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Gun Debate

In light of current events with gun control and violence, one place that must feel heat is Wild West City. It’s located in Netcong New Jersey. The town is a recreation of a wild west city with train rides, horses and gunslingers.

One has to wonder in today’s climate how such a place can thrive in New Jersey. In the first place, they do have train rides, music, authors and activities from May to October, its not just gunslingers.

In what is probably a good business move and just plain sense, they have a written out policy on gun violence on their website. The summary of the policy is that guns were needed and plentiful in the old west. That doesn’t mean the situation is the same today. Guns are weapons and are to be treated with responsibility.  

You don’t hear an articulate thought like that in the current debate. The statement wasn’t about votes. It wasn’t about hoarding weaponry, it was a statement of fact meant to offend no one. I hope this place can continue to educate and excite patrons through the summer.  

CD02: Will LoBiondo debate?

Screen Shot Debate clock Bill Hughes for Congress
Above: Snapshot of LoBiondo Debate Clock from Bill Hughes for Congress site

A week ago, Bill Hughes’ campaign issued a challenge to Rep. Frank LoBiondo, who has been the congressman in New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district for nearly 20 years. Hughes, the Democratic candidate, invited him to a series of eight debates around the district.

Hughes’ campaign manager Keith Rosendahl says LoBiondo’s campaign never answered, so now they’re throwing a ‘debate clock’ into their website.  It’s not unusual for an upstart campaign to pressure a comfy incumbent to defend his voting record, or for the incumbent to ignore until damn good and ready. And no, I don’t think Hughes is ever going to get 8 debates out of LoBiondo. LoBo’d never expose himself that way. Incumbents rarely do (though if they had balls, they should welcome the chance).

What is noteworthy is how long it’s been since LoBiondo said Yes to a debate: 2,094 days. In 2008 – 3 cycles ago – when he debated Dem David Kurkowski. That was on the campus of Stockton College, sponsored by the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy. The Center’s named for Bill Hughes’ father, the former congressman and ambassador who held the House seat for 20 years (1974-1995) before LoBiondo.

LoBiondo ran against the senior Hughes twice, and was clobbered by Hughes senior in 1992. But 1994 was the year of the so-called Republican Revolution, when Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay helped sweep in a whole herd of young, eager beaver, Reagan-worshipping Republicans. The Contract for America, the neocon surge.

That all seems rather outdated. Doesn’t it?

Frankly, there’s plenty to debate and I don’t think even LoBiondo should be allowed to float by this on a lazy river of complacent incumbency. Atlantic City casinos are dropping like flies, and soon 20% of the casino workforce will be jobless. Regional unemployment is 12.6%, says Hughes. He sure wants to talk about that. LoBiondo should address it too. And not only Democrats but all the voters of CD02 deserve that discussion, including Republicans that have voted for LoBiondo in the past.  

CD12 Democratic Debate Season – Starts Tonight in Princeton

In the race to succeed Rush Holt in Congress, there are four Democratic candidates; alphabetically Upendra Chivukula, Linda Greenstein, Bonnie Watson Coleman and Andrew Zwicker. Tonight, we’ll have our first chance to see how they stack up against each other, as the League of Women Voters moderates the first debate of the short campaign season that will produce a Democratic nominee in June. Whoever that is, will likely win November in this reliably Democratic distict.  

Tonight’s Debate 7pm – Democratic Primary Candidates

Witherspoon Hall, 400 Witherspoon St., Princeton

Sponsored by League of Women Voters & Princeton Community TV

Participating: Upendra Chivukula, Linda Greenstein, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Andrew Zwicker

Audience questions will be taken before the debate.

Televised on Princeton TV

Future events – on the jump.

Buono: Yes to first Gov & LG debates & No to 2nd debate as date stands

The Buono-Silva campaign has agreed to a first debate between the Senator and Gov. Chris Christie and another for running mate Milly Silva to debate LG Kim Guadagno. But Buono’s looking for a second debate that comes after and not before the bright shiny object Gov. Christie’s questionable special election timetable will make of the few days leading up to the October 16 election of New Jersey’s next Senator. Christie is agreeing to a second debate date of October 15 at Montclair State University, the night before the Senate election, during Cory Booker’s and Steve Lonegan’s GOTV, when no partisan on either side, or the political media,  will be paying the slightest attention to anything candidates for Governor do.

But that’s how Gov. Christie wants it. His highly-questionable, and expensive special election – coming on an unfamiliar Wednesday three weeks before the November election  (which Star-Ledger calls a ‘self-serving stunt’) is an obvious calculation to deliver him not only a likely victory but a blow-out unmarred by Cory Booker’s name on any ballot that also bears his name. And once again, taxpayers and voters are footing the bill to legend-build for Christie’s pitch for the White House. Buono campaign manager Jonathan Ducote:

“Senator Buono looks forward to a robust debate that offers New Jersey’s electorate an opportunity to understand the stark differences on the issues. However, we have not agreed to a date for the second gubernatorial debate and will continue to work to find a solution that serves the best interests of the public.”

“We urge the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission to require Montclair State University to hold the debate on October 22nd, as originally proposed; require the debate to be held at some other time between October 17th and October 25th; or to select an alternate debate sponsor who will hold the debate on a date that complies with the statute without diminishing outreach to the voting public.”

Buono’s campaign has agreed to a gubernatorial debate the night of October 8 at William Paterson University, sponsored by the CBS affiliate in New York (WCBS-TV), The Record, Gannett NJ newspapers and the university, and an LG debate, sponsored by News 12 New Jersey and Kean State University on October 11.