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More on LBGTI Newark

I hope everyone found their way from yesterday’s News Round-up into the NYT article on LBGTI Newark. If you didn’t, you missed a great (and terrible) story – read it now, here:


Since before the murder of Sakia Gunn, there have been LBGTI activists trying to stanch the metaphorical and actual bleeding of Newark’s sexual minority youth. But even with the attention Sakia’s passing shown on the situation in Newark (far far less than the light Matthew Shepard’s murder still shines upon hatred and discrimination in America), almost nothing in Newark has changed in Newark since May 11, 2003. Sharpe James is gone – and that is a good thing for gay Newark. But there’s still much to be done.

Cited in the NYT article is my friend Gary Paul Wright. Gary Paul (he is from Texas, where many people have two names, go figure) started the African American Office of Gay Concerns in Newark a few years ago-it is the longest running 501(c)3 working with gay youth in Newark. In the aftermath of Sakia’s murder, an attempt was made to start the Newark Pride Alliance and a chapter of P-FLAG – both efforts failed IMHO because their missions were immediately lost in a wave of ego-driven politicization. A revitalized Newark Pride Alliance will have learned much from the original attempt, I’m sure. But Gary Paul and the AAOGC has simply, quietly continued to do what he can with the resources he has available. Which aren’t much.

I’m hoping that here in the season of giving some of Blue Jersey’s readers can write a small check to the AAOGC. Much of this goes to very simple things – for instance, McDonald’s gift certificates, so that kids living on the street can eat. (In fact, if you’ve got any of those certificates you don’t want or need, send them!)

Visit and learn about the AAOGC at  http://www.aaogc.org…

Mail a check to:

Make checks and/or Money orders payable to:

African American Office of Gay Concerns
877 Broad St. Suite 211
Newark, NJ 07102 

Gary Paul is also a fabulous singer-songwriter and performer in the vein of ’60s activists like Richie Havens, and he’s available for events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, whatever. Proceeedds from his performances go to the AAOGC. Buy his CD for $5 and if you like it (you’ll like, I promise) have him at your next candidate house party or barbecue. See http://www.aaogc.org…

Something good at the DSC Conference

Carol Gay, the Democratic candidate running against Chris Smith in CD4, was a big hit wherever she went at the Democratic State Conference–no surprise for those who know her!

She was enthusiastically acknowledged from the podium and vigorously applauded by the crowd every time the  Congressional candidates running against incumbent Repugs were recognized.  Phone banks are going, coordinated with the Menendez campaign–contact Carol’s website (www.carolgayforcongress@yahoo.com) to volunteer. 

Carol was great at the Progressive Caucus and at the LGBTI caucus and picked up lots of support; she went to the Women’s Caucus, and probably got great support there too–after all, Smith is one of the most ardent anti-choice members of Congress.  Garden State Equality threatens to do a “Gays for Gay” event–I can’t wait!

Carol is amazing!  Everywhere she went she impressed people–she is really the energizer bunny, and I think that even if she doesn’t win, she will probably do better against Chris Smith than any previous candidate.

Attention bowlers:  There’s a special event on Saturday–Bowl-A-Thon with Democrats 2000. TEAM CAROL GAY FOR CONGRESS needs volunteers to join the team.  If you are available and interested in bowling on Team Carol Gay for Congress, please respond to carolgayforcongress@yahoo.com.

Event Details:  Saturday, September 16, 5:30pm,
Mid State Lanes, Route 18 N, East Brunswick.


And some day soon she’ll be on the Colbert Report–watch for the announcement!

Why Diane Legriede is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

Leaving aside for the moment the impossibly obvious fact that the real Whoopi Goldberg and a Cher look-alike have absolutely NOTHING in common insofar as their potential to offend – at least on a political level – (I’ll take real Whoopi over a Cher-a-be any day) — and that Ms. Legriede’s issues re: the Cher impersonator at the LBGTI caucus was based solely and entirely upon her own personal discomfort with men who look fabulous as women – let’s look at WHY being so disrespectful to gay, lesbian, transgendered, intersexed and bisexual Democratic Voters is such a REALLY bad idea for the Democratic Party.

I’m referencing a 1994 poll, since the question at hand is whether one Cher look-alike at a NJ political event two years before 2008 can skew the entire country into another four years of Republican rule.

The whole poll can be found here.

A disclaimer: Nearly 8,000 GLBT people completed the annual Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census study this summer (2004). “Drawing a true random sample of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people is highly problematic,” said Dr. Beth Barnes, fellow researcher of the original GLCensus survey, and now a consultant to the project and Director of the School of Journalism & Telecommunications at the University of Kentucky. “The GLCensus approach of providing an anonymous Internet-based means of expressing opinions is not projectable to the entire GLBT population in the U.S., but does represent the largest single respondent panel from all 50 states and provides a snapshot of the GLBT voter pool.”

What the pool says in brief is this:

88% of GLBT respondents are registered to vote

9 out of 10 GLBTs will cast their votes to Kerry

Kerry’s strength grows in gay and lesbian households as age and income increases, and with those who are partnered, legally coupled or married.

(Sounds like a good reason to get behind marriage equality and PUSH, doesn’t it?)