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Meet the Sandy victim Chris Christie told to ‘sit down and shut up’

Courtesy of All in with Chris Hayes and MSNBC.

The “heckler” that got Gov. Christie so angry in Belmar that he yelled and insulted the guy is James Keady. Turns out Keady is a longtime volunteer in Monmouth County and exactly the kind of person who “rolls up his sleeves” like Christie credited himself as doing, which Keady actually does do. The former Asbury Park councilman says he took a month off from work after Sandy to help people. Keady, with an advocacy group called Finish the Job, says Christie is “sitting on” 80% of a $1.1 Billion federal relief package – Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) – failing to distribute it to the displaced residents it was intended to help:

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Bonus below the fold – – David Axelrod’s comments today on Morning Joe are perfect:  

Analilia Mejia on Chris Hayes

From last night, this is Analilia Mejia of NJ Working Families, killing it on Chris Hayes. A segment called Pension reform made Gov. Christie a star. Until now.

Pension ‘reform’ made the guy famous, a bipartisan star. And as his propaganda advertised, a new kind of politician who was better than his predecessors of both parties – those saps that snagged pension money to close their own budget shortfalls. But that was then. Now, Christie’s sinking under his own budget mismanagement and unrealistic revenue projections, with policies based on corpo-loopholes, coddling the wealthy and telling regular people if they just pay in more and get less out, he’d keep a promise to fully fund the pension payments. Christie was supposed to be some new kinda politician. The darling of the Wall Street donor class, somebody they could get behind for 2016. Nope.  

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Below the fold, bonus video also from last night, on how Matt Mowers testimony might answer the question of Why was it suddenly time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee?

Late night vid: ‘Smart guns, Loretta Weinberg & why I worry when I know angry guys are packing

Man, this is an education.

Who can keep up with New Jersey’s starring role in MSNBC’s line-up this year? I certainly can’t. So I’m just now catching up to video posted earlier today. And, wow. It’s more than I knew about how the ‘smart gun’ technology works, and the furious – dangerous – response to it from the well-funded (and kind of unstable-looking) pro-gun people, scaring the pants off a small-business gun shop owner who wanted to sell it, and even moving to block even research for safer gun technology.

Watch Chris Hayes, who has more patience than I would, repeatedly try to get through to Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (born in Camden, NJ, by the way) that Weinberg is actually willing to work to repeal a Jersey law he finds odious, if his people would simply stop blocking research, manufacture, distribution and sale of new safer gun technology. Man, Pratt talks over Hayes, mocks Weinberg and generally makes an ass of himself. That’s why I’m concerned when I know angry men are packing.

ICYMI: Weinberg on MTP, Wiz on This Week & BWC on UP with Steve Kornacki (Videos)

We’ve already posted video from Steve Kornacki’s Sunday show, his very strange Q & A with Belmar’s mayor (see Steve Kornacki asks Matt Doherty a direct question. Does he answer it?). I want to post 3 more for you, in case you missed them. Loretta on MTP was especially good.  Below the fold, John Wisniewski on This Week and Bonnie Watson Coleman doesn’t back down on Kornacki.

Loretta Weinberg on Meet the Press (Chuck Todd subbing for David Gregory): Weinberg gives the specifics of what’s wrong with Mastro’s “report”. By contrast Rudy Giuliani, also guesting, gets only a nod for admitting Christie’s self-exoneration isn’t conclusive. Then he goes on to defend it extensively. He should be ashamed of himself. Maybe he feels obligated to Christie. But hell. He’s a former federal prosecutor. He knows what a real investigation is supposed to look like. Here’s Weinberg:

On the jump page, the Wisniewski & BWC videos.

Steve Kornacki asks Matt Doherty a direct question. Does he answer it?

First rule of projecting your own credibility in a TV interview: If you’re asked a direct question, give a direct answer. Does Matt Doherty do that here? He’s asked whether Chris Christie’s self-exonerating report (by lawyer Randy Mastro) correctly portrays him overhearing a conversation between Hoboken’s mayor Dawn Zimmer and DCA chair Richard Constable, and hearing no promise of Sandy aid in exchange for Zimmer greenlighting Christie-favored development. Does Doherty answer Kornacki’s direct question with a direct answer?  

No Remorse: A dangerous convict in a halfway house escapes and commits murder

David Goodell in jail bragged that he would kill his girlfriend while he was already planning his escape. After being transferred to a Community Education Centers (CEC) halfway house in Newark Goodell feigned illness, was taken to a hospital and broke loose. Within hours he murdered Viviana Tulli. After being apprehended a Lieutenant Corrections Officer says Goodell was potentially one of the most dangerous guys he has had in his jail.

You can see and hear Goodell in the Bergen County Jail on a new MSNBC episode of LOCKUP: New Jersey – No Remorse premiering Saturday at 10:00pm. You can catch a preview here, or watch the video here after the show has aired. LOCKUP has been running other New Jersey jail episodes which you can view here.

During Saturday’s episode there is an interview with Viviana’s sister Stella Tulli-Makowski who talks about the loss to her family. Stella has said “David Goodell, in my opinion, has now become the poster boy for someone who should have never set foot in a halfway house, let alone paroled early.”

At a Bergen Record editorial board meeting in June 2012, Governor Christie was asked if he would consider reaching out to the family of Viviana Tulli. Christie called the question unfair. He said the incident happened when Democrat Jon Corzine was governor. “So to ask me that question presupposes that I have responsibility for something … that didn’t happen on my watch,” he stressed. That claim was false. The incident occurred in August 2010, eight months after Christie took office.

Who knows? Maybe Christie is a fan of Lockup and will see the show. Will he feel any remorse? Will he call Stella? Will he bring reform to halfway houses – a problem he prefers to minimize and ignore? (His campaign has received CEC donations and his political confidante Bill Palatucci used to work for CEC.) Will the Legislature which held hearings on the matter finally take action? You can read the excellent NY Times exposé of  NJ halfway houses UNLOCKED here.

Stella in July 2013 out of frustration wrote a diary for Blue Jersey, One year later AFTER Assembly hearing for Halfway House reform. She continues her crusade. She says what happened to her sister and her family could happen to anyone.  

Bonnie Watson Coleman asks off the joint legislative panel investigating Christie admin

Last night on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show, Bonnie Watson Coleman suggested Chris Christie should consider resigning, which gave Republicans a day of predictable partisan outrage.

Tonight, this:

On the jump page, video of BWC on MSNBC last night.

Deconstructing Christie’s 1st Post-Scandal “Town Hall”: Fair Share Housing’s Adam Gordon on MSNBC

Just a few weeks ago, Chris Christie was still riding high off well-received response to the devastation in his state of an awful hurricane that destroyed the shore of New Jersey, which is both a source of revenue for the state and hundreds of small businesses, and also its emotional heart. The Jersey Shore, where rain and wind left families homeless, boardwalks ripped and a summer showplace needing to recover. To anybody watching him on TV, his pitch was perfect then. He was sleepless governor, rushing to comfort old ladies and scared little kids, too busy to change out of his storm fleece, an equal measure of get-it-done

determination, promises, and real empathy.

This is the kind of thing you can build a White House run on, and he was well on his way to doing that. And then came complaints from some of those same Sandy victims, evidence that Sandy funds were diverted away from qualifying families, discrimination was in play. And thereafter, emails and texts that tied scandals right into his inner office.

Yesterday, Christie returned to comfortable ground with his first town hall since watching his poll numbers plummet. Covering it, New York Times and Charles Stile both picked up the same

QoTD: “We’ll always have Obamacare.”

Over at Fox News, when they’re not reassuring the peeps on Jesus and stuff, the joint operates as a well-financed disinformation machine. If you watch Fox News, Fairleigh Dickinson research suggests you know less than people who watch no news at all. By contrast, MSNBC. The national news media has been eating little bits of Chris Christie for a month now, revelation by revelation. But maybe nobody’s taken a bigger bite than MSNBC. With Steve Kornacki TV’s Christie scandal newsbreaker and Rachel Maddow the best Christie scandal explainer, MSNBC rules Christie’s slow implosion on the teevee. A relief to watch facts drive the news, after 3 years of breathless coverage of Christie as little more than swaggering political celebrity. But that’s me; I like the news. Bill Maher likes the news, too, but humor more. From his blog:

Whatever we had is not working any more. You’re obviously interested in another man: Chris Christie. You’re obsessed with him. So I wanted you to hear it from me first. I’m going to start seeing other news organizations. I’ll miss what we had. It was a rocket ship ride. We were both passionate flaming liberals and we didn’t care what the world thought of us. It was a glorious time. We finished each other’s Sarah Palin jokes. But now we never talk about any of the things we used to talk about: global warming, gun control, poverty… All because Chris Christie came along and put you under his spell.