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Gun Nuts Who Base their Views on 2nd Amendment Cannot Seem to Read

With an incendiary headline this post makes an an interesting point about Second Amendment Rights. promoted by Bill Orr

The recent round of protesters who continue to pester State Senate President Sweeney outside his home think they have the ‘constitutional high ground.’ They yell and scream about a lot of things, but mostly, about how the New Jersey legislature, by enacting over the past three decades a fairly strict regimen of gun control, are violating their sacred “Second Amendment Rights.”

Gunnies love to point out that the Amendment’s text contains the “right to keep and bear arms,” and alas, it does. But what they so frequently ignore, or at least, twist, is the opening phrase, written by none-other than James Madison, the Father of the Constitution. In it, Madison predicates that ‘right’ on being part of a “Well-Regulated Militia.”