spotlight and NJ.com for their continued coverage of these important issues to the state of New Jersey. Cross-posted at www.DanBenson.com

NJ Energy Policy

Critics of Energy Master Plan Make Opinions Heard at Public Hearing – NJ Spotlight

The NJ Board of Public Utilities hosts the first of three public hearings on the Energy Master Plan

Bill Could Mean More Money to Small Businesses, Residents with Solar Panels – NJ Spotlight

“Christie signs law that increases cap on net metering, letting New Jersey residents earn more for electricity their solar panels produce.”

Power-Grid Operator PJM Hands Off High-Speed Transmission Project – NJ Spotlight

PJM moves to strengthen the reliability of southern NJ’s energy system with a project assigned to PSE&G, Pepco Holdings, Inc. and LS Power.

Power-Grid Operator Pledges to Work Closely With Natural-Gas Sector – NJ Spotlight

“PJM agreement seeks to ensure reliability as coal-fired plants are phased out and more gas-fired units are built.”

More on Tech Policy and Environmental Policy below.

Net Neutrality WIN / Municipal Broadband WIN

Two good things out of Washington today – better than this embarrassment also that also happened there today.

Net Neutrality:The FCC passed net neutrality rules based on the strongest legal authority-Title II of the Telecommunications Act-to keep access from being controlled by corporations acting in their own interest, and not in the public’s interest. Vote was 3-2, Democrats for, Republicans against. Before the meeting, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler reached out his arms to clasp the hands of fellow Democrats Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel (it’s a great photo). The new policy, he said, will ensure “that no one – whether government or corporate – should control free open access to the Internet.”

We also have President Barack Obama to thank for this.

Verizon, predictably, decided to be a dick.

New York Times:

Tom Wheeler, the commission chairman, said the F.C.C. was using “all the tools in our toolbox to protect innovators and consumers” and preserve the Internet’s role as a “core of free expression and democratic principles.”

More on the landmark net neutrality vote, FCC’s municipal broadband ruling and comments on both from Sen. Cory Booker – on the jump page.