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Editorial Boards to Lautenberg: Come Out of Hiding

A few months ago, we here at Blue Jersey discussed the imperiled plight of the Red Knot bird, whose numbers are dwindling. The Red Knot is targeted for the endangered species list, and its sightings are getting rarer and rarer in the state.

Red Knot

Like the Red Knot, another native species, the frankus lautenbergus, has also become a rare commodity in the state, so much so that even editorial boards are calling for the organism to return to his state for some face time.

Kidding aside, multiple editorial boards have all but called Lautenberg a coward for not agreeing to multiple debates in multiple formats (the 3 a.m. equivalent on NJN notwithstanding) and for being generally absent from the campaign trail.

Rob Andrews, Gubernatorial Candidate

Rob Andrews has been playing the debate card for the entire month and a half he’s been in the race for US Senate, and over the last week or so Frank Lautenberg agreed to two debates.

But Andrews doesn’t think that’s enough.  He wants more.  I just got this in my e-mail (I get stuff from both campaigns though I signed up for neither):

Democrats Must Nominate Most Electable Candidate
Lautenberg’s Failure to Debate a Clear Sign of Weakness for November

Weakness in November?  Oh, give me a break.  If this is the best the Andrews camp can come up with then they have nothing.  The whole “electability” argument that extrapolates general election results from primary campaign tactics isn’t working for Hillary Clinton, and it won’t work for Rob Andrews.  

This simply shows more and more that Andrews isn’t looking to win this June, though I am sure he’d be happy if he did.  No, the reason Andrews wants a debate on New York’s ABC-TV is so that he can get face time in front of the part of the state that has no idea who he is.

It’s the same as before where he sued the counties where he had a bad line placement for open primaries but not the ones where he had good placement.  

Basically Andrews wants a chance to get in front of the North Jersey audience because that helps him as he prepares for a possible run for Governor next year.  Lautenberg doesn’t want Andrews to get in front of so many people because that hurts Lautenberg as he runs for reelection.  Both tactics make perfect sense for the campaigns that are taking them, and pretending it’s some sort of outrage is silly.

Lautenberg has already agreed to debate twice, which for a 70 day campaign that no one expected is really not out of line.  In fact, one would have been appropriate, since this is a primary.  The fact that we had 7,556,432,564,321.0089 debates for the Presidential primary notwithstanding.

So if Andrews wants to win this or any other campaign he really needs to get over this whole obsession with face time and start presenting real political and policy differences he has with Lautenberg.  Otherwise it just looks like opportunism.

The Debate over Debates

Congressman Rob Andrews, who is challenging Senator Frank Lautenberg in the Democratic Primary for the United States Senate in New Jersey, has demanded that Senator Lautenberg debate him seven times before the June Primary.  Senator Lautenberg has accepted two debate invitations and declined all others, but has indicated he may agree to additional debates with Congressman Andrews before the Primary.  Julie Roginsky, Mr. Lautenberg’s campaign spokesperson, has said that the Senator is maintaining a full Senate schedule, which precludes him from participating in many debates.  Are both Congressman Andrews and Senator Lautenberg playing politics?  

Why Is Rob Andrews Ducking Debates???

Yes, you read that right: Why Is Rob Andrews Ducking Debates???

Let us not forget that in the fall of 2007 the whole NJ congressional delegation held a meeting that was intended to specifically air out and deal with the questions around who would be the Democratic nominee for Senate in 2008.

Obviously, it would have been in the best interests of the party and of the people of NJ (if you believe that electing a Democrat to the Senate is a good outcome)  that a bloody and divisive primary battle be avoided if possible.

Clearly, the incumbent, Senator Lautenberg wasn’t/isn’t ready/willing to retire.  

He, obviously, was able to convince all the participants present at that table that evening that he was sufficiently competent to run again and to continue to do a good job as a Senator.

Then all agreed to “back off” and to allow him to run unopposed by anyone present.

OK, so now that we’ve set the scene a wee bit….where does my question  

Why Is Rob Andrews Ducking Debates???

come into the picture?

For some answers see below…

Lautenberg Refuses to Debate at Stockton College

Are you disappointed that there have been no debates yet between Andrews and Lautenberg? So am I. And if the Lautenberg camp gets its way, there may be no debates whatsoever, judging from Lautenberg’s recent refusal to debate Andrews at Richard Stockton College. With an excuse that we should get used to hearing, the Lautenberg folks (again, it’s his media handlers, who seemingly control his campaign, speaking for him) have made “senate business” a repeated excuse for not scheduling any debates

“He won’t skip Senate votes to campaign,” Lautenberg spokeswoman Julie Roginsky said

One Andrews wants debates, but does the other?

Rob Andrews recently challenged Frank Lautenberg to a series of seven debates ahead of the June primary. Now, NJ-01 Republican candidate Dale Glading is asking Andrews’s wife, the presumptive favorite to win the Democratic nomination to replace her husband the House, to debate before the June primary.

Glading’s request to debate a Democrat before the primary is ridiculous, considering he has a primary opponent of his own in Ron Paul/Murray Sabrin-supporter Fernando Powers. But what would Camille Andrews say if Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad or either of the other two Democrats that filed in NJ-01 asked her to debate?

Stender-Ferguson Debate: How Does She WIN?

Yes, folks, it’s ON! It’s the Knockdown in North Branch! The Rumble in Raritan Valley! Stender the Defender vs. Flim-Flam Fergie in a no-holds barred verbal showdown!

OK, maybe that’s over the top – still…

What is it going to take for Linda to cut Mike down to size? What’s the strategy? Where does she strike first?

I propose a little debate prep here as Linda Stender tunes up for the main event: Sunday, October 29, 2006, 2:00 PM, Raritan Valley Community College.

My suggestions below the jump – add your own, and watch Mike get CRUSHED!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Trust me, Mike – losing a debate is not fun…

NJ7 – Ferguson is a COWARD!

There’s no other word for it: Mike Ferguson is a COWARD. He is ducking debates with Linda Stender:


Why? Because he knows that after a career of being a Bush stooge, the ONLY chance he has to win is to keep Stender’s name recognition low.

But all voters in NJ-7 deserve to hear a real debate about the real issues that face our country.

Be a man, Mike – debate Linda Stender!

Meet the Press Debate: Downsides, Please?

I wanted to know more about why Kean Jr. is ducking the League of Women Voters’ debate, and found that he wants a debate October 22nd on Meet the Press.

Kean’s campaign released its letter to the league. The letter, from campaign manager Evan Kozlow, said it would “not be accepting any further debates” until Menendez debates Kean on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Menendez had declined that debate, saying he wanted to concentrate on debates hosted by local media outlets and organizations.

Why not? Kean Jr. got owned by Bob in the debates.

I do not see a downside for Kean getting his ass kicked in front of a national audience (not to mention one more time in NJ). Who knows, maybe Republican donors around the country will actually see this wet noodle of a candidate and have second thoughts about where the NRSC is sending their money?